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  1. Absolutely no help but..................... Hamster is far too old for Acne. Hamster has Anxiety and panic attacks. Hamster has Asthma. Hamster has a chest infection right now. Hamster has had Covid - Yes, thats right, at one time recently Hamster had Asthma, Chest Infection and Covid all at same time. Hamster still has cough. Hamster spends max 1Hr on big weekly shop. 1Hr a week. Hamster wears a mask. There are medical exemptions of course but most people caught maskless think they are special, exempt or invincibl
  2. So is that it then, massive panic and plea for help then nothing............................................. Disappointing. H
  3. Continuous is not the same as forever. D&G DD's can be cancelled at any time. Online, by phone or by post. It does help though if you know already that you have one. You win. I'm out. H
  4. DX. I have no wish to disagree, but, on this particular point, the renewal documents are clear and the DD mandate is continuous until cancelled by either party. It is not necessary to 'sign' a new one each year. H
  5. Much to the disgust of many on here, I have one of these policies. It is described as 'D&G Appliance Care'. I don't think that is ambiguous. H
  6. Hang on, I'll get into trouble for this but really! 12 years paying a DD you nothing about.................... and then you blame D&G. They would have notified you at your last known address or email at each renewal, every year, with ample opportunity to cancel each year. 12 Years!! Bad things happen in the world of CAG but you really must bear some of the responsibility here. H
  7. Google locally advertised 'Mileage Adjustment Services'. It is not illegal to adjust a mileage only to gain money from lowering a high mileage. It might cost you but it can be easily sorted out. H
  8. I hate it when threads are not 'finished'. So here is how it all ended. Step Mum went into Care Home 23rd of December. Had a Good Christmas. Care home rang 8.30am New Years Day to say come in to us quickly. Step Sister had time for a train from Surrey. We were both with Step Mum when she passed. It was as good as it could possibly have been. RIP H
  9. How are we doing with this. Do you have windows or is it really cold? H
  10. My Step-Mother, bless her is very close to the end in a Care Home in my home town where I currently live. My Sister is in and lives in Surrey, currently in Tier 4. Can she travel to Tier 2 for the impending funeral? Most people say, Just do it! H
  11. I'm always surprised by the number of people who don't open their post. I love post. It is better though if you don't dismiss it as irrelevant until you have read it. How big is your pile of post, or is it a static size and you just open the oldest first and put new irrelevant post at the bottom to open in three months time. H
  12. Whoa BF. Be careful. You could be heading for sympathy. H
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