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  1. Having just inherited an iPhone 5, I am feeling my way around it and (sort of) starting to get used to it. But, unlike Android based cellphones, the iPhone (even the later models, I am led to believe) will not, as standard, record a conversation. So third-party Apps and/or workarounds are de rigueur and widely used by those of us with such a need. Unfortunately, I am: A) Skint B) An Apple OS novice:oops: Has anyone else had this issue? Has anyone reconciled it? We wonders. Aye, we wonders.
  2. Greetings, I'm 18 months into a 24-month contract for my iPhone 6 with02! It has developed a hardware fault and needs to be repaired when I spoke to Apple they told me as it's past a year they would charge me for the repair. I then read the below on their website. Apple Products and Consumer Laws in the United Kingdom Under consumer laws in the UK, consumers are entitled to a free of charge repair or replacement, discount or refund by the seller, of defective goods or goods which do not conform with the contract of sale. For goods purchased in England or Wales, these rights e
  3. Apple have issued an urgent iPhone and iPad software update (iOS 9.3.5) that included a patch for a serious security vulnerability. The vast majority of iPhone owners are probably on iOS 9 right now, but you should check and install that version right away The malware in question, which was detailed in a report from Citizen Lab and Lookout security, is a serious compromise that’s never been observed against iOS devices before. But you can guard your devices and your personal data against the latest security threat simply by heading to settings and hitting the update button. htt
  4. hi, Has anyone confronted with the situation like I have an iphone with contract from 3 and now phone not working, went to apple genius bar and they confirmed that phone unrepairable and needs a replacement , went to 3 store and got info that in that case i need to purchase a new apple phone from apple store, send to them authorisation paperworks from genius bar and receipt and then they will refund that money amount back to me. So maybe someone has any experience with this? Anyone got a refund ? I need a phone , and 3 customer service says this is the only option , but it is quite b
  5. I had a smashed iPhone 6 screen for about 6 months because I couldn't afford to get it fixed and it still worked fine. However last week it began showing sign of giving up (touchscreen not working properly), so I gave in and took it to a local shop that does repairs and also sells things like cases and accessories (called Fone Care, not sure if it's a chain...) Firstly they refused to knock £5 off to price-match a different shop down the road, which is fair enough and obviously within their rights.... But we were just about to walk out, when she said she could do it now and it would only
  6. I was given an iPhone as a present at Christmas, it was not new it was first bought in Oct 2013. It has developed a fault, and Apple have checked it and I have a written report from them stating it has an inherent fault, but they are refusing to replace it under consumer law (6 years from new) because they say as manufacturer they are not liable to replace the phone, as the contract is with the original retailer (Vodafone) I have contacted Vodafone and because I was not the original purchaser their contract is with them not me, and they too will not repair or replace my phone. Is my clai
  7. A study by Checkmarx and AppSec Labs specifically looked at the security of hundreds of the most popular apps found in the respective platforms’ app stores, testing them for security risks and vulnerabilities. According to the report, 40 percent of the iOS apps tested were found to have vulnerabilities rated as “critical” or “high severity.” Android apps fared marginally better at 36 percent. Android isn't that far behind, but this is 'another' one in the eye for those that continually brag Apple are safer.
  8. my daughter bought a iPhone charging lead from a 3 store and 5 days later the lead did not charge so is damaged..she lost her receipt but took her bank statement in to show as proof or purchase.....they refused to refund her saying the receipt has a code on the bottom and they need this...help please...paul
  9. My wife purchased an Apple iPhone 6+ in September 2014. Fast forward to March 2015, my wife dropped her iPhone from the bed side cabinet and as a result the screen smashed and slightly scuffed the top corner. Not wanting to invalidate the warranty she took the phone back to Apple who replaced the screen as a fixed price repair. When the phone was collected from repair the phone was not bent or malformed, however 2 months on the phone has begun to bend where the volume buttons are situated. Now there have been reports of iPhone 6+ devices bending when placed in pockets, however
  10. Hi can anyone give me any advice please. I have been into store & spoken to a vodafone phone rep today without success. I have an iPhone 5, I'm in a 24 month contract, and the battery doesn't last more than a few hours without charging again. I have diagnosed it through the apple website & the battery is faulty. The contract has 3 months left to run, and under statutory law, I would understand that with regard to durability I should expect the phone to last as long as the contract and its now not fit for purpose. Vodafone will send it away to apple - but it might cost me £204
  11. Up until this evening Apple had always been a brand that I trusted and had always had confidence in purchasing products from them. I have had my Iphone 5 for just over 2 years now and a few months ago I started to notice serious problems with the battery life. It would show that it still had 20 percent charge and then suddenly just run out. I got caught out quite a few times because of this. I decided that I needed to get the battery replaced. After some research I was really pleased to discover the following; https://www.apple.com/uk/support/iphone5-battery/ Apple has det
  12. I have a 24 month business contract with Vodafone, on which I pay for 8 numbers. I have been a loyal Vodafone customer for 10+ years. This week one of the business handsets (iPhone 5s) starting playing up and blue screening. Having checked this online, I found it is a known problem with iPhones. The phone will now not turn back on. This is a business phone/ number and we use this number to give to clients as a main point of contact. I am 12 months into the 24 month contract, and 16 days past the warranty period for the handset. I did some research online and found
  13. Hi folks. did a search for charging cables and faults but nothing came back, so if it is covered I would be greatful for a pointer. The charger for my iPhone 5C has stopped charging the phone and the connector at the Lightning end is obviously broken inside. Typical of things, but the 6 months was up one week ago, but didn't let that dissuade me and off to Tescos to ask for a replacement under warranty. It was infuriating Speaking to the staff at Tesco (nice folks though) in explaining that only proof of purchase is needed, not necessarily the receipt (typical lose the receipt
  14. Evening all, Decided that I would do my new update on my iPhone 5c last week and 2 days later the phone completely broke! Phone is 12 month old and was 9 days out of warrenty when it broke. Took it to Apple, not very helpful at all! Told me its a hardware fault and charged me £199 for a replacement. I really needed my phone so paid it! Was sat across from a lady who was in the same boat, did the update and was being charged £199 also. Can they really get away with this? My phone was working absolutely perfect until their bloody update! Not sure who to contact - is it wort
  15. I went into the EE store today as my iPhone does not connect to the internet, the battery is terrible, the home button doesn't work and a few other issues. The guy i saw was so rude he said that they didn't have to do anything and it was down to apple. I said my contract is with EE not apple and he kept banging on about me paying for a service and the phone is apples. Whilst this maybe true he said i only had a year to sort out my phone. I told him the eu regulations were two years and it states this on apples website also. He got really grumpy with me and literally frog marched me out of
  16. Hey guys, really was unsure if I was going to bother posting this, but here goes. I purchased a used iPhone 5 from a Game high street store last July 2013. It is obviously now out of the 1 year warranty they give you. I purchased the phone for the sum of £380 & I was sold the phone as "unlocked". I had been using the phone since July 13, initially with a "giffgaff" simcard (I believe is run on the o2 network, but for the past 4 months or so, I have used a "3" sim card in it. This week i decided to sell the phone & I selected "Erase all content and settings
  17. Hi folks, I am after a bit of advice, I bought my daughter an iPhone 5s for her 18th birthday at the beginning of May (8 weeks ago). Yesterday she told me the screen on the left hand side had started clicking. She said she would make an appointment at the apple shop to see what they say. She has returned from there today with the same phone, The Apple geek has told her that the battery is expanding and getting hot because she is running apps in the background. My immediate thought was that she has been fobbed off, surely the point of a smart phone is for it to be able to ru
  18. Hi, I have been spoofed by a website called Official iPhone unlock, mobile phone oprators unlock your phone at the end of your contract for around £20.00. I thought this company was charging the same amount as they stated they could do the unlock quicker and the price was the same, however, the £19.99 plus VAT they took off me was for a "preorder", they said the cost of a full factory unlock from Orange, was £99.99 with a discount of £19.99! They refuse to refund me, so this is a well organised spoof
  19. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone could provide some advice, or just advise me I am clutching at straws. I will just note the problem in bullet points to make it easier to follow. The problem/issue: New IOS update has rendered 000's of iPhone 4s models with no wi-fi because the option is now greyed out in the settings section General concensus is that it is a hardware issue It seems the latest update has revealed a fault/limitation of the wi-fi chip Apple has provided a list of fixes to follow to attempt to resolve the issue If all of these fail, the advice is basically to
  20. Hi, My son recently bought a virtually brand new iPhone from a reputable seller on ebay unlocked. However, upon receipt the actual handset was locked to T-Mobile. As my son was happy with the phone and it was just a matter of unlocking it, the seller suggested to him that an online company http://www.officialiphoneunlock.co.uk have a good reputation (as we were aware of the whole iPhone unlocking [problem]s etc) and to approach them. My son visited the site and completed his details and was charged £19.99 (plus £2-3 extra admin fee or something or the other) They stated upon order that it
  21. My phone has developed a bit of an issue, Basically the situation is that I applied the IOS 7.1.1 update to an Iphone 4s and just like a lot of (though not all) iphone models this update has somehow changed something and caused the WIFI chip/module to "burn out". The update was installed about a month ago, and in that time the phone has become progressively more unusable, freezing, randomly restarting, dropping off of wifi networks, until now it just won't connect. To say it's burned out is probably a bit wrong, as I've found that if I turn off the WIFI for a few days, when I turn it
  22. Hi, I'm hoping someone could advise. I have been a Vodafone customer for 6yrs and thus far had 3 seperate contracts. The 2 previous contracts I had insurance and up to now thought I had insurance on my current contract. I dropped my IPhone earlier today and now it won't turn on. I rang Vodafone Customer Services and got through to a very abrupt unhelpful CS rep who just told me I had no insurance and they couldn't help and was told to sit tight till September and I could upgrade. I argued the point I've had insurance on all other contracts and I had specifically requested
  23. Hi all, a friend has just brought her Iphone 4s for me to look at, her wifi has suddenly stopped working and this is after an IOS update, the wifi is just grayed out. She tells me that the phone was bought from BH and its just over a year old now. I have tried all the so called fixes (no freezer or heating though) just reset networks, restore IOS all with no luck, still grayed out wifi. Can she claim off BH for this repairing since its now a known fault, blown wifi chips and her original purchase was from them. A phone should last a lot longer than 1 year though normal use.
  24. Bought an iPhone 5s in November from Apple - it developed a fault problem. Took it back to store - they confirmed it was a fault - but only offered to replace it with a refurbished phone. Said no - cause i did not want to end up after two months with second hand phone (with new T&Cs). Also does not feel fair or legal !! What should i do ? Any ideas Thanks Ed
  25. Hi All, I have had my iPhone 4s for 15 months, bought under contract with 3 from carphone warehouse in the UK. Apple warranty is 1 year only but under EU-wide Consumer Laws & Sale of Goods Act 1979 this can be extended for 2+ years in the UK. - doesn't apply - dx The iPhone has developed a manufactures fault as the wi fi does not work (switch dimmed out). I had this diagnosed at the apple store. Apple said they would fix the phone under EU Law & SOGA if I bought it direct from them but as I bought it from carphone warehouse, they stated that after 1
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