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  1. Yes, that's what I'm worried about... My handset is in mint condition tho... And genius bar confirmed that it is manufacture fault as motherboard has 'dead'. and i've got written confirmation from them . so according to 3 I have just get another phone from apple store , send the authorisation paperwork which i got from genius bar, and if 3 confirms that - i'll get refund. But still there is no guaranty that I'll get it..
  2. Phone is 14mnths old, it is OOW of Apple, but 3 covers for 24 mnths
  3. hi, Has anyone confronted with the situation like I have an iphone with contract from 3 and now phone not working, went to apple genius bar and they confirmed that phone unrepairable and needs a replacement , went to 3 store and got info that in that case i need to purchase a new apple phone from apple store, send to them authorisation paperworks from genius bar and receipt and then they will refund that money amount back to me. So maybe someone has any experience with this? Anyone got a refund ? I need a phone , and 3 customer service says this is the only option , but it is quite big amount of money and i'm afraid that they won't refund me ? ........
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