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  1. Hi, I have heard of that before. My phone is water damaged but is in perfect working order.
  2. Up until this evening Apple had always been a brand that I trusted and had always had confidence in purchasing products from them. I have had my Iphone 5 for just over 2 years now and a few months ago I started to notice serious problems with the battery life. It would show that it still had 20 percent charge and then suddenly just run out. I got caught out quite a few times because of this. I decided that I needed to get the battery replaced. After some research I was really pleased to discover the following; https://www.apple.com/uk/support/iphone5-battery/ Apple has det
  3. Today was the final hearing and we won. Audi Harold Wood were ordered to pay £5000 plus additional expenses to my stepson. Audi instructed a solicitor just a few days before the hearing of 12 July so they were respresented by a Barrister. It is very difficult in the small claims court to go against a Barrister and this case was adjourned as the other side protested that there was not enough time for the case to be heard in the time that was allocated. I tried to raise several issues at the time but the other sides Barrister kept butting in. It had already been established at the heari
  4. Just an update, the hearing on 16 October 2012 was only part heard. The final hearing will take place on 22 November 2012.
  5. I just received a message from Helios, the answer is yes and yes to both questions. I am really sorry as I cannot reply to you directly as I have not yet wrote enough posts to allow for me to reply to personal messages. Kind Regards Lorraine
  6. I would wait and see if you are covered on your home insurance first. If you are then this will be rally good news as you should get solicitors who will in turn instruct a Barrister for the hearing. As this would come under your insurance then you will not have to pay. If you do not have cover you would have to pay for a Direct Access Barrister. My partner and I recently instructed one and for a full days hearing and reading the papers it cost approximately £900. Because our claim is in the small claims court, even if we win we cannot claim this cost back. If the case has been alloca
  7. Hi, do you have any legal representation or are you defending yourself? You can instruct a Barrister via Direct Access, they would be able to represent you in court and look through the merits of your case. This is a cheaper alternative to using solicitors and would put you on an equal footing with Accident Exchange.
  8. The hearing of 12 July was adjourned. The final hearing is 16 October 2012. I will update this posts next week with details of the final outcome.
  9. Hi and thank you for your comments. However, I must say that I agree with the Judge regarding the fact that Audi had a contractual agreement with my stepson. I thought long and hard before making this claim and as far as I am concerned my stepson contacted Audi and they informed him that they would deal with everything on his behalf. When he asked should he contact his own insurance company he was advised that he did not need to. The man who initially inspected the car was dressed in Audi Corparate clothing. The fact that Audi sub contracts is a matter for them. We have now receiv
  10. Just wanted to add that I have not heard anything further from Martin Sander's office, they advised me on 11 April 2012 that they were passing this matter to their Legal Department to review.
  11. Had the case management hearing today and the Judge advised us that she was satisfied that Harold Wood Audi had a contractual agreement with my stepson. She also stated that we were correct in bringing this claim against Audi Harold Wood and not any of the other parties concerned. We are now awaiting a hearing date and I will update this post once we receive notification from the court.
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