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  1. Indeed a crappy situation for everyone, those currently on holiday, those who are being kicked out of hotels, those who have had holiday and wedding plans trashed, and those like yourself who are owed money from either Gift Cards or an EU261 claim. Not to mention the staff at Thomas Cook. The Executives are to blame for this mess, the ones who are paid hundreds of thousands of pounds a year and are supposed to have the business acumen to run a business successfully. You couldn’t make this rubbish up that this company went under with multi billion pound debts.
  2. I should imagine your only option now is to register with the official receiver as a creditor. Whether you’ll get anything back is another matter, and most probably not the answer you we’re looking for. Sorry.
  3. It turns out the treasurer gave a member the debit card and PIN, the treasurer never asked for the return of the debit card over the period of approximately 24 months , neither did the treasurer resign their role. Innocent members of the group realise, while the mis-appropriated funds is down to one person alone, they cannot help believe the overall negligence remains with the treasurer, as the person whom mis-appropriated the funds should never have been placed into the situation they were placed for such an extended amount of time. The treasurer never asked for the return of the
  4. I can't really go into matters too deeply as there maybe onlookers to the matter. In a nutshell legally who would become accountable for mis-appropriation of funds? The Treasurer solely or other members of an organisation? It has since been discovered the treasurer gave direct access to funds via a debit card and PIN number which allowed the mis-appropriation to take place. Does liability rest with the treasurer as fiduciary, or the person whom mis-appropriated the funds? Sorry for the smoke and mirrors post.
  5. Coughdrop you said you had some thoughts, any chance of passing on what those thoughts are. Got a call from the LA today stating they want nothing less than £314pm, there is absolutely no chance on earth we can pay that amount, even when they had attachment to our earnings we wasn't paying that much, so not a chance. I've today setup two standing orders to be paid each fortnight at a rate of £7.40 each so the LA with be getting £14.80 each fortnight regardless if they like it or not. One thing a friend mentioned is if the LA do continue to increase our indebtedness due to sendin
  6. Between 2010 which was when the accident occurred and 2014 when my wife left work there were attachments to my wife's earnings, as my post above there have been attachments in place since around 2005. We've been making payments where we can, since late 2014 the debt stood at just over £4000, in the original agreement we should have paid around £374 by now but we've managed to get £500 off the debt, but the council wants more, which wasn't agreed by the Ombudsman. It's this fact that is annoying us, an agreement was set and then the goalposts moved.... Totally wrong.... We have never
  7. OK, I'm going to have to explain the full circumstances of how all this mess came about, I didn't want to but it looks like I'm going to need to because it's beginning to look like we were massively negligent in amassing almost £9000 of CT debt. And there is every chance the council will identify us by my post. I'll start from the beginning so there is no confusion. Me and my wife married when we were quite young. Our first child was born in 1994, and our second child was born in 1997. All was good up until 2002, our youngest son was born in 1997 was in the kitchen when he sudd
  8. 1. I don't believe we have any non priority debts, such as mobile phone contracts, HP, or catalogue debts. 2. We are both in the ESA Support Group on IR ESA. 3. The only two items red flagged by CAB were shopping and household sundries (Cleaning products such as washing powder, Personal hygiene, etc), also our electricity bill was flagged as a monthly over spend of around £40. But as explained we have an electric hybrid car which we charge up for local journeys which cuts the petrol bill drastically. But we provided the actual bills from First Utility to confirm our monthly spend.
  9. The income and expenditure was prepared by CAB, they prepared the income and expenditure on a spreadsheet. We took along all our benefit letters of entitlement and 6 months worth of bank statements, so they could build up an average of what we were spending. So our income and outgoings has been verified and is easily verifiable, and is not just figures pulled out of the air. Some red flags were highlighted mainly our food bill, but as explained earlier me and my wife rely on pre-prepared foods as she suffers from focal dystonia of the hands and I have issues with moving hot pans due to my
  10. Quote Originally Posted by Bailiff Advice I would assume that there is a great deal of 'history' with your various accounts with the local authority and this would be evident by your earlier reference that an attachment to benefits was not put in place as too many agencies etc were involved in your case. Would you mind letting us know why the council are so adamant that an attachment against benefits is not appropriate. The reason why I ask is because, I was assisting with a query yesterday where a single mother wished to complain to the Ombudsmanicon about her local authorities ref
  11. Thanks for the responses guys. The last time bailiffs had the accounts were 18 months ago which is around the time the Ombudsman made their decision, however when the Ombudsman made their decision the LA recalled the accounts and wiped the enforcement agents fees. The 14 day notice is due to expire any day now, so I would say it will only be a matter of time before an enforcement agent arrives, however I am trying to keep communication open with the LA but so far they won't budge, they have had copies of the letter issued by my wife GP along with a list of her medication. How
  12. To answer the questions previously asked..... Q1. Are you working? A1. No we were both injured in differing ways in the car accident, my wife suffered neurological injuries, she also suffers from focal dystonia of the hands and fybromyalgia. I suffered lower back trauma which required a laminectomy, discectomy and foraminotomy at levels L3/L4, L4/L5 and L5/S1. I suffer from severe sciatic pain due to nerve root trauma and use Fentynyl, Amitriptyline and Pregabalin to help with the neuropathic pain. I also suffer coeliac disease. Q2. Have you put together a Income & Exp
  13. You are indeed correct these debts are very old, some date back to 2003. We have asked the council to attach these to our benefits so we don't have to worry about having to pay them, they just get taken. My pain problem is when my wife takes a turn for the worst every thing else has to come second, and while she's in hospital that in itself causes extra expense which will put a strain on any arrangement I can make. I need an arrangement in place which I know is going to be steady and not change without warning and is not going to be put at risk when my wife health worsens and she has
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