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  1. Thanks Maxx, that’s good info, in the iphone the battery is not accessible and vodafone want to charge me for replacing the whole handset - so despite the SOGA I should at least be able to get them to ONLY charge me for the battery replacement?
  2. and this WRT135 [#10161501]‏ because I forgot to put CAG in the first Q and thought I'd better so I did it again.
  3. Thanks I did try a link in another thread to that but it didn't work - but I've done it now WRT135 [#10161486]‏ thanks
  4. Hi can anyone give me any advice please. I have been into store & spoken to a vodafone phone rep today without success. I have an iPhone 5, I'm in a 24 month contract, and the battery doesn't last more than a few hours without charging again. I have diagnosed it through the apple website & the battery is faulty. The contract has 3 months left to run, and under statutory law, I would understand that with regard to durability I should expect the phone to last as long as the contract and its now not fit for purpose. Vodafone will send it away to apple - but it might cost me £204 - I will have paid £40 a month for 24 months - and now I need to pay more. They deny that I bought the phone from them - I only bought a contract - apparently I bought the phone from apple. This is bonkers. I don't normally take issue with stuff but surely a phone that is on a 24 moth contract should last 24 months?? Not according to vodafone! Help!
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