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  1. Lovely thanks for that. She’s got a fit note from her GP which she sent in yesterday. I’ll tell her to look into ACAS too. Thank you.
  2. Hi, thanks for your reply. She’s been onto the company handbook and it says under pay and benefits.. “Additionally company sick pay may be withheld in the following cases” and then one of them is - When the employee is working their notice period. So I get that it does state that but I just thought I would check if it is correct. Thank you
  3. Hi Everyone, Just a quick question on behalf of my mum.. Shes worked for the same GP practice for around 20 years now. It got taken over around 5 years ago by a big company who now own several GP practices in our area. The company have never been great / treated staff great but my mums stuck with them. Recently the company have had a lot of staff leave and all the work was getting put on my mum. They just kept putting more work onto her to cover for those that had left amongst other things. Things finally came to a head last week and she realised she needed a break. For the first time in many years she knew she had to put a sick note in because she was getting to the point of dreading going which she’s never done before. She’s not been sleeping and she’s mentioned to them her concerns about the work not getting done / piling up and they just don’t care enough. So she put a self cert in for a week and then during this week decided it was time to leave, she’s very experienced in what she does and is just not valued in the slightest. She put her notice in and then the company sent an email out saying just to let you know we don’t pay sick pay during notice period if you put your notice in. Is this right? I mean she’s never hardly ever been off sick so we don’t really get all the ins and out but it just seems really harsh. She’s always paid into the union every month but they’re not getting back to her I’m assuming they’re very busy with Covid. It could absolutely be right whst they’re doing but I just thought it was worth another opinion. Thank you
  4. Thanks dx - had a good read! Am I right in saying I should be writing back to Elderbridge and asking for the rest of the information requested on the SAR, not just a statement. Apparently there was PPI added on but absolutely no mention of this in the statements. Also should I have sent this to First Plus in the first instance and not Elderbridge. I have sent the section 77 request as you advised though also. Many thanks!
  5. Hi Andy, Thanks for replying. I assume it is a regulated CCA agreement although at the minute all I have got to go on is this statement which is just a few pages. It does mention " Your Mortgage is a repayment mortgage" I was under the impression from them this was a secured loan. Sorry If I am being slightly stupid - as I mentioned before I'm certainly no expert at this kind of stuff. The statements say: Payment due by direct debit: £240 and then interest £219 so basically does this mean they've only been actually paying £21 per month towards the payment? In the meantime I will look at the templates for the section 77. Do I also write again reminding them the time has lapsed on the SAR request? Thanks Tink
  6. Morning Everyone, I have decided to try help my family members out looking into what I believe is a secured loan. Apparently it first got taken out in 2007 with First Plus and it is now with Elderbridge. They have been paying the payments as usual for the last 12 years. The amount borrowed was £25,000 and after paying for 12 years the settlement figure is £20,000. How can this be possible! I sent Elderbridge a SAR request and all they have sent is a 5 page statement of payments since the loan was taken out. Now I am by no means an expert but surely a lot more information should have been sent! They got absolutely nothing else. What kind of things should I be saying in the next letter? Also was I right that you no longer need to pay the £10? They are willing to pay it but I just thought I had read somewhere that this was not required anymore. Any help would be appreciated, Kind regards Tink
  7. Hi Guys, Just thought I would update you as its been a few months now. I have been ignoring them as you both suggested. They keep emailing and texting asking me to contact them and offered me a 20% discount if I pay in full today. Obviously not going to happen - do I still keep ignoring. Thank you
  8. Hi All, Sent a letter with what you said to say Slick. Got an email reply from them - just stating 'as per previous correspondence our position remains the same' . Not replied via email and dont intend to. Shall I send another letter? Thanks
  9. Hi Everyone, Just an update, sent an email along of the lines of what you sent to me slick and they have replied saying seen as though I am not willing to negotiate on the fees/charges I have 7 days to contact them. I did offer a reasonable amount each month to clear the outstanding membership balance but they are not compromising on the fees/charges. This was sent by email by the way as it was the most convenient and quickest way to contact them for me. Shall I now advise them I will only respond in writing through the post? Thanks for all your help
  10. Hi Slick, Thanks for your reply.. I have had a look at it and I don't meet any of the criteria of the four options. . I joined in July 17 and it was a 12 month membership. I have offered to pay the outstanding balance not including the admin charges and they have replied with: As your payments were not honoured and you failed to rectify your breach of Agreement charges were applied to your account and your file was referred to ourselves for collection at which point you became responsible for our collection fees. These charges have been added to cover actual and necessary costs incurred because of your breach of contract, and are stipulated within the terms of that contract. It is our position that our charges are lawful and in line with all relevant guidance. We may, in some circumstances, be able to negotiate a reduction on these charges, but will not accept any offer of payment that gives no consideration to the costs these charges cover. For the above reasons, we shall be pleased to negotiate on this sum, taking into consideration your concerns, but cannot accept your offer to pay just the remaining membership fees as sufficient to settle this balance. I guess I should refuse to deal with them now until they agree? Thanks Tink
  11. Thanks for your reply! Do I not owe them the £133.33 for the full membership fees though? They are saying: On 17 JUL 17 you entered into a Membership Agreement with Lifestyle Fitness. You agreed to pay £16.19 a month for a minimum period of 12 months. As your minimum term of payments was not honoured and you failed to rectify your breach of Agreement charges were applied to your account and your file was referred to ourselves for collection. Thanks again Tink
  12. Hi All, Joined Lifestyle Gym last year. Paid a few months and only went once! My own fault, I just didnt have the time to go so I cancelled my direct debit.. Silly thing to do I know but I'm not refusing to pay.. I have the following breakdown from CRS of what I owe: - £113.33 - Membership Fees, due under the terms of your Membership Agreement (DEC 2017 onwards) - £50.00 - Administration Charges, incurred due to missed payments in December 2017 & January 2018 - £66.50 - Recovery Fee, incurred as the file was passed to CRS (both applied under the terms of your Membership Agreement) £229.83 – YOUR ACCOUNT BALANCE I am by no means refusing to pay but I just wondered are the fees they have charged here enforceable.. I have had a look around the forum and I don't think they are. If they are then of course I will pay but just wanted to check before I do. Thank you Tink
  13. Hi all, I had a loan for £300 last November - had trouble paying it back and contacted My Jar straight away. T hey set me a repayment plan up for £360 including interest and I had to pay it back £30 each month. I paid every month ontime no trouble at all until I went on holiday in June and was late paying. As soon as I came back I paid the £30 so by this time I had paid £240 back of my loan with just 4 payments left. Next thing I receive is an email from a recovery team demanding £342.50 from me as I was late on making my June payment. Yes somehow they feel I owe them £342.50 when I have already paid £240 to them! When I contacted My Jar this was their response: ' Regrettably, following the missed payment on 27/06 and not contacting us in time, your loan was reverted back to the original full charges and forwarded to our Debt Collection Agent, Secure Recoveries Ltd with additional charge of £74.50 for their services. While we had a special arrangement between you and MYJAR on paying £30/month we agreed to reduce the total amount to the original repayment sum of £360.00, but failing to maintain the repayment plan reinstated all the applicable late fees and charges. Please contact Secure Recoveries Ltd to arrange a repayment.' Do I have a leg to stand on here? It just seems so unfair that I have nearly paid them back and now theyre demanding another £340 again! I do admit I was late making the payment but as soon as I realised I paid it straight away.. I only borrowed £300 to start with. Thanks in advance for any advice, Tink
  14. Oki doke. Think I might go down the email route first. i don't really know much about UK law etc but can always read up on it. The staff in the shop were just ignorant, wouldn't even listen. It was basically pay £199 or go away were really busy! Thanks for your advice though.
  15. Evening all, Decided that I would do my new update on my iPhone 5c last week and 2 days later the phone completely broke! Phone is 12 month old and was 9 days out of warrenty when it broke. Took it to Apple, not very helpful at all! Told me its a hardware fault and charged me £199 for a replacement. I really needed my phone so paid it! Was sat across from a lady who was in the same boat, did the update and was being charged £199 also. Can they really get away with this? My phone was working absolutely perfect until their bloody update! Not sure who to contact - is it worth it? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Rachael
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