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  1. beware of cancelling as they will not actually cancel your contract. in june I cancelled the contract and still was active so I emailed them and they said sorry for the delay that it will be cancelled. and now get a debt letter from them saying I owe them money so I rang them kicking off and I said I not paying it when it should of been cancelled and they made the same excuse saying I can see theres been a delay and they now getting it cut off and clear the owing well we see so I told them if I get another letter from debt I will take it up with trading standards this is beyond a joke
  2. some reason I not had simcard long and not been used since I been waiting for a unlock code and I checked my account and I been charged extra of £3 for international which I not been abroad or able to use the sim I already emailed them asking why I been charged so waiting on a update as anyone else had this issue with them
  3. hi, Has anyone confronted with the situation like I have an iphone with contract from 3 and now phone not working, went to apple genius bar and they confirmed that phone unrepairable and needs a replacement , went to 3 store and got info that in that case i need to purchase a new apple phone from apple store, send to them authorisation paperworks from genius bar and receipt and then they will refund that money amount back to me. So maybe someone has any experience with this? Anyone got a refund ? I need a phone , and 3 customer service says this is the only option , but it is quite big amount of money and i'm afraid that they won't refund me ? ........
  4. The war on mobile ads is heating up in the European Union as several mobile carriers are preparing to block these ads on their network. The latest carrier to be considering such a move is O2 UK. O2 & EE customers could soon be browsing the web free of adverts, as the company has admitted that it is in the “well advanced” stages of testing the technology that would see ads automatically blocked network wide. http://news.sky.com/story/1594267/mobile-network-plans-to-block-adverts-on-devices
  5. It amuses me that the lady appointed by government to look at network rail suggests that privatisation may be an option. The upgrade and ongoing maintenance of a very old railway is very expensive. Any private investors are going to want guarantees from government that the company will be given the money it needs. I cannot see a blank cheque being given. Apparently it was a surprise how complicated it was to upgrade the Great Western line from Paddington to the west country and Wales. Trying to electrify a line with all the bridges, tunnels, stations, nearby towns/cities was always going to be very challenging. They are doing the work, while trying to run a normal service on the line. My opinion for what it is worth, is that the government should drop HS2 and instead invest the money in upgrading the network over the next 20 years. They will have to accept that the upgrade works will take longer than expected and cost more. If they bring in private companies with competition for jobs of a limited number of qualified engineers, the engineers will do very well as they are poached by other companies. They need to have one public company that is properly run and accountable to government and parliament.
  6. Hi there I am yet another person with problems with The Community Network TV. I had an appointment with a Sales Rep of the company who sold me a package which, it turns out, was mostly a complete fabrication. Here is what was offered: Two 42" screens in a GP practice, which were to be used to flash the name of the next patient to call them into their appointment. Full screen display of adverts, which would freeze when a patient's name popped up. I signed a contract on the basis of those promises, however, I became a bit suspicious about the company, when they did not get a reply from the sales rep for a week about an admin error on my paperwork. I popped along to the GP's practice to find that there were not two screens but one, which is 32" not 42", but to make matters worse, the screen was not being used to call patients into their appointment but to advertise the medical services the surgery offered. The receptionist confirmed that the screens will never be used for the purpose stated by the Sales Rep. The screen itself is in a dim corner of the waiting area with no one looking at it. I wrote to the Sales Manager with a full description of what their Sales Rep had offered and asked for a full refund of the 6 months paid on my credit card and the first month's direct debit, as the product had been mis-sold. My advertisement has not gone live. The Sales Manager basically stated that it's my word against the Sale Rep and that the contract I signed did not state exactly what service I would be getting!! I am staggered by their refusal to refund the money when they have not provided a service (he stated that they had done some work, as they had created the graphics, but I pointed out that I had created the advert, all his department did was make the image move on my request). My case has now been referred to the Sales Director, who has not got back to me. I have looked online and found that the Office of Fair Trading no longer exists and that I have to go the Citizens Advice Bureau. Does anyone have any tips from their dealings with this extremely dodgy operation? Cheers
  7. My son has a Samsung Galaxy S4 on PAYG which was locked to Orange when he bought it 2 years ago. He has requested the Network Unlock Sim from Orange as he wants to change providers to Vodafone. He paid the £10.00 admin fee and waited. This was over a month ago and every time he rings them he gets a different excuse or fob off as to when he will receive the code. The second call he made after waiting 10 working days for the code, he was told the IMEI number had been taken down wrong by Orange, and he will have to wait another 10 working days for a new code. Yesterday he was told he would be emailed the code by midnight. Nothing arrived. Now he's being told because his phone no longer has a Orange number, there is nothing Orange PAYG team can do to help, goodbye. Surely this can't be right. All he wants is the code so he can start using his phone again, because he hasn't been able to for over a month.
  8. Hi hope someone can advise me, we bought a Vauxhall zafira 1.6 petrol 2011 plate in sept 2014 with a 12 months network q warranty. In January we had a engine light come on, I checked under the bonnet and noticed there was hardly any coolant in the expansion tank, I topped it up and the light went out. Took it to a local Vauxhall dealer to get it checked out, after much scratching of heads they fitted a thermostat saying the thermostat had partially closed and pressurised the system to such an extent it lost coolant through the expansion bottle. We took it away but checked the coolant level a few days later as it didn't seem to be running correctly it had dropped down again, second visit to dealer resulted in a new water pump. The wife noticed after two weeks the heating had stopped working and the coolant had dropped again, we took it back for it to be checked out I suggested a head gasket issue, they acknowleged the coolant had dropped again but topped it back up and did a block test which was negative then said they had performed various checks but couldn't find a fault and asked us to keep an eye on it. We weren't happy with this, after a couple of days the coolant had dropped, we decided to take it to another Vauxhall dealership who found water in the cylinders and suspected head gasket we gave permission for them to strip it down. They found the head gasket had not failed but the engine block had warped thus water was escaping in between the block and head. An engineer was requested by the warranty company, they rejected the claim saying the head bolts had loosened over time and caused the warping and therefore not a sudden failure and not covered. What do I do now, do I go to motor codes?
  9. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/household-bills/11276730/T-Mobile-prove-you-suffer-blackspots-seven-times-a-day-for-refund.html http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2863122/Out-touch-Vodaphone-tells-customers-lose-mobile-signal-THREE-DAYS-pay-compensation.html If you're suffering network issues the two articles above are quite helpful in explaining how you can go about requesting compensation. If you're suffering network issues, then make sure you read through the terms and conditions on your contract before you request compensation, and as the article suggests you should attempt to compile as much evidence as possible when doing so. Taking snapshots of your mobile phone screen to show a lack of network coverage is strong supporting evidence for example. Remember - it's no good suffering from no signal for months before you report the issue to your provider. In many cases, if after you've reported the issue to your operator on several occasions and they haven't rectified the issue then you can actually seek to cancel your contract as per the operators own Terms and Conditions.
  10. Good evening, My auntie used to own a timeshare with Sunny Coast Malta and died over 4 years ago. Since then her sister (my auntie) and my dad have been receiving debt collection letters for the annual maintenance fees for the timeshare. They were not aware that the timeshare would become their responsibility in the event of her death and have not signed anything in respect to the ongoing fees or use of the timeshare. Since her death they have been ignoring the charges. Just recently they have now started to receive letters from Network Credit Services threatening further debt collection. Please could anyone advise what steps they should now be taking? Should they just continue to ignore? Any advice would be fantastic as it is getting to a point where my auntie is starting to feel ill with it all. Many thanks in anticipation
  11. I am a small business offering guitar lessons in a town with approximately 20,000 residents. I was approached by the local post office (later found out it was on behalf of) with a view to advertising on the TV within the branch. The Company Called 'The Community Network' arranged a visit and I was visited today by one of their salesmen. I'm now feeling completely duped as I have taken out a 24 month contract to display my advert of 30 seconds every 10 minutes within my local post office branch. What originally looked ok at £12 per week has escalated into £1831.20 over 2 years with a deposit (that I haven't yet paid but have given my details for) of £374.40. I originally thought this might be a good bit of advertising within the local community. Local people visiting the post office will hopefully see my advert for guitar tuition and I'll get a few calls. From what I have read both on this Forum and on others I may well have made a big mistake. Lot's of downtime, nobody looks at it e.t.c. My biggest worry is this "This agreement is a legally enforceable business to business contract and may not be cancelled or terminated except as provided by these terms and conditions." Looking at it I don't think there is any way out of the Agreement, but I'm really wanting to cancel as this is a big expense for my fledgling business. Do I have any right to cancel or should I have been more firm with the salesman and just said I can't sign up now?
  12. Hi, I just received a letter from "Network Finance Recovery" to pay for "overdue account" in Orange. I split with Orange 3 months ago, after being 4 years with them and they've sent me two bills, each for over 100 pound, which I completely disagree with. I actually paid one, and didn't pay the other one (I simply cancelled my dd with them). Right now I have a letter from this finance recovery company asking me to pay the bill + their fine (around 50 quid). Anybody ever dealt with Network Finance Recovery? Is there any way to contest all this and simply avoid paying this bill? Which to the best of my knowledge is some sort of [problem]? Thanks in advance for any piece of advise. Best Regards, JJ
  13. I unfortunately have a One Net contract with Vodafone which is not fit for purpose. I took out the contract specifically to have a landline number on my phone as I was starting a new business. The business failed and I am left with a contract of £47 per month which I could do without. The network is so poor that even the RootScore Report in March rated Vodafone as the worst network in the country. I have complained to Vodafone a number of times and asked if I can move to a cheaper tariff to see out my contract but they do not allow you to do this. Is there anything I can do to get out of my contract. I think I will make it my mission to warn people on every forum to stay away from Vodafone.
  14. This is an odd one, and apologies if the forum isn't correct for it - this seemed the most appropriate. Several weeks ago, I purchased an 'unlocked' iPhone from the Carphone Warehouse. Immediately upon receipt, I sent this phone to an online company which colours the housing of the phone. A couple of weeks later the phone was returned, looking great. The only issue is, the company responsible for changing the colour also managed to lock my phone to a UK mobile network. Unlocked phones from the CW lock automatically to the first SIM card placed inside the phone and what appears to have happened is that the company involved placed a SIM inside the phone which inadvertently locked it to that network. This has led to a very difficult situation. My phone is now locked to that network, and Apple have confirmed that it happened while in the care of the company. Apple cannot unlock the phone except at the request of the network. The network won't request it because I am not a customer of theirs. CW wash their hands of it due to the lock happening after purchase/receipt, and the company who locked it say they never guaranteed against doing so and they were never informed that they may lock the phone. I'd like to pursue a case against the company who locked my phone. I paid them to change the colour and they did this to my satisfaction, but in sending back a phone which is locked, they have effectively delivered me a defective unit, substantially different to the one I sent them. My phone is now useless to me and I have had to turn to a third party to pay for an unlock service which is still ongoing. Worse still, all this was discovered overseas, where I was relying on my phone to be operable. I have spent a small fortune purchasing a secondary phone and top-ups while abroad, all directly due to the fact my phone was locked by this company. I have contacted them to try and reason with them and have requested a refund for services provided, but they refuse and merely offer an unlock service for my phone at 'cost price' (a further £50). They are accepting no responsibility and suggest I should have told them that inserting a SIM would lock the phone. The phone was brand new, meaning they would have had no option but to insert a SIM to activate it. At no point did they consult with me or inform me that they would have to insert a SIM card, and insertion of SIMs is not part of the service I paid for. I'm unsure where I stand as a consumer. They have delivered on services ordered, but have rendered the unit dysfunctional in the process. Can anyone advise where I stand?
  15. Hello All, I need some urgent help and advice here please. Let me first describe the sequence of events happened to give the details: On Saturday 9th We (myself, my wife and two kids (less than 5 years)) were travelling from East Croydon to London Bridge. We boarded the 11:50 FCC Brighton to Bedford train. I had my monthly zone 1 to 5 pass. For my wife we purchased the day card (£5.90). In the train we were asked to show the ticket. We showed it. Asked for railcard. I had that and showed it. It was completed faded and date was invisible – so inspector took the lighter and then checked – to our extreme bad luck the card has expired in May. It was fully my mistake that I did not realize it and used it. I should have renewed in time. We rarely use the card. Infact after its expiration date we had only used it on that day – first time. As my wife does not know to speak fluent English – I was talking to the officer and told him I will answer the queries. He asked me if I had brought the ticket – for which I answered yes. He then told you have been using the card which is 6 months of date for buying discounted tickets. I honestly apologized and told that this was a mistake. Told him we use this card very less. But I was not offered to pay fine/or difference fare. He asked me series of questions which I truthfully answered. Gave my correct address and he made a phone call. I guess that was a MJ10 or 11 form and I had to sign on it. In that one question was did you intent to evade fare – which I answered NO and said it was a very honest mistake and I apologized for it. I was not knowing what are the consequence at that time. He only said company will write to us. Later in the evening I did some reading on this forum to find that it can result in conviction too – which has completely devastated me. Firstly – I fully accept my mistake and apologize for travelling on expired railcard. I should have got it checked. Can people on this forum please provide expert advice on what to do next. Also Few specific questions I have is: 1. Should I send an letter to FCC prosecution dept now itself fully apologizing and remorse. Also willing to pay the fine + admin charges. 2. Even though I had my valid train pass, I was talking to the officer as my wife is not fluent in English, and in that situation – I did not realize / was knowing any court or prosecution would be involved. I have given my name and I guess now the further dealing will be against my name right ? 3. I am a single bread earner for my entire family with two kids and dependant parents back in my country – if this goes to court this would lead to a devastating effect on me. I am a hard working IT person and don’t want this incident to be referred to court. 4. I have been judiciously buying my monthly pass for last 22 months (almost £200 per month), never done anything silly like this before. This was our first and last mistake. We have not being using that railcard after expiration – this was the first instance only. Will these facts help in anyway. 5. I have been to london for a 2 year contract work. By end of this year I am supposed to go back to my country. Hence want to settle before I go. Respected Members – any help from you will be extremely helpful. Sorry for the long post – I wanted to put in everything to give clear picture. I am having sleepless night and not able to concentrate in my work altogether , I am really sorry for the incident but worried of the outcome.
  16. I unfortunately moved to Vodaphone from O2 so that I could run my business from my mobile by having a landline number added to my mobile. What a mistake. I deeply regret moving over because of the lack of signal and constant signal dropouts when on the phone to clients. How on earth can you run a business, with what was the main business supplier, on a network that is truly not fit for purpose. I have contact Vodaphone on several occasions, spending an hour on the phone this weekend to them alone, to complain and now have no choice but to try and cancel the contract. I have a business contract with them and would like to know is it possible to cancel the contract without paying for a line rental for the duration. I pay nearly £50 a month for a contract that is not worth £5 a month. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. I have a vodaphone contract and I'm finding that its not fit for purpose. The signal is know to be bad in my area, plus its very bad in many other areas I travel to. I cannot trust that this phone will work. I've had many calls with vodaphone to establish if its a setting or the sim card etc, none of these solution have worked. At what point (if any) can a contract be considered null and void due to network problems? Thanks
  18. Hi everyone; I have been on 3 network for more then 8 years now with few additional contracts on the same network. In January, my Sony Xperia S was taken for repair to a 3 shop, it had random restarts, freezing, yellow spots on the screen and loose back cover. 4 days later the phone was back and i received a text to go collect it. They done a hard reset and sent the phone back without the back cover. I notified the store that the cover was missing, and they asked me to go back there following week. I work full time so i went back within 2 weeks and cover still wasnt there. 4 months went on, i called costumer services once every month. Finally, decided to take the un-repaired mobile back to the shop for repair on the 10th June. They never called me or informed me with the status even though i have been to the shop 3 times to check the progress. Finally, when i called the three costumer service on 25th August, they told me the phone was at the store since 23rd July and i should go collect it. Apparently, they replaced it with a refurbished one. So i collected it on 2th August. But guess what? The back cover was still missing. Frustrated, i called 3 to complain and cancel my contract. They wont let me without paying the early termination fee. I signed up for a contract with them and they failed to provide me with the service i signed up for. I have been without a mobile phone for the last 7 months which i have been paying. They stole (literally) my back cover and wont give it back to me. Since they failed to provide me with the service, do i have the rights to cancel the contract? If so, how can i do it? I dont want to pay any fee. Also, while on the phone to this rude guy at the complain department, he tried to talk to me about an ipad contract under my name without even confirming with me. I tol him he had no rights to mention me the ipad contract while i am disputing an account. Can anyone help me where do i stand with this? I even asked for early upgrade possibilities and they said i had to pay fee for that as well. 10 years i have been with them and this is how they treat me! T-mobile replaces the faulty phones the next day and they even do collection from your house. They take your faulty phone and replace with a new one the next day. I am never coming back to three ever again and pulling out all my family members and friend i subscribed to three once their contracts ends. Any help on this matter will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  19. I live in central london and Vodafone's coverage map shows solid 3G coverage for this area, yet at best i receive 3G about 40% of the time, the rest of the time my data connection is EDGE or even for much of the time, just 1990's GPRS. The network is so overloaded that even with 3G signal, actual internet access is not a given, but when on an edge or gprs signal (i.e. 60% of the time), a lack of internet connectivity is virtually guaranteed, since these arcane 1990's technologies are completely overloaded by all the modern smartphones in the cell trying to access high bandwidth modern internet services. I have spent the past week in Devon, here a 3G signal is very hard to find anywhere, even EDGE is quite hard to find, usually nothing more is available than 1990's GPRS, which (being so totally overloaded) in practice offers zero internet connectivity of any sort. Not merely have Vodafone completely oversold their network capacity such as to be selling internet connectivity that they don't actually possess, not merely have they lazily failed to take full advantage of more recent technologies (such as HSDPA rolled out in a truly nation wide fashion) which might rectify much of the problem, but that they also dishonestly market their service by claiming 3G connectivity in areas where there is no such connectivity, such as central London. To make sure the problem was Vodafone and not my phone, I did some informal tests in walks around central london with 3 separate phones (HTC Touch HD, iPhone 4 and Samsung galaxy S3) - exact same results with all 3 phones. I was quite shocked on a recent trip to Spain where immediately on arrival my phone was delivering fast, reliable 3G internet access seemingly everywhere I went. Why can't Vodafone UK manage the same level of service here?
  20. Hi. We have had major problems with this company (also known as Trans-aXion). Over a year ago we had a large electrical item delivered to the UK. We paid an extra amount for insurance. The unit was badly damaged when we got it - it had obviously been dropped. We immediately complained to the company. After many non returned phone calls, and non replies to emails, the company asked us to send photos of the damage, which we did. We were told that the courier was actually DHL, and that it was their problem. We pointed out that our contract was with Parcel Network, not DHL, and it was the responsibility of Parcel Network. The company then asked us to get a quote for an inspection and repair. This we did, but had no further response from them with regard to this. Months went by without any resolution, so after contact with our local Trading Standards Office we sent letters, including a final letter threatening legal action. These were ignored. We approached the Financial Services Ombudsman to complain, since we had paid for insurance. We were told that the FSO could only act if we could obtain the name of the underwriting company. After many attempts to elicit this information from the company, I finally had an email that stated that there was no underwriting company, since this was handled 'in-house' by Parcel Network. I believe that this constitutes misrepresentation, since we were clearly offered, and paid for, insurance that did not actually exist. Trading Standards became more involved, and have been exceptionally helpful throughout. They too sent final letters to the company, which were ignored. We issued a claim to the Small Claims court, and a hearing was listed. The company applied for this to be set aside because they argue that they did not receive the claim forms. They belatedly applied to the court for the hearing to be cancelled, because no-one at Parcel Network was available to attend. They pleaded difficulty in traveling from Oxfordshire - even though the company is in Coventry! The judge ruled against a telephone hearing, and put the case up for re-listing. The company are making what amounts to a bizarre defence of their actions. They can give no reason for the lack of proper insurance, no reason why a loss adjuster was not immediately sent out, and no reason for the extensive delay in resolving this issue, of which we have copious evidence. It is quite remarkable that the company keeps spending money on court applications, but refuses to refund us for the damage done to our property. We are now waiting for the new court hearing, and to see what the judge makes of all this.
  21. :attention: I work on my laptop wirelessly in the lounge situated near to the router and usually save work to my USB and then run (hardly) upstairs plug USB into my old desk computer (does not have internet access) to print off or scan documents. What would I need to do or buy to set up my own network so that I can print an email from my laptop, albeit, the printer will still be upstairs. Also, as my printer is also a fax, what do I need to connect to it, in order to be able to fax a document? Presumably, the telephone cable will need to be plugged in to the back of the printer? but the telephone is downstairs! I am not a novice with PC but I am not a geek either. Any help would be appreciated folks. Shelley
  22. So this is my first post (Had I know this place existed before, I would have had way less headaches during the years dealing with cheating companies, less than helpful customer services and being fooled by basically every singer company I have ever signed a contract with, at least when thinking on technology and telecoms) Nevertheless, better late than ever, and in this case I seek advice of a different kind. So I bought a second hand handset from gumtree, a Galaxy S 3 with a crack in the screen and locked to O2, but otherwise in good condition and fully working. Complete with charger, but out of the box. So I thought I would get t unlocked today (on Sundays my local shop is usually closed). My friend was unable to have the phone unlocked and said it could be blocked or blacklisted. Tried to contact the guy who sold it to me without luck, the person refuses to take any responsibility for it. So suspecting that he might have just found the phone in the streets (or worse) I did a bit of research and found out a few things. First, the phone seems not to be locked to O2, but originally a Vodafone handset (which was convenient since we are Vodafone clients) The IMEIDETECTIVE.com test resulted negative, but then I run the paid CHECKMEND test which came out as "your phone has been BLOCKED by a gsm, but HAS NOT BEEN REPORTED LOST OR STOLEN . So I thought that maybe this guy did not pay his bills and got his handset blocked, although somewhere else I read that Vodafone does not blacklist your phone unless it has been reported lost of stolen (which according to CHECKMEND, this isn't the case) I have tried several times to contact Vodafone but so far and after talking to a few people, nobody seem to agree to which department should I be transferred to deal with this situation. Thanks for taking the time to read this. If anyone has any information or can help, I can provide the phone's IMEI as well as the CHECKMEND report. Kind Regards
  23. Hi All Bear with me as i am new to the forum. I have received texts from NCS to call Adam on an extension number asap. This is not an extension number but your case file which would then confirm your identity. I have explained the harrassment policy to this company ( without giving my personal details ) to no avail. Number now blocked.
  24. Back in August 2012 I had an early upgrade via Vodafone from my old phone to my current S3. I wasn't due an upgrade at the time, and had another 2 months to go before I became eligible for one but due to ongoing issues with my phone and having thrown a hissy and threatening to quit when my contract came to an end in January this year they relented and gave me the S3 on a new tariff. The new tariff was applied and I got my phone. All was will until Friday when I lost all service. Thinking it might just have been a glitch on the network, I waited to see if it would resolve.. it didn't. On Saturday I went to my local Vodafone shop and explained that my phone wasn't working and that I couldn't send or receive texts, make or receive calls or access mobile data. The guy went through some diagnostics, swapping SIMs and trying my SIM in another phone before concluding that the issue was account-related. He pulled up my account and found that the only registered phone at my address was the phone I have for my wife, and that my number was no longer associated with the account. In fact, my number didn't exist and had been cancelled altogether! I got on the phone to Vodafone who told me I'd have reconnection within 24 hours. Well, those came and went, so i phoned again, to be told another 24-48 hours. I'm a bit pig sick of Vodafone now; I've had past problems with them and this is the final straw. I'm now wondering what my rights are as a consumer. I agreed at the time of the upgrade to a 2-year extension on my new tariff with Vodafone back in August, but it seems to me that my original cancellation request hasn't been removed and so has over-ridden the new contract, and I'm now without any contract at all. I also have a 6-month old S3. Would I be within my rights to tell them to shove the reconnection, give me a PAC code and take my business - and the phone - elsewhere without charge? Its my view that its their fault this cancellation has been processed, and as far as their records show, my contract expired as of the approximate date of expiry of my previous contract, and not my new one which appears to have vanished. My latest bill only shows a part-month's usage and charges for my phone also. Cheers for any help and advice.
  25. Hello everyone, Thank you in advance for reading this and commenting. Yet again my network service has gone down with o2. I am on a contract with them. In July it went down and we had a discount on our September bill. Am I able to cancel my contract now free of charge due to them not providing the service set out in the contract? Katie
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