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  1. HI Disgruntled, I did ask them to confirm that it didn't need anyone to install it and that there was no need for the installation fee with it and to just plug it in. It's a 2.9KW and the blurb says 13amp connection ● Energy efficiency rating A (NO_FEATURE) than the standard value (0.99 kwh) for qualifying for energy class A ● Total connected load 2.9 KW ● Energy efficiency rating (acc. EU Nr. 65/2014): Energy consumption per cycle in fan-forced convection mode: 0.84 kwh
  2. Hi, just bought a new oven from Currys. When deciding between a couple of makes, the sales person indicated that the one that was more expensive just needed to be plugged in. I asked her to confirm that it just needed plugged in and there was no need for installation by an electrician, and that the £90 fee for installation wasn't needed for that model. Which she confirmed, gladly. The lack installation fee was the deciding factor, if no installation was needed then I could go to the top of my budget and pick the one I did The oven has now been delivered and lo and behold... no electrical connection, no leads, no plugs, and needs an electrician to fit it. I have contacted them to raise a complaint and find out what they will do about it. The person that took the call said that they will only advise to return it to the store for an exchange for one with a plug. Before the come back, and confirm what the person said on the phone. As the deciding factor in the sale was that no installation was needed, do I have to return it, or do they have to provide someone to install it (or re-imburse me), or provide any fix? Cheers
  3. Ho folks. A quick update. After working up the Tesco tree, customer services have credited the price of a new cable (no doubt to just move on).
  4. Thanks for replies everyone, I need a new cable asap and that was the reason for going to Tesco, and they are a pain. The lightning cable is £15 of more from Tesco, and the cheaper ones from Amazon etc, seem to be knock offs and with the recent history in the news of faulty chargers I wouldn't like to risk fire. Tesco now want the Phone and the Cable returned (for their repair dept in England) to check out the fault (I think the head of the cable looking like it is decapitated is quiet proof enough, but hey ho). I can't believe they need the phone to replace a cable, is that reasonable and if I went to the apple store like they suggested (its 60 miles away) am I allowed to claim back costs for fixing faulty kit?
  5. cheers fkofilee, miles away from the nearest apple store or affiliate, so not really an option at the moment so stuck with Tesco
  6. Hi folks. did a search for charging cables and faults but nothing came back, so if it is covered I would be greatful for a pointer. The charger for my iPhone 5C has stopped charging the phone and the connector at the Lightning end is obviously broken inside. Typical of things, but the 6 months was up one week ago, but didn't let that dissuade me and off to Tescos to ask for a replacement under warranty. It was infuriating Speaking to the staff at Tesco (nice folks though) in explaining that only proof of purchase is needed, not necessarily the receipt (typical lose the receipt for that, but have the receipt for the £15 case !!!!!). Couple of questions if anyone is available before I go back to see the guy tomorrow. 1. They state they need boxes etc back. I said I was under the impression I didn't as its only a faulty cable and not the whole thing. Hope I am right? 2. They said they wanted the Cable and the Plug back. Even though they are seperate components within the box. I have the plug, but are they right in asking for a separate component along with the faulty one.? - it was just annoying trying to talk to them and they were adamant they would get upper hand "they were right" so would like to not give it to them as a blowing a raspberry (childish I know, but will take it in anyway). 3. I have a feeling they will say that they need to contact their technical support department and return the cable to them for a replacement. Is this reasonable, or should they be able to replace it there and then? Would prefer it tomorrow - but can wait 4. A quick google about the cable shows lots of sites and hundreds of threads on Apples site about people and the apple staff replacing these cables in the truck load. Is this enough to show the issue with the product and them and not the consumer They have basically said that I have to wait for the phone guy to come in on Tuesday, which is no biggy, but still a pain not being able to charge it. I still can't believe that shops still try to stand on "we are right, you will do as we say" in this day and age. I spent about twenty minutes countering their arguments to get a replacement, Them = that there was no proof of purchase - Me = its a contract Tesco phone, it will be on their system and that receipts are just a quick and easy method, any proof is ok. Taking umbridge at me speaking politely to them and stating my case and why I thought they were wrong, instead of just saying. the phone guy is in tomorrow and he will be able to help you better Its over £20 for a new cable, so not cheap to replace as well as being on a hi end bit of kit
  7. Good for you, a sample of 1, put you next to my grandfather and my aunty, both smokers work environment, both died of smoking related diseases, one a smoker one a Barmaid non smoker, I am sure someone somewhere is going wow at the statistical significance of your test I think on smoking, science is very accurate, started with good guesses that smokers seemed to die, they then came behind and said how (edited: fingers going to fast missing words)
  8. I will stick with the same method we prove all other methods and proofs: the scientific way. But lets form a queue for folks that don't believe the same chemicals when taken direct have no impact when secondary to put it to the test. Any volunteers to be first in line to gamble
  9. lol those advocating smoking is not bad and haggling over a couple of chemical names, I have an address for the flat earth society and Advocates for Arsenic as a beauty product
  10. Hi, I am returning my vehicle under Voluntary Termination under teh consumer credit act 1974 The company says to ask for a form (which I have done), sign it and return it, they will then send another form to be completed which will also ssay where to take the car to. At the same time they want the reg documents, even though the docs say that I have to return the form to DVLA once the company sign it, how can I do that if they ahve it If I give notice and they accept that, is it not at that point that my involvement in the goods (car) ends and I have no further input into the car. I ask because the insurance is about to expire and I don't want to renew the policy for the sake of a few days/week The 1974 act just says to give notice but does not say when ownership reverts
  11. Cheers for the reply Legalpickle. I am not good on how to approach these things, any ideas of how to put it to them what regulations can I use to back it up
  12. Hi, recieved an e-mail today from SEETICKETS.COM saying that the tickets we had bought for Coldplay at Hampden later this year had been re-allocated as "Due to a system error the seats you were originally allocated did not correspond to the price that you paid" The original tickets were fine but these new ones, you might as well stay at home and put a dvd on, as the only way you will see the band is on the video screens. Can we still demand the original seats we paid for or are concerts treated differently
  13. p.s. am 400 out of pocket as the builder was to give back the gaurantee on full payment
  14. Think the answer will be tough to this but will give it ago. A few months ago we had a leak which flooded our neighbour. They were already having work done and had a tradesman onsite. She had people arriving the next day and needed the work done. I said she had to call her insurance company which would claim off of my company. Which was all fine but would take a few days and she didn't have the time. The tradesman also would not do any of the works involved with the flood unless he was paid there and then. I spoke to him and gave him a gaurantee of payment to finish the job for my neighbour ( I felt really bad about flooding her). She contacted her insurance company and they say that since the work went ahead and they didn't see it, the claim was null and void. We have the damage fully documented, the tradesmans statement and also my insurance company rep who came out to assess the damage to my flat. I don't know the ins and outs of this but she isn't really claiming against her company but mine via her company. Anyone got advice on how to proceed (ps she didn't know about the gaurantee I guarantee I gave the guy, although cash changed hands it was a deposit not payment for works) If anything, no good neighbour in future, will just have to say sorry contact your insurance company
  15. Hi, had a quick search and couldn't find anything about this (Murphies law: I'll find it as soon as I press send) Got one of these cards through the post today saying that someone sent a letter but didn't put the full postage on it. Thought, ok no probs just pay the difference and get the letter delivered (and let the sender know what I think). Went online to pay it and find that the post office will charge me £1.00 over and above the defficient postage. Maybe I am being a bit naive and have those rose tinted specs on again but surely someone else entered into the contract with them, didn't pay the full price. Now I can handle paying the difference in postage, but then to stiff me for an extra charge for the breach by a 3rd party for the privalege. There must be somthing in contract law that says you can't charge someone for a contract they never entered into. As I said I will pay the difference in postage, as I want my mail but to stiff me with this charge is holding my mail to ransom. two things spring to mind First that they are charging me a fee to correct their errors they made when the Royal Mail and the originator entered a contract and didn't collect the correct payment Now this is where it gets prosaic and a huge leap of interpretation, in Scotland it is illegal to clamp a vehicle as it was theft by deprivation (or some such word). Surely this is similar they have taken my letter out of the mail system and holding it ransom to some charge incurred by a seperate party
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