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  1. Hi Emmzzi, cheers for the reply, and sorry for so long to get back. Been hectic here. She started at 18, 2 years ago, on top of that "Suddenly the boss brought in "CONTRACTS" for everyone (talking years later)", Sorry I didn't make it clearer but I was trying to say that everyone there got new contracts at the same time, some never had one and had been working just under the standard practice. I was hoping that showing custom and practice, as well as staff were all under the same impression about equal pay etc. would be enough for her to go to her bosses. That got blown out the water when they re-read their contracts and in there it does state "8.72" (they were both adamant that there was no money value in their contract before the first post). So of course any rise in NMW would be applied to those where appropriate, and leaving my daughter marking time at £8.72 Anyway, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth that everyone got these "new contracts" as a tidy up exercise with no discussion and made to believe it was just an admin task. Cheers for replies
  2. Hi, cheers for reply. They are all paid the maximum tier level for minimum wage (possibly the living wage, as was), which included my daughter getting the same rate and not the tier for her age. All employees got the same contract and terms, her mother got the same contract as her, and she is not aware of any differences etc.. The office manager is also unaware of any differences, and as above, was under the impression they would all get the same. It will be one question that should get answered when she asks, but not obvious differences. I have advised her to just jot a quick note to the office manager asking why she is not being paid the same and she feels she should be, is this some sort of oversight, or accidently put her on a different scale that she now has to mark time. When they speak to her I can see her clamming up and taking them as gospel if they say anything different. So in the spirit of helping her in the employment world, I am hoping to give her a counter argument to at least get the ball rolling. It might not be needed and can be sorted amicably..... but just in case.
  3. Hi, family member works at a garage, basically started helping her mother and the boss then gave her a job when someone left. She was told by the boss that stacking shelves and manning tills is the same whether under 25 or over 25 so would be paid the same as everyone else (she started at 18yo). Suddenly the boss brought in "CONTRACTS" for everyone (talking years later), under the reason that some folks had never been handed a copy and he should really be up to speed with his paperwork. Being friendly with everyone, they just thought he was being his usual paperwork late guy. This contract just went into duties, hours they were contracted to, other hours available etc, but nothing that stated about wages. A few weeks later, he announces he has sold the business and everyone is being TUPE over. What followed was the usual teething problems with a move, clarification on certain points, negotiations on others but as a whole sort of went smoothly. With the latest rise in the Minimum Wage everyone's pay went up to the new rate, apart from my daughters. She has remained at the previous pay rate, effectively marking time, no doubt. I have said she should go speak to her manager/HR (big enough company for one of those now) and say she believes she should get the full raise as that is what she was employed under, the understanding that she is paid the same as all the other staff. All the other staff agree that was the conditions they were employed under, so there is no shortage of evidence that this is the custom and practice in the workplace. Apart from her going to HR to say believes she should be paid the same, is there something more substantial she can either say, or have in her back pocket if amicable discussions don't go as expected? Cheers
  4. As a purely information post, and not influencing if you should or should not say anything One information source in the headers would be the date and time it was physically sent. . Could you provide info to anyone in the future that may be interested, of your whereabouts then that may show it was impossible for you to do so. Others advice on the disciplinary are more relevant, and it would be too late to do this now, but it may clear your name, for your own personal honour, in a police investigation if you were to report it outwith these proceedings.
  5. That's why I suggested asking for it. He would have to ask for it, and if included as part of any evidence, it should include the headers, which is the full message. More folks have to be aware of this. I dont think they investigated, the IT failed to advise correctly. If there is malicious communications going on, and you have the evidence and ignore it, you leave the org open. The OP mentioned a malicious email and I offered advice on how to help find out who possibly sent it, not on who should do what in relation to any meetings, therefore speculation there is irrelevant and is muddying the waters by intimating it is advice and employers may be upset about
  6. Hi Manxman, I am sure you meant well too. The op mentioned getting the raw message on the back of initial advice given up top, about how to trace what seems to be a key issue. They mentioned they may be going to do this, which would mean a bigger disservice to leave them considering asking for it, without knowing how to get it and how to use it; that it isn't a magical panacea and they would need external assistance to access the final info.
  7. The rest of your post is way out of my league. The Raw Message and Server Logs will give you the start of a path of investigation. Those will initially only provide the originating server and how they arrived at your Org.'s server. This will probably be the whole investigation carried out by the Cybersecurity dept., although I am worried that they say they were unable to find the source of the e-mail. This could just be a misunderstanding on my part of what they did. It could mean they "could not find the headers to see the originating servers" and rely only on the From Address or "they could not identify the physical person that sent it". Primer on Headers What is an E-mail Header? (whatismyipaddress.com) You will need these details. The Headers' first entry will also provide the Message Identification, dates and times, physical servers, etc. The information from there will be needed by the service provider to identify the originating connection and the IP address assigned at that time. These won't be in the headers (depending on the mail provider). Suppose it was a free e-mail account that was associated with a Broadband Provider. It may identify the originator's address or at least where they were at that time. This could be a device or the router at the address. As long as the mail's originator did nothing to cover their tracks, the provider will need some type of docket to reveal these details. You would need to go through legal channels, either through a lawyer or the police, for this. This e-mail isn't a prank that they should shrug off. IMHO your org should also be taking steps to report this to the police or other regulatory body that has powers to access this information. Trying to keep this as brief as can be in an internet forum with no warranty etc. Let's say, for argument's sake, this other person wrote the mail, or their friend(s), whether, from home or work, there are digital footprints. Other person does it from home: Connection details are logged at Mail provider of which "router" connected, possibly which device can be traced directly to them. From a friend at home: same as (1) but at least prove it was not you. If either (1) or (2) did it from work, then the same information is logged at the Mail Provider, this time with your Org.s IP Address. Depending on your org's policy for logging all access requests, it may also log which machine connected to outside, the INTERNAL IP address, and possibly the User who initiated the connection. This may be provided at the your org's firewall level on the link coming coming in/going out of the org.
  8. If he got money back, no doubt the would be happy, but doubtful. My goal today was hopefully to get him a few extra quid going forward, I know the stress he is under, at least if I could get an understanding of this he might be able to talk to this boss going forward. He enjoys where he is and would like to stay, but as you say, not many other jobs just now; and here is hoping we can open safely soon. Our org is quiet lucky, most of us have been able to stay at home working, and most of those that were going to be furloughed etc were able to be re-deployed to other areas that have been left fallow for years.
  9. As Emmzzi says as well as you are disputing this message and no doubt they won't know what a "message structure" involves (unless they sought knowledgeable advice) and as there is just as much chance of the other party sending it to be vindictive, what you need from the mail servers, the original traffic (even if they have to go back to the server backups) is the RAW MESSAGE. If they just use Outlook or Android or Apple Mail then these full headers may not be easily/readily available and if they did it themselves it may not show the full path. That is why you need to extract the Full RAW MESSAGE and the MAIL SERVERS logs, which will give other info pertaining to the specific message
  10. Cheers Emmzzi, basically it could come down to we never discussed it before, it never crossed my mind to ask, and he has never mentioned it. It is a small hotel where the owners are more than likely to not understand the rules as much as my friend back then, and just never revisited since (without any knowledge of how they have to report to the schemes) I do despair sometimes about my chosen town and some of the "thinkings" that go on.
  11. Cheers for the reply Smithy, one of the reasons for the thread. Gov site says Regular Wages. The definition of Discretionary seems to imply both are correct. In one way this is an education for me as well as trying to help out my friend. "You can claim for employees on any type of employment contract, including full-time, part-time, agency, flexible or zero-hour contracts. Foreign nationals are eligible to be furloughed. Grants under the scheme are not counted as ‘access to public funds’, and you can furlough employees on all categories of visa." and "will pay you at least 80% of your regular wages, up to a maximum of £2,500 per month, for the hours you are furloughed (not working)" (my bold) along with this bit What to include when calculating wages If you’ve already claimed for an employee who was on furlough during October, and they are paid a fixed salary, you will follow the same usual wage calculation for claim periods after 31 October 2020. The amount you should use when calculating 80% of your employees’ wages for hours not worked, is made up of the regular payments you are obliged to make, including: regular wages you paid to employees non-discretionary payments for hours worked, including overtime non-discretionary fees non-discretionary commission payments piece rate payments and finishing with Non-discretionary payments When you’re working out if a payment is non-discretionary, only include payments which you have a contractual obligation to pay and to which your employee has an enforceable right. When variable payments are specified in a contract and those payments are always made, then those payments may become non-discretionary. If that is the case, they should be included when calculating 80% of your employees’ wages. Non-discretionary overtime payments If your employee has been paid variable payments due to working overtime, you can include these payments when calculating 80% of their wages as long as the overtime payments were non-discretionary. Payments for overtime worked are non-discretionary when you are contractually obliged to pay the employee at a set and defined rate for the overtime that they have worked.
  12. Hi folks, a friend of the family is on furlough from a local hotel. They are contracted for 10 hours a week, with extra hours available, which are not mandatory but he is expected to be flexible when needed i.e. contracted for Mon and Thu mornings, but is scheduled to work regular extra shifts (same days and times each week) as well as any ad-hoc he can pick up. In chatting he said that they paid 80% of their contracted hours and not their Average Pay. I must admit I do not have a clue about this other than what I have heard on tv etc. From this I thought they should be on their average wage, inclusive of the overtime over the last 12 months. I "tried" to read the HMRC for the rules, but they left me even more confused around the definition of Discretionary / Non-Discretionary. Even the examples other sites and people give a clear steer.... that I can see anyway. It seems that there are still people not having a clear steer on this. Anyone with real world experience on if he is being short changed as he is universal credit and like many others is trying to survive on a much reduced income, which could be helped by factoring in the regular extra hours. Cheers in advance
  13. Hi, I've not seeing anything here in relation headers etc of the e-mail. As much as folks like to think that "anonymous" e-mail is untraceable (and at the risk of teaching granny to suck eggs) , it is traceable back to the originating e-mail provider, at a minimum. From there, that provider would possibly be able to tell which connection and user it came from. This e-mail may fall under the Computer misuse act as well as the Malicious Communications act Of course, for all the nerds (of which I am one of you), with the right tools all of the above can be muddied and hidden. The question is, will the other person be capable or knowledgeable enough to know this. The main point to make is to ask for the original e-mail including all headers in-case this can be used to trace, and possibly identify, the originator. edit: police may also be interested in this e-mail from the misuse/malicious perspective above. edit2: Just a thought, very tenuous one which I will leave others to comment on as to whether good or bad, if you do decide to get the whole e-mail, including headers. If they don't give it to you, remember they are saying you did send it, therefore by their words it is your data.... Otherwise they are acknowledging it is not yours, and therefore did not send it. Just saw this bit, soz. can they provide proof of what the did to trace it. Did IT provide the full headers, where any decent IT guy (muddying previously mentioned not at play of course) would be able to trace back to the originating mail servers etc.
  14. HI Disgruntled, I did ask them to confirm that it didn't need anyone to install it and that there was no need for the installation fee with it and to just plug it in. It's a 2.9KW and the blurb says 13amp connection ● Energy efficiency rating A (NO_FEATURE) than the standard value (0.99 kwh) for qualifying for energy class A ● Total connected load 2.9 KW ● Energy efficiency rating (acc. EU Nr. 65/2014): Energy consumption per cycle in fan-forced convection mode: 0.84 kwh
  15. Hi, just bought a new oven from Currys. When deciding between a couple of makes, the sales person indicated that the one that was more expensive just needed to be plugged in. I asked her to confirm that it just needed plugged in and there was no need for installation by an electrician, and that the £90 fee for installation wasn't needed for that model. Which she confirmed, gladly. The lack installation fee was the deciding factor, if no installation was needed then I could go to the top of my budget and pick the one I did The oven has now been delivered and lo and behold... no electrical connection, no leads, no plugs, and needs an electrician to fit it. I have contacted them to raise a complaint and find out what they will do about it. The person that took the call said that they will only advise to return it to the store for an exchange for one with a plug. Before the come back, and confirm what the person said on the phone. As the deciding factor in the sale was that no installation was needed, do I have to return it, or do they have to provide someone to install it (or re-imburse me), or provide any fix? Cheers
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