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  1. Hackers access 5.9m bank cards at Dixons Carphone Dixons Carphone says it has been the victim of an "unauthorised data access" in which millions of customer bank card details were targeted over the past 12 months. The company believed there were attempts since last July - only discovered over the past week - to compromise 5.9 million cards in one of its processing systems for Currys PC World and Dixons Travel stores. It said there was currently no evidence of any fraudulent use of the information - with the vast majority of the cards having chip and pin protection. However,
  2. Hackers access 5.9m bank cards at Dixons Carphone Dixons Carphone says it has been the victim of an "unauthorised data access" in which millions of customer bank card details were targeted over the past 12 months. The company believed there were attempts since last July - only discovered over the past week - to compromise 5.9 million cards in one of its processing systems for Currys PC World and Dixons Travel stores. It said there was currently no evidence of any fraudulent use of the information - with the vast majority of the cards having chip and pin protection. However,
  3. Hello all. Ordered a mobile phone from CPW on the 27th Dec Phoned CPW directly asking to cancel the contract and return the device on the 9th Jan. Customer service rep stated that the 10th of January would have been the last day I could cancel the contract. I was given the choice of returning it in store or by taking it to a DPD collection point. I asked for the DPD collection point since it is nearer. Have been ill with an ear infection which had left me with horrible Vertigo which has kept me from going to work hence why I haven't taken it to the DPD collection
  4. Hi all, I have recently caught out Carphone Warehouse on a deal that they were advertising on their website, which proved to be misleading. I found a deal on their website entitled 'save up to £100 on SIM FREE phones' upon clicking this deal a phone I have been looking for was posted on here, although with no discount at all on it, but instead offering a free gift instead (worth £69). I raised the issue that there was no discount on the phone SIM FREE and was told that what you get instead of discount off the phone itself. I have then reached out to both their Twitter and Facebook pages r
  5. Hi, I took 2 old mobile phones to a Carphone Warehouse store to trade in on 16th of May, and they still haven't paid my refund. I have complained to their customer service team (online) and they told me to visit the store because it's their issue. 3 visits to store after and still no payment. The managers at the store sent emails to their banking department, as they can't be contacted by phone, and promised to call me back. But I've had no calls from the manager. Contacted the customer service team again and they gave me the same advise as before. I would like to take this further cause
  6. Hi my daughter has just got a phone from carphone warehouse on their ID network but to say it is about as useful as a bar of chocolate then you get the gist! It is on a monthly contract and believe you have a 14 day cooling off period? The first bill is already due even though she has not had it 2 weeks! Can we ask Carphone to change her to another provider as other wise she is stuck for 2 years with a phone that only seems to have emergency calls working. It is on 4g and is a 2016 Samsung A3
  7. I set up a 24 month contract with EE via Carphone Warehouse Shop on (Sunday) 25th July. Coverage was checked and it seemed to be ok. However, when I got home I had no coverage whatsoever and had none for the rest of the week. I phoned Carphone Warehouse who told me that I would have to go into the shop and cancel with them. I work during the week so could only go in on the following Sunday (3rd July). Carphone Warehouse had no problems with me cancelling, but when they tried to get my PAC code from EE which I had to authorise the EE operator told me t
  8. Hi Does anyone know whether the Carphone Warehouse has a rep on here or not please?
  9. I visited my local Carphone Warehouse store last year , as the Talk mobile capped contract that I had taken out 12 months before was coming to an end and I needed to replace. I asked for a capped contract again as I explained to them it was for my son and I didn't want any large bills! I said budget was £15 -£20 a month. They suggested a contract with EE at £15.99 a month - at no time did they say that they do not do capped contracts anymore. They worded it as 2,000 mins, so many texts and data capped. My son was with me and he remembers that I kept saying it had to be capped to avoid a
  10. On Monday may 9th 2016 I tried to upgrade with Carphone warehouse to a sony Z5 compact they said it would arrive on Tuesday 10th it never did. I received the texts below on 10th of my 7.54 and 7.56 from o2 upgrading my tariff. I NEVER GOT THIS PHONE OR A 4G SIM . On weds 11th I got this email from DPD saying they couldn’t deliver the hand set (see below)…. In the meantime o2 knocked off my emails etc. on my blackberry which lasted 3 days…o2 insisted I had the handset but promised a £10 credit for the hassle. This never arrived meanwhile I have made hours of calls to o2 and Carphone wi
  11. Hey guys, I'm looking for a little bit of help with a recent mobile phone contract my sister had taken out in-store at Carphone Warehouse. My sister made enquiries over the phone to O2 regarding any deal's that would be available for the Christmas period. It was advised that she attended a store I think she got a little bit confused as she attended Carphone Warehouse instead of the O2 store, who sold her a 24 Month Contract on O2... anyway. The purchased was made prior to Christmas, after the Christmas period it was found that the phone is not suitable for her partner and at t
  12. I moved to the UK after 15 years in Asia, before I moved to my new home in the outer Hebrides I went to Carphone Warehouse to get a phone and contract, I wanted a good contract so I could continue to run my companies in Asia, that would require a good signal. I gave the guy in the shop the postcode of my new address, told him that I would be moving in there in three weeks time or so - once I had got my affairs in order. He told me that the best contract was the unlimited Vodaphone 4G deal, all the bandwidth I needed and yes, signal is good at my address. when I g
  13. The mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse has announced that they’ve suffered a huge data breach which could lead to the accessing of up to 2.4m of their customers information. Following the breach, the company has investigated and found that the details accessed could have included names, addresses, dates of birth and bank details. This includes up to 90,000 customers who have also had their encrypted credit card information accessed. Customers who've potentially been affected, have received emails about the incident and are encouraged to: Alert your bank and chec
  14. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-33835185 Apparently it knew about this last Wednesday and has only just started informing customers !!
  15. Hi My wife and i got a new phone for our son for his birthday. We got it from carphone warehouse on their iD network. We were told in the shop that the contract would be limited to £5 above the monthly contract amount. Several days after he started using the phone the service stopped completely. We were not notified as to why. We had to first examine the handset to establish usage and second contact iD customer support. The whole reason we rushed to get a phone was because we were going on holiday and our son was flying out to meet us after the first week so we really
  16. Hi Bought this phone in March amongst other reasons because it claimed to be waterproof. II IS NOT. Despite Z3 webpage showing happy smiling people taking videos & photos underwater it is not waterproof as I learnt to my cost in Vietnam. Now I took it back to CW & they told me that as its over 28 days they could not swap it but will send to Sony which will take upto 14 days. The time limit is up next week & I know Sony will claim T&Cs that it is some how my fault. I did drop it into a sink for 10 seconds & it the wifi & calls no longer work . Photos & music are gre
  17. I took out a voda phone contract with cpw and was told I had 30 days to cancel if I wasn't happy. This turned out to be untrue so I complained and said I was missold and cpw agreed to cancel the contract and pay any charges associated with it. They sent a courier to collect the phone on 20th Oct 2014. At the end of November I recieved a bill from vodafone so called cpw asking why when the phone was returns and was told I need to call vodafone and get them to send a final bill with any settlement fees. the woman at vf said they couldn't manually generate a bill and is have to wait t
  18. Hi, I have copied my complaint to Carphone Warehouse to explain. i have since been offered £10 as a goodwill gesture which I have told them is unacceptable - You will see from my account that there are previous notes that confirm the following. Today I have ended a contract with TalkMobile. This account was in my name and the monthly bills were paid via my bank account. This phone was used by my daughter and due to difficulties, I planned to end this contract this month. I had previously put a bar on her data usage due to a previous large bill. On 02/10/14,
  19. Carphone Warehouse - on 12th September myself and my Partner pre-ordered the Iphone 6+ 64GB from CPW on the O2 Network. both orders was for the 64GB on 4G Tariff with 20GB Data Issues 1. Due to a system error at CPW, they placed the order with O2 but with only 5GB of Data and this effected a large amount of customers. We both received a text message saying they are aware of the error and are working with O2 to resolve this and would be resolved on Monday 22ed September. however this has not been resolved, near imposable to get hold of any one at CPW and when yo
  20. Hello, I recently bought a Sony Xperia Z1 on a contract with Vodafone. The phone and contract was bought via a Carphone Warehouse. Within 28 days of purchase and after brief use in the rain the phone screen started to flicker, the issue progressed further until the phone screen was completely non functional. The touch screen and all buttons still responded, I could even hear myself navigating menus on the phone, but couldn't see it. I took the phone to a Carphone Warehouse store and put the phone in for repair. After two weeks I was informed the phone w
  21. Hi all, I'm new to these forums but, having seen all the great advice being given on other threads, I'm hopeful somebody can help me here. I recently noticed that I get charged for my line rental twice per month, a couple of days apart. Exactly the same fee taken out both times. I got in contact with o2 and, to my surprise, they revealed that the second charge was for a new contract I had taken out with CPW last April, and for a completely different mobile number. I only have one phone, and have used the same number since 2009 (which was issued to me by CPW, incidentally.)
  22. Hi All, I have had my iPhone 4s for 15 months, bought under contract with 3 from carphone warehouse in the UK. Apple warranty is 1 year only but under EU-wide Consumer Laws & Sale of Goods Act 1979 this can be extended for 2+ years in the UK. - doesn't apply - dx The iPhone has developed a manufactures fault as the wi fi does not work (switch dimmed out). I had this diagnosed at the apple store. Apple said they would fix the phone under EU Law & SOGA if I bought it direct from them but as I bought it from carphone warehouse, they stated that after 1
  23. Hi All, Just looking for a little bit of advice on this one. I bought an iPhone 4S on 20th December 2013 and on Christmas Day 2013 the wifi button greyed out completely and I cannot use the phone for Facetime, iMessages or the internet now without using up my internet allowance on my contract. Sometimes the signal at my home isn't too good either because we are in a bit of a dip so I rely on my hone having wifi so that I can use my Sure Signal from Vodafone. This is a known issue with this phone and there are dozens of people around the world that this has happened to but some h
  24. Both my wife and I took an online flash deal (limited time) on 2 smart phone upgrades on O2 but through The Carphone Warehouse, for £17/month each with no upfront cost. When phones arrived on Friday, they charged us each £99 upfront (taken from our accounts). When asked, they said we were "not awarded" the deal even though we entered into the agreement within their timescale. They were happy though to "award" us a higher cost deal and take money that we have not agreed to. At no point did they made it clear to us that they were changing the agreement. Nor did
  25. Hello all, I am hoping you might be able to help me. I bought a SIM free iphone 4 from the Carphone Warehouse a few months ago, and put my existing SIM card into it. All fine. When I came to the end of my contract with T-Mobile a month or so ago I gave notice to cancel, and took out a new cheaper contract (with no phone attached) with 02. However, I have not been able to use the 02 SIM card in my phone, as the phone has automatically locked to T-Mobile. Here's the difficulty: - T-Mobile won't unlock the phone as it was not bought through them; - the Carphone Warehouse won
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