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  1. Hackers access 5.9m bank cards at Dixons Carphone Dixons Carphone says it has been the victim of an "unauthorised data access" in which millions of customer bank card details were targeted over the past 12 months. The company believed there were attempts since last July - only discovered over the past week - to compromise 5.9 million cards in one of its processing systems for Currys PC World and Dixons Travel stores. It said there was currently no evidence of any fraudulent use of the information - with the vast majority of the cards having chip and pin protection. However, Dixons Carphone said it had notified card providers to 105,000 non-EU issued cards that did not have chip and pin technology so those customers could be immediately protected. In addition, Dixons Carphone said 1.2 million personal data records were hacked. It admitted non-financial personal data, such as names, addresses or email addresses, was accessed but it again insisted that it had seen no evidence of any fraud at this stage. The breach was currently being investigated by police, it said, while regulators had also been informed. https://uk.yahoo.com/finance/news/hacking-targets-customers-currys-pc-world-064800857.html
  2. Hello all. Ordered a mobile phone from CPW on the 27th Dec Phoned CPW directly asking to cancel the contract and return the device on the 9th Jan. Customer service rep stated that the 10th of January would have been the last day I could cancel the contract. I was given the choice of returning it in store or by taking it to a DPD collection point. I asked for the DPD collection point since it is nearer. Have been ill with an ear infection which had left me with horrible Vertigo which has kept me from going to work hence why I haven't taken it to the DPD collection point. Intended on doing that today I called CPW to confirm everything was OK was told that because I didn't return the phone on the 10th that they can no longer accept it. As far as I am aware, I have 14 days to return the phone after stating my intention to cancel which would give me until 22nd January to return the phone. Am I correct in thinking this? Also on the CPW website it states you should keep and destroy the sim card whilst the lady on the phone said I should return the sim card in the package, so a bit confused about this. The sim card is unused, if that matters also.
  3. Hi all, I have recently caught out Carphone Warehouse on a deal that they were advertising on their website, which proved to be misleading. I found a deal on their website entitled 'save up to £100 on SIM FREE phones' upon clicking this deal a phone I have been looking for was posted on here, although with no discount at all on it, but instead offering a free gift instead (worth £69). I raised the issue that there was no discount on the phone SIM FREE and was told that what you get instead of discount off the phone itself. I have then reached out to both their Twitter and Facebook pages reagrding the issue providing screenshots of issues I had as proof. I subsequently did not get a response to it. I then went on to call their customer service team as it was the most relevant phone number that I could find for the issue I had. Upon speaking to them, the guy I spoke to didn't give me any help, but just relayed exactly what the website said and stated there is nothing he can do. I said 'thanks for the help' when he sighed and hung up on me. I then emailed PR after searching through their website and finding two email address that were higher up and PR related. I recieved an email back the next day (6th December) asking if they could phone me and chat. I gave them a number and they rang me the next day (7th December). I explained the issue and the person I was speaking too didn't mention the issue of the advert being misleading at all, but made it clear to me that the phone was already heavily discounted from £719.99 to £599.99 yet there was no evidence of this. The phone is made by Google and upon checking on their website the phones retail price is £599.99, yet I was told there was already a £120 saving on the phone from retail. He then went on to finally mention the issue of the misleading advert and said that they are willing to offer me £25.00 grattitude in exchange for pointing this error out. They have since subsequently removed the phone from that deals page and also three other phones so they clearly then realised that there are numerous phones that were misleadingly advertised. These deals had been on the website for at least a week or so, meaning that more people must have seen it. I was unable to speak last time I spoke to the advisor, so asked him to call me back today (9th December) and he hasn't, I phoned him and he was busy so waiting for a call back. I have not actually purchased the phone as of yet, I am still looking to purchase it, I feel as if £25.00 grattitude is a way for them to hope for me to let this go. Am I right to feel as if I shouldn't accept this and pursue it further or just take the grattitude and leave it be as they have removed the advert? I feel that the cost of the free gift that they were advertising instead of the correct deal is a reasonable grattitude (£69).
  4. Hi, I took 2 old mobile phones to a Carphone Warehouse store to trade in on 16th of May, and they still haven't paid my refund. I have complained to their customer service team (online) and they told me to visit the store because it's their issue. 3 visits to store after and still no payment. The managers at the store sent emails to their banking department, as they can't be contacted by phone, and promised to call me back. But I've had no calls from the manager. Contacted the customer service team again and they gave me the same advise as before. I would like to take this further cause it's been dragging on. Would the Retail Ombudsman be able to help with this case? Thank you.
  5. Hi my daughter has just got a phone from carphone warehouse on their ID network but to say it is about as useful as a bar of chocolate then you get the gist! It is on a monthly contract and believe you have a 14 day cooling off period? The first bill is already due even though she has not had it 2 weeks! Can we ask Carphone to change her to another provider as other wise she is stuck for 2 years with a phone that only seems to have emergency calls working. It is on 4g and is a 2016 Samsung A3
  6. I set up a 24 month contract with EE via Carphone Warehouse Shop on (Sunday) 25th July. Coverage was checked and it seemed to be ok. However, when I got home I had no coverage whatsoever and had none for the rest of the week. I phoned Carphone Warehouse who told me that I would have to go into the shop and cancel with them. I work during the week so could only go in on the following Sunday (3rd July). Carphone Warehouse had no problems with me cancelling, but when they tried to get my PAC code from EE which I had to authorise the EE operator told me that I would have to pay £283 cancellation fee. I explained that I had no coverage and that I had been with them less than 7 working days. They were not interested and repeated that I would have to pay £283 cancellation fee . Is this right?
  7. Hi Does anyone know whether the Carphone Warehouse has a rep on here or not please?
  8. I visited my local Carphone Warehouse store last year , as the Talk mobile capped contract that I had taken out 12 months before was coming to an end and I needed to replace. I asked for a capped contract again as I explained to them it was for my son and I didn't want any large bills! I said budget was £15 -£20 a month. They suggested a contract with EE at £15.99 a month - at no time did they say that they do not do capped contracts anymore. They worded it as 2,000 mins, so many texts and data capped. My son was with me and he remembers that I kept saying it had to be capped to avoid a large bill. I then checked my bank account on line one morning to find that EE were taking £1044 out, I went to the bank and stopped the payment immediately thinking they had made a mistake. However , when I rang EE they informed me that we had used 4,100 mins instead of the 2,000 included in our contract. I said there must be a mistake as I had asked for a capped contract, EE said that Carphone Warehouse were renowned for miss selling and to get in touch with them. I know many will say why did my son use that much, but he thought he was within usage as he knew from his previous contract that he would not be able to use it after he had used his allowance. I have contacted CW on numerous occasions in person at the store and by email to their complaints dept, they have both said that it is my word against theirs, the complaints dept have asked the store to get in touch with me to try and resolve this matter , but I have had no contact from them whatsoever. I have contacted EE on several occasions to pay my usual monthly fee and explain that I was trying to get CW to admit what had been done , EE advised me to increase my tariff to unlimited when I said I couldn't pay the bill, to avoid it happening again, I now pay £21 a month , but they do not alow us to make calls, only receive incoming calls. so I am now paying for unlimited calls but cant use them! Now EE are threatening to hand the debt over to a collections agency. I am at my wits end now and don't know what to do next, the only advice I have had of a friend who is a solicitor, but am not sure if it will help. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  9. On Monday may 9th 2016 I tried to upgrade with Carphone warehouse to a sony Z5 compact they said it would arrive on Tuesday 10th it never did. I received the texts below on 10th of my 7.54 and 7.56 from o2 upgrading my tariff. I NEVER GOT THIS PHONE OR A 4G SIM . On weds 11th I got this email from DPD saying they couldn’t deliver the hand set (see below)…. In the meantime o2 knocked off my emails etc. on my blackberry which lasted 3 days…o2 insisted I had the handset but promised a £10 credit for the hassle. This never arrived meanwhile I have made hours of calls to o2 and Carphone without success including an 1 hour 22 min online chat today. I am pushed between the two companies Carphone warehouse see my order was cancelled or deleted and the handset originally allocated to me didn’t leave their warehouse. They thought it unusual that O2 would implement a new tariff without a handset being issued. Eventually last week a Kelly Denton from Carphone warehouse spoke to O2 and enquired as to the IMMEI of the sony hand set I am supposed to have. The number is 354282071256883 this product was sold to a totally different person who activated it etc. and it has been allocated to my account. My phone is a blackberry bold IMMe********6006 So now we have a situation where I am paying for a 4 g service that I don’t have a phone for. O2 are accusing me of not returning a handset that I never had…why can’t you just check with DPD that it was never delivered???? I would like to eventually upgrade with o2 but the system says I cant for 2 years. Meanwhile I am paying for a service that I cant use but someone else is. I feel like crying with frustration as no one can help. The stock answer from O2 is Carphone warehouse needs to put the handset as returned. CPW say the whole order was cancelled and deleted the handset was never delivered…. They cant understand why 02 would put me on a tariff change when no upgrade had been issued. This is a MASSIVE software issue and I am in the middle of it all. Just confirm to 02 that I never received the handset and compensate me for the aggravation and confirm it is all done. O2 sent the following on May10th 2016 “O2 UK: Great news, your 4G service is ready. Just a few final steps before you get started: make sure your 4G sim is in your 4G phone. Switch your phone off then back on again. When you're in a 4G area, you'll see the 4G symbol on your phone screen. Enjoy your 4G experience on O2. O2: Good news, we've completed your tariff change to O2 Unlimited 24M 3GB.” Carphone ref 15501690590280 Dpp ref 356834550 I am pushed between the two companies with call centres in S Africa, India and sometimes in the UK. I now have a larger invoice from O2 without the £10 compensation they promised three people at CPW promised me an update but they NEVER call me back. The disconnection team at CPW want the new sim number. I have asked where am I supposed to find that as I the phone I ordered never came with the new 4g sim. Please help I have phoned 26.5 hours on the phone logged complaints with both companies spoken to the ombudsman. I just get the answer wait 3-5 days so sorry its a glitch.. I just want my old tariff back at O2 and acknowledgement that the new upgraded phone never arrived to me as DPP agree and just because CPW moved warehouses that weekend I must suffer. Because an upgrade has been registered I cannot leave or upgrade anywhere else. I welcome any help in advance.
  10. Hey guys, I'm looking for a little bit of help with a recent mobile phone contract my sister had taken out in-store at Carphone Warehouse. My sister made enquiries over the phone to O2 regarding any deal's that would be available for the Christmas period. It was advised that she attended a store I think she got a little bit confused as she attended Carphone Warehouse instead of the O2 store, who sold her a 24 Month Contract on O2... anyway. The purchased was made prior to Christmas, after the Christmas period it was found that the phone is not suitable for her partner and at the very first chance she attended Carphone Warehouse for a full refund. This was on day 6 after the initial in-store sale. My sister was informed it is not possible to return the product as it was put through as an upgrade . Her contract prior to this *so called* upgrade was a 24 Month Contract again with O2. This contract had finished and turned into a 30 Day Rolling Contract, she was currently on month 2. We contacted O2, who advised us they are more than happy to cancel the contract, however we must first go Carphone Warehouse and return the phone. We tried this and Carphone Warehouse is having none of it. The staff in Carphone Warehouse are very un-professional as they started to get abrupt , extremely sarcastic and arrogant. One Guy at Carphone Warehouse refused to give me his name when requested, he did however have a name tag on I could not read, he then went into the back of the store , removed ihis name tag and returned back out. When asked to speak to his manager surprisingly this was the manager. I lodged a complaint needless to say about both issues, the service received as we had a small child with us at the time and thought it was very inappropriate the level of his tone and attitude received. Which is now currently being investigated. We also lodged a complaint about how we have not been able to return the phone contract back. Our main concern is, why the contract was put through as an upgrade because Carphone Warehouse has a zero policy in returns once an upgrade with O2 has been purchased. We wrote to Carphone Warehouse about the following issues: The Mis-Selling of the contract How we should have been made more aware of the upgrade and how it was not returnable. Finally the Service Received. My sister was not fully informed that the contract would be put through as an upgrade and how she is not able to return the phone back once the contract was signed. We had a look at the contract itself she signed. The only time the word upgrade is used is under description , "O2 Direct Telecom Gsm Upgrade" The arguments we put forward , had she known the contract was un-returnable the contract would not have been signed up for She feel's it was not made clear to her that the contract was an upgrade. (I understand it say's this in the description), However she did not realise the policy of Carphone Warehouse with O2 upgrades and how she is not able to return this. She also feel's that the contract she have been a put through as a New contract because her old* contract had technically finished and she was on a 30 Day rolling Contract. Does anybody know where we stand with returning this phone? we received a letter back from the customer service department of Carphone Warehouse which states, it was sold as a upgrade and they do not accept returns. Thanks for any help in advanced. Craig
  11. I moved to the UK after 15 years in Asia, before I moved to my new home in the outer Hebrides I went to Carphone Warehouse to get a phone and contract, I wanted a good contract so I could continue to run my companies in Asia, that would require a good signal. I gave the guy in the shop the postcode of my new address, told him that I would be moving in there in three weeks time or so - once I had got my affairs in order. He told me that the best contract was the unlimited Vodaphone 4G deal, all the bandwidth I needed and yes, signal is good at my address. when I got to my new house some weeks later guess what? Thats right, no data signal whatsoever. I fact the phone signal is patchy at best. I contacted vodafone who tried to help me, suggesting signal boosters and telling me that they were sure to improve the signal in the coming months/years but I told them that I wanted to change to another tarrif. They took a week or two to get back to me and simply said that since Carpghone warehouse had sold me the contract I would have to talk to them. CW simply told me that since 2 weeks had passed since I signed the contract I could not change it, end of conversation. Now why am I paying for a service that I cannot access? Why am I not allowed to change it? Surely I cannot be the first person that this happened to. If it was Vodafone I could go to the ombudsman but it isnt its Carphone Warehouse.
  12. The mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse has announced that they’ve suffered a huge data breach which could lead to the accessing of up to 2.4m of their customers information. Following the breach, the company has investigated and found that the details accessed could have included names, addresses, dates of birth and bank details. This includes up to 90,000 customers who have also had their encrypted credit card information accessed. Customers who've potentially been affected, have received emails about the incident and are encouraged to: Alert your bank and check your statements Watch out for phishing calls and emails Check your credit rating to make sure no one has taken out loan and credit in your name Report fraudulent activity to Action Fraud http://www.carphonewarehouse.com/information.
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-33835185 Apparently it knew about this last Wednesday and has only just started informing customers !!
  14. Hi My wife and i got a new phone for our son for his birthday. We got it from carphone warehouse on their iD network. We were told in the shop that the contract would be limited to £5 above the monthly contract amount. Several days after he started using the phone the service stopped completely. We were not notified as to why. We had to first examine the handset to establish usage and second contact iD customer support. The whole reason we rushed to get a phone was because we were going on holiday and our son was flying out to meet us after the first week so we really needed him to have a working phone. I emailed iD impressing upon them the urgency of our plight but their response was late and worthless. I examined the handset and the usage statistics suggested a lot of data use. In the region of 5 gigabytes! Now our son is fairly tech savvy but he is only twelve. Still, he jelously guards his 3g allocation and is very careful about making sure he uses the house broadband when at home. He had not taken the phone out of the house at all since he got it and he insisted that he had checked to make sure he was using wireless and not 3g. I realize you cant fully trust a twelve-year-old when they think they've done something wrong. Just including this for completeness. So we went on holiday still not knowing if the phone would work. I only had the facts of the matter confirmed while we were travelling through Spain. We were on our way to pick our son up from Malaga airport. I actually managed to get through to iD and they told me our son had accumulated a bill of £138 pounds over the contract payment. Now it's all a bit of a blur but i think i told the person on the phone that i wanted to cancel the contract and it was within fourteen days but i think she said i'd have to apply in writing or something. We were in the middle Now my wife left the carphone warehouse shop with the understanding that we were getting a contract that was limited to £5 overspend so that was a shock. When we got back (On the 29th of june) i made a writted complaint to carphone warehouse. Yesterday(29th of july) i received a response. It said that we were infact on a contract that was limited to £75 and that the charge of £138 was a mistake. They said we would get a refund of £75 and said they were prepared to discuss switching to the contract that we were supposed to get in the first place. So I've set the data limit on the handset so that can't happen again but I'd really like to get the rest of the money back as they have definitely mis sold us the contract we are currently on. Anyway i just thought i'd add my own experience here. If anyone has any advice it would be much appreciated.
  15. Hi Bought this phone in March amongst other reasons because it claimed to be waterproof. II IS NOT. Despite Z3 webpage showing happy smiling people taking videos & photos underwater it is not waterproof as I learnt to my cost in Vietnam. Now I took it back to CW & they told me that as its over 28 days they could not swap it but will send to Sony which will take upto 14 days. The time limit is up next week & I know Sony will claim T&Cs that it is some how my fault. I did drop it into a sink for 10 seconds & it the wifi & calls no longer work . Photos & music are great but.. So I bought it for £475 Half was on a visa credit card. But question is this as CW give a 2 year guarantee is it them or Sony that I will be having a fight with? What about Consumer Credit Act fit for purpose etc. Interestingly Sony's new flagship model Z4 COMING OUT is no longer advertised as waterproof. Funny that.
  16. I took out a voda phone contract with cpw and was told I had 30 days to cancel if I wasn't happy. This turned out to be untrue so I complained and said I was missold and cpw agreed to cancel the contract and pay any charges associated with it. They sent a courier to collect the phone on 20th Oct 2014. At the end of November I recieved a bill from vodafone so called cpw asking why when the phone was returns and was told I need to call vodafone and get them to send a final bill with any settlement fees. the woman at vf said they couldn't manually generate a bill and is have to wait till the next bill date is end of December. The bill arrived for £65 so I took it to my local cpw store and then a week late got an email from the debt collectors so contacted cpw again asking what the hell'a going on it's been 3 months now since I returned the phone. They said the bill didnt have the full settlement fee so they can't fully disconnect the account until they have the right bill. I went back to vf and asked for the right bill. They sent the same bill. I called again and they sent the same bill again. So third time I lost it and said you're messing me about. The guy explained this was the correct bill and that because the phone had been returned all fees had been waived! So I went back to cpw and told them this and they said they'll speak with vf. They came back saying they wouldn't pay this as it looks like usage for when I used the phone. I explained that I never used the phone. So I looked through the bills and there was only a 50p charge on the october bill and then the line rental. I explained that I'd already paid for the October line rental in the first sept bill cause you pay in advance so didn't need to pay anymore line rental and the cpw said well they've given you a credit for that and I said no the credit is for December line rental and he insisted no. Cpw aren't having it and said I need to speak to vf again. So I call vf again and the guy I spoke to said no you're not liable for that and I'll tell you why. Cpw returned the phone on the 28th November over a month after you returned it to them. That's when vf closed the account and waived the line rental generating a credit for the December line rental that had been charged. I asked him if he could put it in an email so I could send to cpw. He said yes and then didn't. So I'm at a loss because im going round in circles and got debt collectors chasing me. For nearly 2 months line rental when I had the phone for less then a month. Sorry it's so long but what can I do ?
  17. Hi, I have copied my complaint to Carphone Warehouse to explain. i have since been offered £10 as a goodwill gesture which I have told them is unacceptable - You will see from my account that there are previous notes that confirm the following. Today I have ended a contract with TalkMobile. This account was in my name and the monthly bills were paid via my bank account. This phone was used by my daughter and due to difficulties, I planned to end this contract this month. I had previously put a bar on her data usage due to a previous large bill. On 02/10/14, my daughter visited Car Phone Warehouse in Derby and spoke to 'James' who renewed the contract and gave her an upgrade. This was without my permission and without my knowledge. My daughter does not have access to my ID or bank card as due to a disability, she does not live at home. My daughter is 15 years old and does not look 18 let alone married. She contacted me earlier this week to inform me that she could not phone or text from her new phone. I questioned how she had been allowed to upgrade her handset without me being there and she told me that 'she had just been allowed' and all they had asked for was her address. At no point did they ask for ID or even her name. I then found out that she had run up a bill of £122.10. On 15/10/14 I went to Car Phone Warehouse to complain. I was told that she would not have been able to renew the contract without my bank card. However, as I said before, she does not live at home and does not have access to my bank details. My daughter has now given the phone back to 'James' and we have cancelled the upgrade and contract. I am disgusted and confused about how this could happen and am upset that it was my daughter that was made to look as if she had acted fraudulently rather than 'James' taking any responsibility for his mistake and negligence. I am amazed that such a big company, such as Car Phone Warehouse does not have security measures in place to ensure that this does not happen. I am insisting that the following be reimbursed - £122.10 for data overspend (as said above, I had barred her internet use) £3.10 parking when I visited Car Phone Warehouse £27.52 for 2 hours of lost work time £15.00 for calls to TalkMobile totalling approximately 40mins £10 for my time spent on the phone to TalkMobile £70 because my daughter had given her old handset to 'James' and he could not return this. We therefore needed to purchase a pay as you go handset £150 due to stress caused. If I am not satisfied with your response, you should be informed that I will be contacting the Ombudsman. I think you will agree, that it is actually Car Phone Warehouse that has acted in a fraudulent and negligent way. This totals £397.72 If I am not satisfied with your response, you should be informed that I will be contacting the Ombudsman. I think you will agree, that it is actually Car Phone Warehouse that has acted in a fraudulent and negligent way. I await your response
  18. Carphone Warehouse - on 12th September myself and my Partner pre-ordered the Iphone 6+ 64GB from CPW on the O2 Network. both orders was for the 64GB on 4G Tariff with 20GB Data Issues 1. Due to a system error at CPW, they placed the order with O2 but with only 5GB of Data and this effected a large amount of customers. We both received a text message saying they are aware of the error and are working with O2 to resolve this and would be resolved on Monday 22ed September. however this has not been resolved, near imposable to get hold of any one at CPW and when you do the phone goes dead mid call or they keep transferring you form person to person with no one aware of the issue. Contact O2 of which refused to deal with the issue as they are not point of sale. 2. my partners phone never turned up and not even an email or update. Contacted CPW of which keep passing us around again and said it would now be 13th October before the phone would arrive of which we then told them to cancel this order and went into store this sunday to order directly in store and walked out with a phone. 3. my brother placed an upgrade over the phone via CPW - however they made a mistake and instead of doing an upgrade they did the order as a new phone contract and O2 are now refusing to transfer the existing number over. the existing number is out of contract. again O2 Referred them to CPW as they are point of sale. Am i going mad here, O2 are the service provider and doing the billing and therefore are jointly responsible for dealing with issues? O2 said we can cancel under the cooling off period and then do a new contract. are they serious? if that was the case, i would not go back to CPW or O2 as both have let us down.
  19. Hello, I recently bought a Sony Xperia Z1 on a contract with Vodafone. The phone and contract was bought via a Carphone Warehouse. Within 28 days of purchase and after brief use in the rain the phone screen started to flicker, the issue progressed further until the phone screen was completely non functional. The touch screen and all buttons still responded, I could even hear myself navigating menus on the phone, but couldn't see it. I took the phone to a Carphone Warehouse store and put the phone in for repair. After two weeks I was informed the phone wasn't repairable and was not covered in the manufacturers warranty. The company ran e vacuum test which indicated the ports were functioning. They concluded I must of had a port open, likely the SIM port, which resulted in the phone failing. I disagree with this conclusion, not only am I not that utterly foolish, I have no reason at all to open the SIM port except for when I first put the SIM in 3-4 weeks prior. I have since had an actual inspection of the phone and I've noticed the SIM ports rubber seal has some quite visible imperfections, I didn't inspect closely to avoid damaging it further. I have placed the phone in for inspection with Vodafone instead and indicated the damage on the rubber band. I contacted Sony via email for their opinion but they will not give one until they have seen it themselves, via me placing the phone in a jiffy bag of all things and sending it to them. I maintain that, despite the passing of the vacuum test, a degree of common sense acknowledging I've no reason to open the SIM port outdoors in the rain. Couple that with acknowledging the damage on the seal which could not rationally have been wear and tear given the port has been opened once since I purchased the device (excluding any engineers looking at it). Surely in certain circumstances, under the right conditions, the phone would be unable to maintain its waterproof nature per the warranty and thus would become damaged. I have yet to receive a response from Vodafone regarding the situation. Does anyone have any thoughts on these circumstance in case Vodafone's conclusion comes back and does not support my case? I find the idea of paying for a phone for two years which I am not actually able to use, and paying for a replacement. I see it as £800 wasted and I'm not especially willing to accept that. Thank you in advance!
  20. Hi all, I'm new to these forums but, having seen all the great advice being given on other threads, I'm hopeful somebody can help me here. I recently noticed that I get charged for my line rental twice per month, a couple of days apart. Exactly the same fee taken out both times. I got in contact with o2 and, to my surprise, they revealed that the second charge was for a new contract I had taken out with CPW last April, and for a completely different mobile number. I only have one phone, and have used the same number since 2009 (which was issued to me by CPW, incidentally.) What happened was I 'upgraded' through CPW last April, assuming that it was a straight upgrade using my current number. I had already upgraded with CPW in 2011, with no issues. As far as I was aware, then, I had simply upgraded to a new handset. When I checked my o2 account online a couple of days after this, there was an 'upgrade' option. I thought this was odd since I had just upgraded through CPW and had switched my sim over into my new handset. The option was still there a week or so later and, thinking that maybe my CPW upgrade hadn't registered with o2, I clicked it. I then selected my tariff and completed the upgrade. All sorted, I thought. Now, the reason I only recently noticed my double monthly charge is because o2 gave me a £150 discount off my bill when I clicked their upgrade option. So for several months this didn't register in my account. The o2 advisor I spoke to (and it took a bit of explaining to get them to understand the issue) said that I am liable to pay the second contract even if I don't use it, because it is a fixed fee regardless. This I understand. The issue is the actual existence of the second contract. As far as I was aware, I had simply upgraded my old number and not at any point taken out a new contract. It was only when the advisor confirmed that a) I have two accounts b) I have two numbers and c) the CPW contract was a new one, not an upgrade, that it became clear. o2 offered to cancel my second contract for a cool £292. As I said, I distinctly registered for an upgrade with CPW, NOT a new contract. There was no issues with this in 2011, and I followed exactly the same process in 2013, so why had they issued a new contract? My question, therefore, is was are my rights here? I am paying for a service that I do not use, nor did I explicitly request. Is it too late to act? I'm a bit annoyed that I've only just noticed this. I've seen one or two posts around the web where customers have incorrectly been given a new contract and not an upgrade - something to do with more commission on new ones. Thanks for any advice offered.
  21. Hi All, I have had my iPhone 4s for 15 months, bought under contract with 3 from carphone warehouse in the UK. Apple warranty is 1 year only but under EU-wide Consumer Laws & Sale of Goods Act 1979 this can be extended for 2+ years in the UK. - doesn't apply - dx The iPhone has developed a manufactures fault as the wi fi does not work (switch dimmed out). I had this diagnosed at the apple store. Apple said they would fix the phone under EU Law & SOGA if I bought it direct from them but as I bought it from carphone warehouse, they stated that after 1 year I must speak to the retailer. Now carphone warehouse (retailer) say they only follow apple's 1 year warranty on iPhones and it would be a chargeable repair (£160). Even though Apple said the warranty would be for at least 2 years for a free replacement had I bought it from them. Carphone warehouse did mention about proving the fault was there in the first 6 months but of course it has only shown itself now otherwise I would have reported it within 6 months which they have no record of me doing. This may have got me a replacement for free but I was thinking along the lines of: satisfactory quality, fit for purpose & durability. I am 15 months through a 24 month contract with an iPhone that I mainly used for wi fi which does not work (particular purpose). No Wi-Fi equals not being of satisfactory quality, not as described and not fit for purpose. For a phone that cost so much and is under a 24 month contract which is partly paying off the cost of the phone you would expect it to last a reasonable length of time, at least through the duration of the 24 month contract. Question is do I need to prove it was faulty within the first 6 months and if so, how is it possible to do this when the problem has just manifested now. I believe that the fact an Apple technician has diagnosed the phone admitting it is a manufactures fault and offered to fix it outside the initial warranty had I purchased direct from Apple is enough evidence to suggest it is an inherent fault. UPDATE #1 Just got off the phone after a heated conversation with carphone warehouse who claim 100% that as the fault was not there in the 6 months they cannot and will not do anything, bottom line. I quoted SOGA, not as described, not of satisfactory quality, not fit for purpose, reasonable time, the fact apple will fix it if I had bought it from them, they clearly stated that Apple only offer a 1 year warranty and they abide by that. The rude condescending woman Michelle from Carphone's repair department in Preston then told me to go to trading standards and hung up. UPDATE #2 Just got off the phone to trading standards and they have stated that: initial 6 months has no bearing on statutory rights as I cannot report a problem with the phone being faulty if it was not present at that time. Furthermore, I would only have to prove there was a fault in the initial 6 months if I had caused a fault through my own damage (no wear/tear or personal damage). They then confirmed that carphone warehouse are legally obliged to replace or repair or possibly refund the phone if goods are defected even after 15 months. Next course of action is a recorded letter to the carphone warehouse store I bought the phone from. If there is no response then I should send another letter. If there is again no response then Small Claims Court - the cost will be around £25 for this which I am not worried about as this is a matter of principle. If I was that worried about the cost I would just use my phone insurance! After being treated so poorly by carphone warehouse I feel like taking this all the way and the fact trading standards have confirmed that they are in the wrong makes me even more determined! It should be worth noting that trading standards put emphasis on Section 11N of the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 However, I do not want to end up looking silly! If trading standards have told me I am in the right and do not have to prove there was a fault in the first 6 months, is this gospel? I assume so considering that's who carphone warehouse told me to go to, in a recorded call.
  22. Hi All, Just looking for a little bit of advice on this one. I bought an iPhone 4S on 20th December 2013 and on Christmas Day 2013 the wifi button greyed out completely and I cannot use the phone for Facetime, iMessages or the internet now without using up my internet allowance on my contract. Sometimes the signal at my home isn't too good either because we are in a bit of a dip so I rely on my hone having wifi so that I can use my Sure Signal from Vodafone. This is a known issue with this phone and there are dozens of people around the world that this has happened to but some have been able to fix it by restoring it through iTunes but I wasn't able to. This was bought on a contract of £25.00 per month over 24 months so I would have thought that the phone should last at least that long. I knew I would have a problem with Carphone Warehouse and their poor aftercare so I decided to take it to Apple to have the fault diagnosed first to see what it was first. After their staff member looked at it he said that the wifi chip had burnt out and the phone would need to be replaced but if I had bought it from them it would have been done there and then. I then had to go to Vodafone because of a separate issue and whilst there I asked them what would have happened if I had bought the phone via them and they said that they honour the Apple warranty now of 2 years but even though they are my network, it still needs to be Carphone Warehouse that replaces it. Anyway, I took the phone over to Carphone Warehouse and the sales asssitant said that I only had a year warranty. I said that they should be honouring the 2 year warranty for my phone as it was on a 24 month contract and this had to be referred to the manager. The manager told her to phone the helpline which she did and after about 20 minutes of waiting, she finally got through to someone. He obviously said no, I would need to buy a new phone and also verbally said to me that they did not have to comply with the Sale of Goods Act for this type of problem. I also asked about Apple's EU wide Consumer Law which was given to me by the Apple shop and he said this does not apply to them either. Gob smacked wasn't the word! Anyway, because I have a disabled son, I need to be able to be contacted at all times and I am travelling to my family tomorrow and need my phone with me so I had no alternative but to purchase a new phone from Apple directly at a total cost of £159.00. I have a copy of the diagnosis from Apple and a receipt for the phone that I had to purchase as well as a copy of the notes made on my account from Carphone Warehouse which the sales assistant has recorded details of our conversations with their helpline stating that they don't have to comply with SOGA or any EU directives. I thought my next step would be issuing a letter stating that I am willing to go to court to get this money back but I just wondered what everyone else thought? I don't think that the phone is fit for purpose if it breaks halfway through a contract. Any advice would be appreciated and many thanks, Sarah
  23. Both my wife and I took an online flash deal (limited time) on 2 smart phone upgrades on O2 but through The Carphone Warehouse, for £17/month each with no upfront cost. When phones arrived on Friday, they charged us each £99 upfront (taken from our accounts). When asked, they said we were "not awarded" the deal even though we entered into the agreement within their timescale. They were happy though to "award" us a higher cost deal and take money that we have not agreed to. At no point did they made it clear to us that they were changing the agreement. Nor did they make it clear in the advertising that we somehow have to compete for the offer and may be charged a higher amount. When our bank details were asked, it was clearly stated that this was for verification purposes only and that no money would be taken from our accounts. We are each out of pocket and could not accept the phones on those terms. The very helpful assistant in the shop where we were supposed to pick up the phones (they were actually there) tried to sort this with retail and customer service as she could clearly see that a mistake has been made. Even she was astounded at what she was quite bluntly told on the phone. No idea how long we will have to wait for the money to be refunded. I want to emphasise: At no point did we give permission for the deal to be changed or money to be taken from our accounts other than the £17/month agreed. My advice is stay as far away from this terrible company as you can.
  24. Hello all, I am hoping you might be able to help me. I bought a SIM free iphone 4 from the Carphone Warehouse a few months ago, and put my existing SIM card into it. All fine. When I came to the end of my contract with T-Mobile a month or so ago I gave notice to cancel, and took out a new cheaper contract (with no phone attached) with 02. However, I have not been able to use the 02 SIM card in my phone, as the phone has automatically locked to T-Mobile. Here's the difficulty: - T-Mobile won't unlock the phone as it was not bought through them; - the Carphone Warehouse won't unlock the phone and deny all responsibility for the situation; - if I were to go to some backstreet operation to get the phone unlocked I would void my Apple warranty; - I can't use my 02 contract, although I am still paying for it; and - I am still paying through the nose for my T-Mobile contract, even though the two year term has expired and I want to leave. I'm therefore left with a situation where I cannot use my new contract with 02 in my existing phone because I can't unlock it from T-Mobile without voiding my Apple warranty, and I'm paying for two mobile phone contracts, one of which I do not need, and the other which I cannot use. I have spent literally hours on the phone to 02 (not really anything to do with them), T-Mobile (who say they can't help, although I have had so many different and conflicting answers from them it took forever to establish this), the Carphone Warehouse (who point to their terms and conditions and deny all responsibility - by far the worst customer service BTW) and Apple (who have been lovely, but ultimately unable to do very much). I have a legal background, and so am reasonably aware of consumer protection legislation (though this really isn't my area). From my limited knowledge, it seems to me that I have a number of justifiable complaints: - I was not sufficiently warned when taking out the phone that it would lock to the first SIM card provider, and that I would not be able to change networks without immense difficulty and voiding my Apple warranty (apparently this is noted in the Carphone Warehouse's terms and conditions, though having just located them I cannot see that it is). The term (if indeed there is a "term") is therefore unfair and not binding on me. - The new 02 contract is not fit for purpose - I bought it for use in my existing iphone, but cannot use it due to the difficulties I have described. I should therefore be entitled to damages and rescission under the Sale of Goods Act. - According to something I found on the internet, the regulators looked into the practice of "locking" phones, and concluded that it was justifable because network providers subsidise the cost of phones, and so were entitled to tie customers into contracts for a certain period in order to recoup that cost. Now, given that I bought the phone outright it would seem to be that this reasoning does not apply to my case. If there is no subidy to recoup then charging for unlocking is simply a restraint on my freedom to transfer between network providers, which is exactly the kind of thing the regulator is there to prevent. Currently my plan is to write to the Carphone Warehouse to make a formal complaint, and if that does not work, to go to the regulator. Do any of you have any advice that might help me? Thanks in advance for your help. Liz
  25. Two orders placed with the CarPhone Warehouse online on the 15th October at 1600hrs for the LG G2 which included a free LG Photo Printer with a RRP of £110. Partner received an email around an hour later saying the credit check had been passed, however they were unable to dispatch the order as the printer is out of stock and on back order. My partner phoned up and was advised the printer should be back in stock at the end of the week and the order should be dispatched at the start of next week. They said as it was a combined order, although the phone was in stock, they couldn’t dispatch it without the printer. She asked the agent, as it said “Limited stock available, whilst stocks last “whether they would defiantly be getting more in, as would rather know now then wait 5 days to find out. Was told that as it’s on back order she would definitely be getting the printer. A few hours passed and I hadn’t heard anything back, So I contacted the CPW and enquired as to the status of my order. I was advised it was with 3 awaiting a decision. The next day (16th) around 1300hrs I still hadn’t heard anything back, so contacted the CPW. I was advised that my application hadn’t even been sent off! He carried it out over the phone and it all came back well and good. Was advised it would be placed on back order as no stock of the printer for possibly two weeks. Partner came in from work and advised her we would probably have to wait at least two weeks to receive the phone because of the printer. Just to clarify, she contacted CPW back. The call agent said that one option, as instore was offering the same deal, we would be able to transfer the order to store, take the phone away and pick the printer up when it was back in stock. He checked our local stores and found one about 20 minutes away with two LG G2’s in stock. He also said he would email the supplier to get a delivery date, and would either call back by 1800hrs or around 9am the next day. Partner came off the phone and gave the store a call, they said they had two in stock and would put them to one side. Member of staff also confirmed they would get printers instore in about 3-5 days and we could go down and collect then then. Drove to the store, paid for parking, only to be told the computer wont let them create the order as the printer is out of stock! Advised to stick with the web order, as if we were to cancel our order, we wouldn’t be able to apply to 3 for a further 14 days. So a completely wasted trip! My partner didn’t receive a call this morning, so phoned back around 1400hr to see what was happening. Agent said that the offer was limited to the first 1000 orders and we would not be receiving one. Asked why we had been lied to by everyone else and he couldn’t answer. He offered us each a free official LG case as a gesture of good will. Feeling quite frustrated we had been misled, he put us through to the customer services department. Very helpful lady who fully understood our frustrations. She was slightly confused as apparently CPW don’t even stock LG G2 cases, so wasn’t sure why we had been offered a free one by the previous member of staff as they wouldn’t be able to fulfil it! She went away and spoke to a few managers to see if she would be able to get us just one printer, however this was not possible. The most she could do was offer us £15 credit for the CPW each. She then put us through to another department to see if they could help. Apparently it wasn’t 1000 free printers, but only 100! This deal was advertised on their website for at least 18 days, even for a further two days after we placed our orders! Long and short is that he went back and forward trying to arrange for a credit for a free case and also as a gesture of goodwill, a refund of £49 for the phone. This we would have been more then happy with, however he was only able to arrange a credit for £35. He then transferred the call to the complaints department. 90 minutes on the phone so far, having to explain the entire situation again. Complaints advisor said he could authorise the refund, but he wasn’t going too. Said it was only a minor complaint and that £35 credit would cover it. He said he would forward it to his manager who will contact us back within the next 24 hours. My complaint so far is: - The constant mis-information given. We fully understand it was limited availability, however the fact we kept guaranteeing that we would be getting one even when we mentioned this, is very frustrating, especially as they are £110 each! - Wasted journey to the store, despite customer services and the store saying it would be possible. - Unable to go to a different company as cant re-apply to 3 for 14 days as the credit check will be an automatic refusal. – Feel like were a bit trapped. Stick with the CPW with their poor service, or wait 14 days before re-applying elsewhere. - Being offered an alternative free gift, even though its not something they stock! Its as if they make it up as they go along. - All in all, over 3 ½ hours over the past few days spent trying to resolve this. Vent over!!
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