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  1. Good point, well made. I can't see any real harm in asking. In the worst case scenario, all we've wasted is time, I suppose. Thanks for the advice.
  2. My friend is experiencing cold feet in sending a SAR to the bank, not wishing to unnecessarily upset them. Additionally, we have dug out all the (albeit incomplete) details of the four accounts (1 x Credit Card; 1 x Savings Account; 1 x Current Account; 1 x Loan Account). This includes the Loan account agreement (although none of the other actual agreements - only some of the statements). The Loan Account does not mention "Payment Protection" or "Insurance" in any form that is obvious to us. None of the other accounts' statements which have been retained appear to make any charges in favour of the bank other than the usual "Interest-In" (with the Savings account) and "Interest Out" and/or "Standing Charges" (with the Current and the Credit Card accounts). Indeed, the charges appear to be quite low overall. What to do? Is there any point in causing unnecessary tribulation to the bank, which appears to be (and have been) operating quite honourably (apart from the Loan account's interest rate seeming to be something of a pee-take, to me)? If someone could help us out, we would be very grateful. Thanks.
  3. Thanks. But, unless you have lived "offshore", you will have no idea just how closed a shop it can (and does) become. Ordinary rules don't apply and the judiciary is fiercely (if quietly) protective of its independence from the UK, the EU or any A N Other. On a plus side, the UK "six year" retention of documents has never existed over here. Institutions are required, by law, to retain copies of documents ad infinitum. Another plus is, being such a small place, you not only know what your bank manager looks like but also where he lives and (perhaps more importantly) drinks. LOL
  4. I think you're probably right in that, although I took out the mortgage in Jersey and dealt with NatWest Jersey staff on a face-to-face basis, the mortgage appears to have been issued by and administered through their IOM offices. I'll check out the IOM address and forward it to them unless someone advises me to do otherwise. Thank you.
  5. Thank you for such detailed and valuable information. As I am also minded to submit SARs to banks and other financial institutions with whom I have dealt over the years, I am guessing the same will apply to those in that I should address my SAR(s) to their local offices, rather than their UK ones. One, though, troubles me. I undertook a mortgage with NatWest a number of years ago and pretty much all of the correspondence I received from them was sent from their Isle-of-Man offices - although all my interviews were conducted here, in Jersey. I guess I should send it to the Jersey office and let them figure out whose in-tray to deposit it in.
  6. Thanks. I was just unsure as the date for that sticky is 2007 (over 10 years ago, so I wasn't sure if it was up to date) plus, I was concerned addresses on the Mainland and in Jersey might differ but it seems the new GDPR has prevented the bank's claiming incorrect addresses. Then again..... I'm not sure the GDPR has any jurisdiction in Jersey, anyway. We make our own laws, here.
  7. That's fantastic to learn, so thank you. I've taken a look at the updated GDPR template and I note it doesn't say "If you are not the person to whom this SAR should be addressed, please forward it to that department" (or similar) as a SAR used to. Is that because it is no longer necessary, or do you think I should include it...... just in case? The ICO appears to be giving with one hand whilst taking away with the other, in general respect to the updated rules, it would appear. Each side will be trying to wrestle these amendments to their advantage. Thanks, again. Jib
  8. Hi all, I'm planning to send a SAR to HSBC on behalf of a friend who holds a credit card, a current account, a savings account and a loan account with them. My friend lives in Jersey, where all dealings with HSBC have been conducted. Can anyone please confirm if a single SAR is sufficient to cover all of the above accounts and the correct address to which it should be forwarded, given the location being Jersey and I am unsure whether or not banks fall under the same legal jurisdiction and share the same administration offices as do those in the UK, or are classed as separate entities? Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks. You're an absolute hero. Thank *Odin there's folk like you around - who actually give a damn. *(I've got some Scandinavian in my ancestry).
  10. Thanks, again. I've searched Natwest on the FCA Registry site and am presented with two pages of different addresses. As I am in the Channel Islands, do you think I should send it to the following?: I am befuddled........ The Royal Bank of Scotland International Limited ( Postcode: JE4 8PJ) Coutts, Natwest, RBS International, Coutts & Co Isle Of Man, Coutts & Co Channel Islands, NatWest Offshore Consumer Credit Interim 545389 IP issued
  11. Thank you. I have viewed the latest "Sticky" for "Natwest Useful Addresses" and there are three (Statements, Card Services and Loans). Do I send a SAR to each of them or, if only one, which one would be best (or does another alternative exist, which is currently best)? Sorry to be a nuisance (I just want to do things properly, is all). Jib
  12. I had a NatWest Mastercard and I also had a NatWest Mortgage. I want to obtain details, so propose going down thw Subject Access Route. Should I send in separate SAR's (if so, will the addresses be different?) or should I just send in the one SAR whilst including the account numbers for both Mortgage and Credit Card? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Any of the prices they quote are extremely low and would be great value to almost anyone. But their price list is as confusing as heck (to me, leastways), with the initial price showing as $10.99 but the price list then going onto a kaleidoscope of magical options, one conflicting the other. I think I'll do as you did and take their 7 day trial - what have I got to lose, eh? Thanks very much for all your help.
  14. Thanks again for the advice but, I have just visited the Apple AppStore to look at downloading the TapeACall App and am presented with the attached cost-structure. Maybe I am really, really, really, unbelievably thick (or something) but.........???
  15. Thanks. Having read the guide, prior to posting, I agree the workaround appears both reliable and relatively idiot-proof. Unfortunately, it seems neither portable nor convenient and I am hoping someone else may have done all the hard work for me, in devising an alternative workaround that is both inexpensive (I don't mind paying SOMETHING although a tad miffed I may have to) and relatively easy to invoke. My fingers are still firmly crossed on the matter in the hope I may strike gold through another CAGger's kind intervention. An apple a day makes your life pass away.
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