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  1. All pretty much as I suspected. Never mind. Thanks to everyone who took an interest in my situation and particular thanks to those who offered help and advice.
  2. Thanks for the reply. It's pretty much what I expected and feared I would be told. It is true that, ever one for a quiet life, I would not have raised this issue of the parking space were it not for the landlord's unreasonableness during the very latter part of our tenancy (once he had issued us with a notice to quit, so as to re-rent the property out for a higher rent) and now, since. I was hoping our last tenancy was now behind us, content to put it all down to experience and just get on with my life. However, I overlooked quite a number of breaches on the landlord's part (includ
  3. I am hoping someone can offer me some advice concerning an issue with my former landlord, please. In short, I took possession of a property he was letting out just over ten years ago. Having viewed and been offered the letting, I accepted and paid the deposit plus the first month’s rent and moved in. Meanwhile, the landlord had gone on holiday and it was not until a week or so after I had moved in that I saw him again when he came around to see if we had settled in OK. I told him all was fine and took the opportunity to ask him where the parking space was located as there is only “pa
  4. Thank you for such a swift and helpful response. Please can you direct me to a template letter, if such exists, which I may doctor to suit my initial letter of claim to each service provider, in order that I might beat the 29th deadline?
  5. Sorry, but I don't understand. Am I "quoting" unnecessarily? I'll stop that, henceforth, if so. That said... "any claim, though I cant see why this mbna is not concluded, so why the confusion....." confuses me as I cannot contextualise your reference and thought I had intimated I am concluding the MBNA claim and no longer pursuing my SAR request, following your help in that query. I am simply wondering if your last reply refers to this (MBNA SAR) thread or my more recent (general PPI enquiry) thread, is all. Apologies if I am not helping myself through helping you,
  6. Hi, Is this in response to my new thread or this one, please? Thanks.
  7. I started looking into PPI mis-selling instances within my affairs, just over a year ago and was fortunate to have a claim accepted and received financial redress. Unfortunately, I was unable to pursue any more claims as have been somewhat "in the wars" since then, having suffered a couple of strokes which have obliged me to take involuntary early semi-retirement. In addition, we have been under the cloud of threatened eviction, since November of last year and have only just secured alternative accommodation. But I am still unable to work and (in my sixties) there does not appear t
  8. Perhaps you're right. On reflection, the paperwork and settlement figures do seem quite detailed. Just me being overcautious I guess. In that case, I think I'll probably drop it but am very grateful to you for having given the documents the "once-over" for me. I'm also actually quite appreciating of MBNA that they did respond and refund as per the original PPI claim. Nice one. Thank you. I've got another general PPI query but shall open up a new thread for that.
  9. As promised, I've dug the paperwork out and attach it, herewith. My memory is not what it was, prior to my illness, it seems the repayment was closer to £3000 than the £2000 I originally referred to (I remembered it was over £2k but forgot by how much). I've also attached the only response I got to the SAR I sent. 180517_MBNA_PPI-Response.pdf 180620_MBNA_SAR-Response.pdf
  10. Yes. I heard that about the tool (too late, in this instance). The site itself seems to be just full of Trolls, fakers, "Double-Agents" and Fifth Columners, also. When, once upon a time, it seemed quite good and started many a ball rolling. I don't waste my time there, anymore. Not sure what type of "refund" was received. I'll dig the paperwork out and report back here. Thanks, again.
  11. Thanks for affording your time to me. The claim was made through another site's on-line tool (Resolver).
  12. Yes. I made an enquiry of them awhile ago in which I asked if i had been charged PPI and they sent me a cheque for circa £2000 but I have since been advised that it was likely only a proportion of what they should have actually repaid. So I was advised to send them a SAR - which they have not responded to.
  13. Yes. Sorry, I just noted I should perhaps have posted this in the PPI section. If Admin could relocate it, I would be grateful.
  14. I am hoping someone may be able to offer me some advice, please.I sent a SAR to MBNA (see attached) in June 2018. I have suffered an illness since and neglected to follow up on it.i sent it via both email to their stated email address as well as by post (but I did not send it Recorded Delivery).MBNA have not responded.What are my options and what would be best to do?Thank you.
  15. Good point, well made. I can't see any real harm in asking. In the worst case scenario, all we've wasted is time, I suppose. Thanks for the advice.
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