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  1. I was given an iPhone as a present at Christmas, it was not new it was first bought in Oct 2013. It has developed a fault, and Apple have checked it and I have a written report from them stating it has an inherent fault, but they are refusing to replace it under consumer law (6 years from new) because they say as manufacturer they are not liable to replace the phone, as the contract is with the original retailer (Vodafone) I have contacted Vodafone and because I was not the original purchaser their contract is with them not me, and they too will not repair or replace my phone. Is my clai
  2. I have been trying to get my pension pot paid to me (over 55 rule) £22,000 since the rules changed in April. I was sent initial forms in May, which I completed and retuned, and told it would take 28 days to process, after not hearing for 28 days I contacted them to be told I had not returned one of the forms, because it had not been sent! I received the form by e-mail and was told it would take 17 days to process. Guess what after 17 days I rang again to be told it would take another 28 days, or someone could ring me within 48hrs and go through a procedure which would see me get m money
  3. I wonder if someone can cast their eye over this as to me it doesn't make sense. I hope the attachment works but the account goes back to 2000, the credit limit wasn't very high, but I cant understand why they offered me interest at 8% of £198.44, but only £133.26 associated interest as they call it, the premiums refunded where £191.79. I thought the interest was compound and at 30 something percent similar to what they charge so it just doesn't add up...
  4. Yes will post the final result on here, when I eventually get the offer.....
  5. It has taken two years to win because Cap one appealed to FOS after they originally found in my favour, but FOS found in my favour again. The account goes back 14 years and is still active with a £4 credit balance, It would have been about £700 balance for about 10 of those years from the beginning. So not having statements I am just waiting to see what it brings, it must be interesting or I assume they wouldn't have appealed. But just shows no matter how long it takes never give up.......
  6. My main reason for bringing the case was not the reason for my dismissal, but the way it was handled, in my mind completely unfairly. Evidence considered after the hearing not giving me a chance to respond, and a biased panel member on the appeal.
  7. I didn't mention any one I worked with or clients, the only link to work was the title page.
  8. I worked for a local authority for 14 years unblemished service, and it was disrepute by posting tongue in cheek humour to a closed circle of friends, in my own time. But mentioning whom I worked for on my title page I brought them into disrepute. Also the department I worked for are having savage cuts and I have not been replaced.
  9. Hi I recently underwent a disciplinary hearing and was dismissed, for using social media, something my employer had no policy for. I have started a claim for unfair dismissal. But as well as this I am claiming the process was unfair because of the following. The hearing officer considered new evidence after the hearing, and then formed her decision.(this is in writing) At the appeal one of the panel stated she hated social media and people that used it.(this should be in the minuets) Both very unfair in my eye's what do the enlightened people on here think?
  10. Hi I am claiming JSA and have been since January, I was in work up to claiming JSA. I am due a tax rebate at the end of the tax year (this weekend) and I am finding conflicting info on who or when I should get my refund. Will I get my refund automatically via the JSA route, or will I have to claim it via Revenue and Customs?
  11. It was an anonymous letter that I have proved was malicious not a genuine complaint, and the posts were topical tongue in cheek humour, and my settings were private friends & family only, so no one unless invited could view
  12. The case was disciplinary action for bringing a local authority into disrepute because of comments they considered offensive, same as mine. The judge ruled no disrepute because it was clearly not work related.. Smith v Trafford
  13. A case that went to the high court very similar to mine, and the Judge found no disrepute, and section 8 of the human rights act, my right to privacy
  14. It wasn't it works time or did I mention work, just tongue in cheek topical comments. That were private not public....
  15. Hi all I was dismissed for gross misconduct on October 31st last year, my appeal is on Monday 20th February, that's 2 months 20 days a little excessive I think. I know of the 3 month time limit if I have to take matters further, but I consider the time taken to be excessive as I am still not working, employers don't like gross misconduct. I worked for a local authority and wonder if there is anything laid down about time needed for appeals to be heard. Also I was dismissed for a Facebook related issue, but have a letter from the head of personnel saying they don't have a policy on soci
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