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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all My dad paid into a prudential work based pension type scheme for many years but sadly lost the paperwork to it (he has moved a number of times) As he is approaching 65 he has tried to contact prudential to have a look at the scheme to consider his options but despite giving them his old details (name DOB, old addresses, etc) they are insisting on an account number before they will do anything. Is there anything that can be done to make them play ball? BTW He has difficulty writing letters and arranging sentences due to dyslexia...
  2. I have been trying to get my pension pot paid to me (over 55 rule) £22,000 since the rules changed in April. I was sent initial forms in May, which I completed and retuned, and told it would take 28 days to process, after not hearing for 28 days I contacted them to be told I had not returned one of the forms, because it had not been sent! I received the form by e-mail and was told it would take 17 days to process. Guess what after 17 days I rang again to be told it would take another 28 days, or someone could ring me within 48hrs and go through a procedure which would see me get m money within 7 days. It is now 3 months later and still waiting for the phone call, all I want is to withdraw my pension pot, but I am being given hurdle after hurdle.......
  3. Before signing my Pru pension claim form I did not know how much I would get. They clearly state prior to claim that the pension pot figure is a "quote" and could vary by 10%. In my case approx 4500 above or below their "quote". Theirs and the government literature advised me to shop around. They advised me to think before I decided. How can you shop around when you don't know how much you've got? How can you make a decision when you don't know what you've got? I complained. They didn't answer my complaint, they sent me £175 but no letter telling me what it was. I rang them to find out and they told me a letter was on its way. It never came. My retirement date passed, they made it clear pension was paid about five weeks after the signing of the forms. I was now losing money, still no reply on which to base my decision. I made a default decision. After about five weeks I was notified my pension was on its way. It was based on a satisfactory figure and I had crossed the rubicon. Now by magic the answer to my complaint appeared. Had I known then what I know now I would have made a different decision. I have taken it up with group CEO Mike Wells. I am £600 down on my default decision, GOK on taking it all! Watch this space. They are guided by the Financial Conduct Authority. Who was instrumental in setting up the FCA? You guessed it, the Pru!
  4. Guest

    DLC/Hillesden. Black Horse Loan

    Hi to all. I have posted in this thread because I need to cover a few points together and it concerns a 60 month cash loan which me and my wife took out in 2004 and is covered by the 1974 CCA. The loan was with Black Horse and was taken to pay off a previous loan with them and left us with some cash left over. PPI was sold to us at the point of signing the agreement and was added to the loan upfront. The loan was for £10 and the PPI £3K, totalling £13k. Interest was at 9.9APR calculated on a daily basis of the remaining balance and was added to the account at the end of each month. At the time of inception I had a limited company and was the director so it could be said that I was self employed however strictly speaking I would have been employed by the company. I later joined another company (not mine) in 2005 and in 2006 was made redundant. I successfully claimed on the PPI for 3 of the repayments while I was unemployed. I intend to claim for mis-sold PPI on the grounds that if I was classed as self employed then it was not pointed out to me that the PPI policy was not suitable for me. Nor were any other exclusions explained. I do not believe the sales person was qualified to provide us with the correct advice for the PPI. The other claim I intend to make is for late collection fee charges at £25 and £30 at a time plus interest. (Eleven of these). I have not put in a SAR yet and this is my next move. Even though I successfully claimed on my PPI policy does this mean I can’t claim for mis-sold PPI. I have read elsewhere that I can still possibly reclaim this element of the loan. By the way I forgot to add that while I was in a low paid job between 2006 – 2007 I ran up some arrears because I was paying reduced payments with their approval which are still outstanding. Even though the agreement expired last year they still continue to apply interest to the account. Can they still do this. Thanks in anticipation.
  5. The Financial Services Authority has fined Prudential up to £30m and censured its chief executive Tidjane Thiam. The penalty, first revealed in The Daily Telegraph, relates to the insurer’s failure to have followed the correct protocol in notifying the City regulator ahead of its abortive $35.5bn (£23.4bn) bid for Asian rival AIA in 2010. The FSA said in a statement: "Prudential failed to deal with the FSA in an open and cooperative manner when it was seeking to acquire AIA in early 2010, because it did not inform the FSA of the proposed acquisition until after it had been leaked to the media on 27 February 2010." The insurer is thought to have agreed the fine as a settlement after a lengthy stand-off with the regulator. Talks between the two sides are understood to have been going on for more than a year, with the FSA initially demanding a fine of as much as £80m and a further £400,000 penalty for Mr Thiam. The size of the FSA fine is expected to raise eyebrows in the City. A penalty of £30m would be one of the biggest the regulator has levied - topping the £29.7m handed to UBS in November last year for failing to prevent “large-scale unauthorised trading” by rogue trader Kweku Adoboli. The FSA said: "The failure to inform the FSA was significant because it resulted in the FSA having to consider highly complex issues within a compressed timescale before making a decision as to whether to suspend Prudential’s shares. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/insurance/9956392/FSA-fines-Prudential-30m-and-censures-chief-Tidjane-Thiam-over-AIA-deal.html
  6. After many years of paying into an endowment scheme the day came where I was supposed to get the money. I have done everything required by them, proof of identity, address, inside leg measurement etc. in advance of the payment date, despite them NOT sending to the right address. They say they will post the money to my bank, consequently 10 days has passed and no money. In this electronic day and age they could send the money by electronic transfer, after all that's how I paid them. So they have witheld a substantial amount of money from me, which is sort of like theft. I have phoned them, emailed them but the "cheque is in the post" is all I get. Can I claim the interest from them on this substantial amount of money?
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