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Found 8 results

  1. Hi folks. did a search for charging cables and faults but nothing came back, so if it is covered I would be greatful for a pointer. The charger for my iPhone 5C has stopped charging the phone and the connector at the Lightning end is obviously broken inside. Typical of things, but the 6 months was up one week ago, but didn't let that dissuade me and off to Tescos to ask for a replacement under warranty. It was infuriating Speaking to the staff at Tesco (nice folks though) in explaining that only proof of purchase is needed, not necessarily the receipt (typical lose the receipt for that, but have the receipt for the £15 case !!!!!). Couple of questions if anyone is available before I go back to see the guy tomorrow. 1. They state they need boxes etc back. I said I was under the impression I didn't as its only a faulty cable and not the whole thing. Hope I am right? 2. They said they wanted the Cable and the Plug back. Even though they are seperate components within the box. I have the plug, but are they right in asking for a separate component along with the faulty one.? - it was just annoying trying to talk to them and they were adamant they would get upper hand "they were right" so would like to not give it to them as a blowing a raspberry (childish I know, but will take it in anyway). 3. I have a feeling they will say that they need to contact their technical support department and return the cable to them for a replacement. Is this reasonable, or should they be able to replace it there and then? Would prefer it tomorrow - but can wait 4. A quick google about the cable shows lots of sites and hundreds of threads on Apples site about people and the apple staff replacing these cables in the truck load. Is this enough to show the issue with the product and them and not the consumer They have basically said that I have to wait for the phone guy to come in on Tuesday, which is no biggy, but still a pain not being able to charge it. I still can't believe that shops still try to stand on "we are right, you will do as we say" in this day and age. I spent about twenty minutes countering their arguments to get a replacement, Them = that there was no proof of purchase - Me = its a contract Tesco phone, it will be on their system and that receipts are just a quick and easy method, any proof is ok. Taking umbridge at me speaking politely to them and stating my case and why I thought they were wrong, instead of just saying. the phone guy is in tomorrow and he will be able to help you better Its over £20 for a new cable, so not cheap to replace as well as being on a hi end bit of kit
  2. I live in a flat complex of 36 flats. These are leasehold, and the landlords agent is SIMARC. We are attempting to arrange for VIRGIN MEDIA (VM) to install a broadband and TV cable system in the complex. (VM) are willing to go ahead, and applied to SIMARC for wayleave permission. The response from SIMARC: We wish to confirm that we, ourselves, would not be able to sign your agreement on behalf of our clients, the Freeholders without first sending the papers to our client’s solicitors for their comments. We are informed our clients solicitors fees are £250 plus VAT and upon receipt of which together with the Wayleave Agreement payment of £750 we shall then put the matter in hand. As a consequence of this exorbitant demand, which VM and the residents have no intention of paying the installation of any system has now halted. Is there any way forward? SIMARC are notorious for demanding high fees, a lot of info. is available on the www. Thanks.
  3. Vince Cable has set out plans for a state bank that will bring billions of pounds of aid together in a “one stop shop” to help credit starved small businesses secure finance and address an over-reliance on high street banks. The Business Bank will manage £2.9bn worth of existing Government debt and equity schemes designed to ease access to finance, and deploy a further £1bn to boost areas such as non-bank lending channels, the business secretary said. “Inadequate access to finance for small and medium sized enterprises is one of the biggest risks to economic recovery. We need bold action to fix what has always been a weakness of the UK economy, and since the financial crisis, [it] has become an urgent problem,” he said. “By bringing together management, budgets, spending authorities and the power to alter or create new schemes into one place this Government will be providing a more coherent and comprehensive package of support for businesses.” The organisation will not directly lend to small businesses but will give advice on suitable facilities and schemes as well as providing cheap wholesale finance for alternative lenders and so called 'challenger banks’. It will also attempt to develop “new long-term growth finance products”. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/yourbusiness/9946942/Vince-Cable-outlines-plans-for-Business-Bank.html
  4. hello, just wondering if anyone can help me with a small problem. yesterday, 2 BT openreach engineers put a cable on the front of my house attaching it to the wall with nails. The cable is there to serve a new neighbor. I spoke with the engineers and said I was not happy that the cable was on my house and requested them to move it. The response from the engineers was that I should contact my landlord. I then explained there is no landlord since I own the house and I would not give permission for this cable to be attached to my house. I did tell the engineers that they may attach this cable to my house on provision that it is away from a gas pipe. (At the moment, the cable is now in place near a gas pipe) I have spent over 5 hours on the phone to BT and have also sent 2 emails and filled out a web contact form. Can anyone give me advice please? I do not want this cable anywhere near where it is at the moment!
  5. Ok in the next few months i am looking at renting a house but i have a question i am still in contract with Virgin Media and will be for the next 18 months as i have renewed my XL TV and TiVo services due to returning to work full time. Virgin will obviously not let me disconnect my services if a landlord won't let me have them installed. So my question is for people who have experienced this what is the outcome are they fussy with such things as there is abit of drilling involved on the outside or do a majority of them allow you too.
  6. Exactly where funding will come from will not be announced until December. The business bank is expected to be up and running in 18 months. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-19691162
  7. But will the 18 month wait for it be too little too late ? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-19691162
  8. Bosses preside over 'moral quagmire', says business secretary, as Barclays chief Bob Diamond is summoned to face MPs. Vince Cable has urged shareholders in UK banks to rise up and purge their companies of corrupt executives, who he says have allowed "systemic abuse" to take root in the banking system. The business secretary, writing in the Observer, says it is now clear that no one at Barclays Capital, the investment bank that triggered the market-rigging scandal, is prepared to take responsibility for endemic corruption, so the ultimate owners of banks must take matters into their own hands. Describing the problems in UK banking as "a moral quagmire of almost biblical proportions", Cable says the government is taking urgent action, including creating a clearer separation between "casino-style investment banking" and retail banking on the high street. Ministers will this week begin a review into the Libor system under which banks lend to each other and Cable hints that US-style criminal sanctions, such as the threat of prison terms, could be considered against those who abuse it. But he says shareholder power will be crucial. "Regulators are a backstop: they don't own banks," he writes. "The governance at the top of our leading banks has been shown to be lamentably weak. No one at the top of Barclays will take responsibility for systemic abuse. "Shareholders, the owners, have a major responsibility here. I am bringing in legislation to strengthen their control over pay and bonuses, through binding votes, but shareholders have to get a stronger grip on weak boards and out-of-control executives." Shareholders have already opposed the pay package of Sir Martin Sorrell, the head of advertising giant WPP, while Trinity Mirror boss Sly Bailey and Aviva's chief executive Andrew Moss quit following opposition from investors. Some shareholders were also unhappy with the remuneration package offered to Tesco's senior management in light of the supermarket's recent performance. Cable says he is determined to encourage "cultural change" throughout the system. He cites the takeover by the not-for-profit Co-operative Bank of a large chunk of the Lloyds bank network as a model for a future system. More: http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2012/jun/30/vince-cable-shareholders-bank-cheats
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