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  1. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone had succeeded in getting any redress from Aaen Peach. Like many on this forum, we received a quote from hbcconveyancing of about £600 for the purchase of a property. Now we've received an estimate of £1300 (700 of this is fees) and £500 is 'payments to third parties' although about 500 of that 300 is in fact payments to them (making their conveyancing fee £1000 so far.) There have been no issues so far with the purchase of the property (which is under 100k.) Now we've received a letter to sign, giving them the authority to act fo
  2. This is an ongoing situation but now I’m I am confused. To start with I must say that I appreciate the meaning and intent of client confidentiality. A solicitor took a personal instruction from a brother (not the executor) I asked questions about our mother’s estate. They will not answer claiming client confidentiality. I asked the date and what authority he claimed when giving the instruction. They ignored my letter. I am now wondering if this is because he had no authority to deal with the estate. Any suggestions?
  3. I purchased a BMW 530D M Sport back on the 18th December 2016, I've had numerous problems with the car phoned up to ask for a refund/repair which happened to be on the 30th day of ownership. The trader has refused, I then wrote a detailed email listing faults and the Consumer law act 2015 (I can forward on if needed), I also sent this via guaranteed royal mail delivery letter, I had no reply for 12 days I phoned the garage, he's offered to have a look at the exhaust manifold but nothing else, I've asked for this in writing on the 31st January and haven't rece
  4. NRAM (Northern Rock), dodgy documents and agreements. Hi and thanks to all who contribute to this site. Flushed with success at my PPI refund with another Ex creditor I thought I'd start on my NR mortgage. In 2006 I re-mortgaged my house with NR to pay off a previous mortgage and some loans (taken out with NR). The present account is not the 16 digit account that I read about though I can only find the mortgage offer and not the agreement. Also I believe that there is PPI on some of the other loans I had with them in the past (and perhaps the current one).
  5. I am sole trader beauty therapist who was approached by what I thought was a local doctors surgery rep offering advertising on the back of appointment cards. I agreed to meet with the sales rep who was acting on behalf of the Leisure Medical company handling the advertising and he came to meet Me at my home. The advertising seemed like a good deal at £295 for 2 years advertising & with over 2000 cards being printed I agreed. The rep filled out an order form/contract which was attached to his business folder/notepad. The spring clip covering the wording “This is a minimu
  6. Hi All I bought a 2nd hand Nissan X trail on 13th January from a local dealership. On 6th February I reported to the dealer that the car was making a loud noise from under the bonnet and that the engine management light had come on. We agreed to send it to my local Nissan dealership for them to run a diagnostic check. They diagnosed the fault code as an EGR fault and said that the noise could be coming from a worn turbo. They advised replacing the turbo and intercooler. After speaking with the dealership I bought the car from, I returned the car to them to investigate and they
  7. Hi, I was visited today by two bailiffs form the company Court Enforcement Services Limited pertaining to the payment of a business electricity bill. I had not received a letter or other warning of the visit which was to my home address and not the business address. My residential address is used as the registered office of the business, hence their knowledge of it, however it is not my property (it is jointly owned by three family members.) I was upstairs at home when the bailiffs entered via the unlocked back door (I believe this is their right?) They told me that th
  8. Hi 10 days ago, I get sent an e-mail from MMF saying my debt is being referred to Moriarty Law. Ummm, OK then. I replied saying, "I have no knowledge, please provide agreement etc". 4 days later, I get e-mailed a copy of an agreement from Wageday Advance. The signature is dated 23 November 2012 and the credit limit is £120 I then asked for statement of account, breakdown of charges and notice of assignment. On 23 March, I get a very simple breakdown saying the loan date is 1 May 2013 and the original loan value was £330 Those two don't match. I asked if this debt was i
  9. I have purchased curtains from a company called Avis Nets in the past, so when I received an email claiming to be from them a couple of days ago, I wasnt too concerned. The email was as follows:- As it didnt appeal to me, I ignored it and just deleted it. But when I received a 2nd email today I contacted Avis nets using the link that I have for their website and using one of their contact forms. The company responded very swiftly - nothing to do with them, advising me as follows.. "MY CUSTOMER DATABASE HAS BEEN COMPROMISED ALONG WITH CUSTOMER DETAILS FROM
  10. Almost two weeks ago (Sunday 18th) I was travelling from Aylesbury to Marylebone a ticket inspector came round, when I gave him my ticket realised I had left my 16-25 railcard at home. I was annoyed at myself and tried my best not to take it out on him as I knew it was my fault (although I did hope a bit of discretion might have been used), I asked what the fine was and if I had to pay the difference between 16-25 and full fare or more, and said do I pay now. He just said no (didn't really answer my question but I didn't really have the desire for a long conversation wi
  11. Hi Hope someone can offer some advice regarding my LL and the poor roofing work that he's carrying out. Long story short, we've lived in our house for 5+ years and there's always been a problem with squirrels getting in the loft causing devastation and the garage roof having quite a bad leak. We've reported this on numerous occasions over the years but nothing has ever been done. About 6 months ago really bad black mould was developing on my sons bedroom ceiling and also on the bathroom ceiling so we reported this to the LL. Again we were fobbed off with being told either they c
  12. Hello all, My husband recently started a new job in his 'friends'' company - he was to be doing sales. They verbally agreed a salary of £50K with commission/share holding as the company grew - he did think about it for a few weeks before leaving his job and starting this one. Now, the first three weeks he worked there he worked 105 hours , but his pay was £1685 - not as we were expecting, he didn't receive a pay slip . We complained - turns out that that month the 'cut off' for wages was 20/11 - he started on the 5/11 We had hoped that we would be paid on the 25/11, then told
  13. I really need some help. My partner is in trouble with the DWP and has been called in for an interview under caution. There was a dodgy message left on his phone regarding work, on the same week he received a letter stating that he was being investigated. My partner is self-employed, but has previously been on benefits for a lengthy period. Does anyone know if the DWP have a history of phoning people using a box phone number to dupe people (i.e. it gives out calls but can't receive outside office hours so therefore can't take messages)? I'd really appreciate some help with this
  14. Hi there I am yet another person with problems with The Community Network TV. I had an appointment with a Sales Rep of the company who sold me a package which, it turns out, was mostly a complete fabrication. Here is what was offered: Two 42" screens in a GP practice, which were to be used to flash the name of the next patient to call them into their appointment. Full screen display of adverts, which would freeze when a patient's name popped up. I signed a contract on the basis of those promises, however, I became a bit suspicious about the company, when
  15. When I first moved to this flat three or so years ago there was a card meter and I asked my electric company of twenty years, British Gas, to alter it to a 'normal' direct debit one. When their engineer came, he said that he couldn't because this meter and the other three flats' meters were all interconnected (back in the 60s) in such a way that to replace it correctly (& legally) meant ripping the whole wiring system up, which, he insisted, would entail a massive job because the whole apartment block and most of the road would have to be ripped up too. he instead tampered with
  16. Oh well, here we go again, just when youve sorted one family member out, another one has problems! My daughter and her husband parted last year. Both went to respective solicitors regarding a divorce. She has now got a letter from her ex's solicitor instigating divorce proceedings and demanding she pay £500 towards their costs. Well as far as Im concerned they can demand all they want. She has never entered into any contract or agreement of any description with them - she has her own solicitor. Now we all know how dodgy ( and persistent) a solicitor can be. So a question here
  17. Hi I would like some advice regarding an issue at work. I had a customer who placed a large order over the phone in December, the transaction was for appropriately £4000, he said he will be sending his diver to come in and collect the items the next day. This is not unusual for us as we often have customers who spend large amounts and often have people pay over the phone and collect another day especially when we have special offers of 10% off as we did that day. His driver came into collect the next day, I wasn't in but i left everything ready for my coll
  18. Evening all, Decided that I would do my new update on my iPhone 5c last week and 2 days later the phone completely broke! Phone is 12 month old and was 9 days out of warrenty when it broke. Took it to Apple, not very helpful at all! Told me its a hardware fault and charged me £199 for a replacement. I really needed my phone so paid it! Was sat across from a lady who was in the same boat, did the update and was being charged £199 also. Can they really get away with this? My phone was working absolutely perfect until their bloody update! Not sure who to contact - is it wort
  19. I took out a Halifax credit card online pre 2007. It was £3 in credit in Nov 2007. In dec 2007 they sent me a new card attached to a credit card agreement unsigned by myself or them. What I did not realise then was that they had transfered the acc to a new acc along with the £3 credit. This has come to my attention as I was going to send them a CCA request in regard to my pre 2007 CCA. Has anyone any ideas as to what I should do ?
  20. Hi, Last year, after years of sorting out various financial messes, my credit rating was finally repaired. A couple of days ago, I logged into my credit report to see all of the fixing completely undone and a default from British Gas, from an old address in 2009, had appeared. This is the first time this mark/account has appeared on my file. The address is an old rented flat - after digging through my old correspondence, It appears I left the flat, notified them, paid up the final bill (letting agent wouldn't allow the deposit back if I didn't prove this) and then they tried to
  21. Hi, please tell me if in wrong forum etc but here goes. For a long time I have felt that internet recruitment agencies are a little like smiling politicians who you must simply ask 'why are you smiling?'... in that you must question them 'why are you on the internet?'. Quite simply, the answer would be: to troll data in order to bolster up numbers to generate revenue. Cut to the chase, there is one company in BIRMINGHAM who persistently advertise jobs and will not deliver. They will, if anything, just send you a 'cut and paste' email in a certain friendly 'tone' that reflects well on them
  22. My friend decided to take over her ex-boss' small business after her boss retired - rather than face losing her job. She has borrowed heavily to do this. Unfortunately, she is a very naive and trusting person and did not realise that people would be trying to exploit her. She let "a very nice saleswoman who was so helpful and understanding" talk her into signing a contract to provide her with a service that was going to help my friend make money. My friend signed a contract after this saleswoman explained the contract to my friend thoroughly. My friend also provided her bank details.
  23. An old man down my road got ripped off by a shoddy workman last week. He was charged a couple of hundred quid for the replacement of a couple of roof tiles, and the workman ended up causing some damage while he was up there too. My neighbour only had the workman's mobile number and name - no address or landline. I assumed - in my ignorance - that this would be a civil case: the auld fella would need to issue a small claim for unsatisfactory work etc, and without an address it would be hard work. But then I was reading about a similar case in the local paper today: a trader charged a
  24. Had a call on my mobile today asking for my partner (as it is her phone really) purporting to come from HSBC. The number displayed as only '207335'. Asian sounding lady would not discuss anything with me. Anyone else had such a call? Fred
  25. Evening, Is it true that letting agencies cannot do a thorough check like a bank and only see CCJ's and other similar marks on your report? Or Do they only look for those? I read somewhere they cannot access the defaults on an account. Looking to rent but have a few defaults. Hopefully I'll find somewhere.
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