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  1. We bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee last week on Wednesday, but the day after purchase on the Thursday the kick down became intermittent. This happened again on the Friday so we never used the vehicle again as in my opinion it was dangerous to drive. On the Monday we contacted the dealer who collected the vehicle on the Tuesday, but their service department was unable to rectify the fault. The second hand car dealer then sent the vehicle to a franchised Jeep dealer who has had it since Wednesday this week. Unfortunately although the franchised dealer has experienced the fault while test driving, they have been unable to pinpoint the issue and resolve it as no fault code is showing up on their diagnostic machine. Another test drive and no fault, but a third test drive fault appeared. In the meantime, we do have a loan car from the dealer however it is manual so can’t really use it anyway and can understand that as fault is intermittent and can take time to resolve. We don’t blame the dealer as there is no ways they could have known about the intermittent kick down. However no one can give us a time frame which could be days, weeks or even months before the repair is completed. The other concern is that every one including us may think the fault is resolved, but a year or two later the fault may re-appear so we are rapidly losing faith in this particular vehicle. However as it would be an inherent fault we may be covered under SOGA, but don’t want the hassles later on anyway. Our HP agreement states that we have a "Right of withdrawal” and it is available to us for 14 days after the agreement is executed. If we wish to withdraw, we need to advise them in writing or orally by phone. If we go down this route and don't return the vehicle then we need to pay the credit in full which is understandable, however no mention of what happens if you return the vehicle. Our deposit was almost one third of the cost price of the vehicle, plus we paid 6 months tax and insurance costs. In addition, another £90 for tow bar electrics and a spare key. Probably a total of about £3500! We cannot afford to lose this type of money. I am not sure whether we should officially reject the vehicle and execute a “Right of withdrawal”. Our concern is if we use the latter and want to buy another vehicle on finance, we may have issues. I suppose we could ask the fiancé company to “hold” the finance for us while we look for another suitable vehicle. Can anyone offer any advice on the above please? Thanks.
  2. Hi, my name is Vanessa. Can please anyone give me some guidance regarding this problem that I'm going through? Please see the full story below: Last year I went to London and parked my car. I didn't have any change with me, so used the application "Pay by Phone" to pay for the whole morning car park. 12£. When I got back to the car, I had a penalty notice on the windscreen. I came home and I was sure that I had paid for it, so I appealed for it online. I thought this "paybyphone" app was something new and that the officer maybe didn't check my car plate online. I asked if you could please check their online records because I did pay for it. I'd a reply from Lambeth council saying that there was nothing on their online records and so they were rejecting my appeal. I should then wait for a formal appeal, the Notice to Owner. I checked my online records and realised that unfortunately I made a mistake on one letter of my plate, that's why they couldn't find it online. Instead of an "A", I put an "S" which is exactly the letter next to the A. My screen is broken and with the light from the sun, I didn't realise my mistake until I saw the receipt. I was waiting the notice to the owner, but I never got it. Instead, I received a letter from the Bailiffs saying that I owe them nearly 800£. I couldn't believe...I read a lot online and phoned the Traffic Enforcement Court and was advised to fill in TE7 and TE9. First thing they asked me was my address and I realised that they had my old address in their records. I filled in the TE7 and TE9, send it to the TEC and they send that to Lambeth Council. The court told me that the Bailiffs would be put on hold while the process was being investigated. I received a letter from Lambeth Council rejecting my TE7 and TE9. They said that I reply to them the first time, by writting, when I was appealing informally. After that, my address was requested to the DVLA and several notices were sent to my address and I never replied to any... Unfortunately when I moved I forgot to change my address, so obviously all the letters went to the wrong address. I phoned Lambeth Council and asked if they keep a record of the letters that were sent to me. The confirmed it. I asked to see a copy of the Notice to the Owner that was sent but the Council said "you have no right to see the letters, we send them to you once and that's it. You appealed to the Court, we as a Council also have the right to appeal against it. We have to wait for the judge to decide"... This weekend I've got a call from the Bailiffs asking me why I haven't paid yet. I told them that I filled in all the forms to the court and that I was told that the Bailiffs would be on hold. The Bailiff told me that they had no notification and that I have until Wednesday to pay everything... She also said that not changing my address with the DVLA was an offence and so I had to pay for the full bill. This started with a simple mistake made in one letter of the car plate when paying the car parking and it got so wrong and completely out of control with Bailiffs requesting me nearly 800£ to pay within days. I'm sorry is such a long text. I am so lost and stressed and I don't know where to go from here... Any suggestions or anyone that has been through the same situation please? Many thanks, Vanessa
  3. Evening all, hate to say it but I need some help and advice again. I bought my wife a 62 plate Jaguar XF from Trade Centre Wales on the 6th November. It's done 90k and HPI shows 2 previous keepers. 10k trade in, £10 on credit card, balance by debit card. On the 7th, had trouble starting it. Press the button and the gear selector knob comes up and the dash lights up. After less than a minute, lights go out and knob retracts. Several attempts to start it and same thing. Gave up. Came out half an hour later, tried again and it works ok. Had the same problem on the 8th and 9th, intermittently, it simply won't start. It doesn't try to turn the engine, just shuts itself down. It's an intermittent fault and there's no rhyme nor reason to it. Sometimes it's ok, sometimes it's not. Over the course of the 3 days, it was also noted that the ECO stop/start system isn't working at all. On the 10th, the new V5 arrives and shows 3 previous keepers, not the 2 that they advised. I immediately sent them a rejection letter giving them 14 days to refund in full citing the V5 discrepancy and the 2 faults discovered to date. They have emailed 3 times now, refusing the rejection and stating they want the vehicle in to check it and rectify any concerns I have. They have also told me in their last email that I can't reject as the faults are minor. I've spoken to the bank re section 75 claim but they haven't got back to me yet. Any advice on my next move? Should I get a local garage to do an independent inspection? The owner has already seen the starting problem. I'd appreciate any help or advice you can give.
  4. I bought a Toyota Auris brand new back in Oct of 2015 which falls under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. The car has been extremely unreliable and broken down 8 times in the past 12 months, 7 of those occassions being within the past 6 months. It has had the EGR Valve replaced twice, been in twice for a "loose wire on the airflow meter" once for "loose pipe on a gasket" and even had the ECU replaced, despite all this it still suffers from a problem in which the cruise control repeatedly switches off. Toyota had no explanation for this at the time I told them I wanted to reject the vehicle which was back in June of this year. I have gone down the route of rejecting the vehicle, which Toyota have refused to accept. I have even reached out to the Financial Ombudsman and given them all the information about the repairs but their response was that my accounts of the repairs did not match Toyota's, at which point I realised that Toyota had actually lied about the number of times that the vehicle had been repaired. The fact that all the repairs were carried out under warrnty means that I have no receipts or eveidence as such to prove anything, but I did speak to the dealer whose list of repairs supported what I had said but refused to give me a copy of it. The CRA 2015 clearly states that a manufacturer has the right to attempt one repair and if the product is not fit for purpose after that repair the consumer has the right to reject it. My question is; what are my options after this has been reviewed by the Financial Ombudsman who has ruled against my case? I would also like to add that at one point I received a letter from the Financial Ombudsman stating that they supported my claim and agreed that I should be able to return the vehicle, but the day after they changed their mind. They had spoken with Toyota who said that the car is now "fixed". But they have "fixed" it several times in the past which has turned out not to be fixed because it broke down again, and again, and again.
  5. Good afternoon all. New member here seeking some clarification on a couple of things. Story so far. Collected a brand new vehicle from Land Rover dealership on 30th September 2017. Car developed faults and went to same garage for repair on 19th October 2017. It is still there 3 days later and I will get an update on Monday and maybe the car back then. I have lost confidence in the car and looking at the Landrover forum, this fault and others appear common and are likely to repeat at some time in the future. I am concerned that if I do not reject the car within 30 days then I am potentially left with a lemon. Questions: 1. Can I still reject the car even if faults are fixed (albeit they may only be temporary)? 2. Does the 30 days expand to include time in the garage (four days so far) i.e. do my rights hold for 34 days? 3. I purchased the car on a PCP, who do I reject the car with (dealer or LR finance co - or both)? I see there are a number of letter templates for this but please forward any proven ones pls. 4. My old car was traded in and now gone from the dealer I assume. It was on PCP and was in negative equity. The new PCP rolled up the neg equity and financed the new car. What is likely to happen to the repayment of the PCP. Is it a new contract and relates directly to the new car only or am I likely to have to cover the old neg equity to exit? Not sure how I stand legally here. Shame because I do like the car but I do not want to have a problematic car. I would consider exchange but I have lost confidence with the brand and these problems appear to be widespread to the vehicle. Any guidance/help would be appreciated
  6. Hi All I bought a 2nd hand Nissan X trail on 13th January from a local dealership. On 6th February I reported to the dealer that the car was making a loud noise from under the bonnet and that the engine management light had come on. We agreed to send it to my local Nissan dealership for them to run a diagnostic check. They diagnosed the fault code as an EGR fault and said that the noise could be coming from a worn turbo. They advised replacing the turbo and intercooler. After speaking with the dealership I bought the car from, I returned the car to them to investigate and they diagnosed a worn turbo which they took over 2 weeks to replace. They acknowledged the EGR fault, but did nothing to rectify it as the engine management light had gone out. Upon receiving the car following the new turbo, the noise was still there. I reported this again only to be told its to be expected with a car of this age and mileage. Over the past 3 weeks the noise has gotten worse and the engine management light has come on again. I have had 2 garages look at the car for me in the last few days and both say that the gear box is shot and that the EGR fault is still there and the EGR valve needs replacing. I have written to the dealership rejecting the car under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, but after speaking to them this afternoon I fear that they are just going to ignore me and try to fob me off. He is all ready talking about trying again to fix it. Do I have to accept this? or is there anything I can do to force the refund?
  7. Hi All, On 4-Aug-2017 I test drove VW EOS 2.0 FSI(2006) convertible which has done 67500 from a car dealer in Birmingham. Paid the deposit of 300£ to confirm the same day. Asked him to fix minor things like Covering cigarette holes from seats at a couple of location, changing wheel caps, under bonnet insulation and full valet. Dealer verbally agreed to get this fixed and said he will get the 12 months MOT done as advertised on Autotrader within a couple of days and asked me to transfer remaining amount 3450£ asap. On 5-Aug-2017 I transferred the remaining amount 3450£ (Total = 3750£) on 11-Aug-2017 I got the car from the dealer with the receipt (Offical date of owning the car) saying he couldn't get hold of valet guys so will get it done when I visit him next time. he didn't do anything except MOT (10-Aug-2017). As I was eager to drive the convertible, I accepted foolishly. While driving back home to Coventry, I realised the left wing mirror is loose and cannot be operated properly via driver side button. Called dealer on 12-Aug-2017 and mentioned about the issue. Dealer said he will look into it and asked me to bring the car the following week. Having doubts over the car, I properly checked the car only to find big single line crack on the windshield at the bottom edge. This was covered by wiper blades. Wiper washer pressure was too low. Blamed myself for not looking carefully before buying. Also found out the roof was leaking. Texted the dealer about this issues on 14-Aug-2017. Took the car to the dealer on 16-Aug-2017 (As he was only available on that day) and asked him to fix the issues. 23-Aug-2017 the dealer gave the car back saying he fixed some issues like Wiper washer pressure, insulator, valet (half), roof leak (still persists), attempt to fix seat holes. But did not repair wing mirror or windshield. As I thought I didn't hold any right to reject on wear and tear parts accepted 125£ cheque towards fixing the wing mirror and windshield myself as travelling back and forth and leaving the car for weeks time was tiring. My doubts regarding the condition of the car grew as no reputed dealer would do this took the car to local VW specialist garage for inspection on 25-Aug-2017. Got the report that CV Gators split and Console (wishbone) bushes separated (replacement cost 360£) and they mentioned that MOT shouldn't have passed as bushes don't get separated within 100 miles drive. Mentioned the same to the dealer who replied back saying MOT had passed and it might have broken any time afterwards and I am expecting a brand new car performance from a 11-year-old car and should accept this as wear and tears. But at the end said he will have a look if I get the car to his shop. Next day driver side door card came off. Looked like it was glued before. Booked a 15 point safety check from Halfords on 3-Sept-2017 as it was free. They reported CV Gaitor starting to split, front coil spring broken and rear disc badly corded and worn close to legal limits. Had enough and sent a rejecting letter to the dealer along with the reports on 4-Sep-2017 asked him to fully refund as I was within 30 days and as per consumer rights act, the car is faulty. Today 6-Sep-2017 got a call from the dealer saying he will fix CV gaitor, Console bushes and spring but won't repair anything else and there is no way he is going to take the car back. Asked me why Halford reports didn't pick up Console bushes problem and local garage report did not pick coil spring issues. I shot him back saying I am ready to get a full AA inspection done as he is AA approved dealer. Also, he mildly threatened saying he pays solicitor 1000s of pounds every month for this business and more than welcome to take the matter to court. I have had this car for less than 20 days now and it been driven for 250 miles of which 120 miles just going back and forth to car dealers place in Birmingham. Should I accept the fixes offered by the dealer and move on or should I take him to the court and get a full refund? Your thoughts are much appreciated. Regards, Mike
  8. Hi All. I recently purchased a Ford Focus from Stoneacre using finance from The Funding Corporation. After 1 day of collection, a whole host of issues appeared, which were as follows: 1.) ABS/Traction Control/Handbrake lights would randomly start flashing on dashboard. When they did, the car would become very jerky and not drive properly (much like kangarooing) - when on the motorway at 70mph and this happened the car would be extremely dangerous, braking on it's own and hopping around for want of a better explanation. If a car was behind you it looked to them like you'd braked! It is seriously a major fault. 2.) Car won't go into reverse gear. It results in crunching/grinding. I've been stuck in parking spots for 15 minutes before trying 50 times to get the car into reverse and each time it feels like it's in and when you release the clutch just grinding and crunching. 3.) When braking lots of juddering, shaking, doesn't brake straight and true. Steering wheel shakes violently upon braking. 4.) Loud tapping/rattling/knocking/whining noises coming from engine bay. And many more... I complained and Stoneacre took the car back in, saying they would require it for 1 week. After 3 weeks the car was returned to me and at this time, i received a letter from The Funding Corporation stating the following: "We have heard from Stoneacre who have told us they have rectified the issues with the car, on that basis we cannot accept the car returning/rejecting and therefore this is our final response on the matter". Now, that would be fine, however... The car came back with not a single issue fixed, infact, only 1 day after it returning to me the Engine Management Light appeared, the car went into limp mode and wouldnt do over 20/30mph. Then fault codes starting flashing up on the dashboard, and now, when the car is started (it's push button start/keyless) more often than not it will NOT turn off when you've reached your destination. You push the button to shut the car down and it does nothing. You literally have to stall the car to turn it off. I have an email from Stoneacre openly admitting they are not sure what the issue is relating to number 1.) (the main dangerous issue) but they "tried a few things" and it should be fine. Just to clarify, not 1 of the issues that the car went in with has been fixed, it's just come back with more. I just don't want the car now, i bought it 6 weeks ago, i've had the car for 2 of those 6 weeks and it's a complete Lemon. Am i now within my rights to reject the car? The Funding Corporation are nothing shy of useless and to respond saying "that's the end of the matter" is a bit of a joke quite frankly. The problem at the moment is, i really do need a car, and not sure how to go about resolving this. Any advice much appreciated.
  9. Hello All, I'll try and keep this brief. Purchased a new BMW from my Local Dealer on finance via BMW FS - October 2016. Faults and issues were raised to the dealer within days. Rattles, whines, soft/squeaking brakes, steering issues, interior defects, flaking paint. Many faults have been rectified but some still remain including various rattles potentially linked to welds and a severe whining gearbox. After various fix attempts, BMW UK investigated and confirmed the whine as a characteristic, they allegedly created a report but refused to share and circulate with anyone. An official complaint was raised to the dealer and BMW FS whereby I included a request to reject the vehicle due to the remaining issues (May 2017). The Final Response from the Dealer and BMW FS is that rejection request has been rejected due to BMW stating the whine is a characteristic of the car. No evidence was given, only that statement. The rattles were unmentioned in the response but later clarified as being part of the consideration, apparently. The Dealer has gone quiet and BMWFS have stated the case is closed unless I can provide evidence of the fault. I feel the dealer was fair in trying to fix the issues (although the damaged the car a couple of times) but now they state their hands are tied by BMW. BMW FS have been terrible throughout the whole thing and I feel completely 'mugged off'. I originally requested a repair or replacement (my preference) but I now want to return the vehicle for a refund. I want away from this brand and this experience ASAP. I have around £6,000 of negative equity on the vehicle if I were to sell the car at trade, less private - But a private sale is very unlikely due to the age and the type of car. I have an investigation open with the FOS and BMW FS have two weeks from today to respond. I feel I should get a solicitor involved but everyone I've spoken to wants between £500-£2000 to get the ball rolling with expected costs to rise depending on how far it goes. Most Solicitors have advised costs will likely exceed the value of the claim and although odds are in my favour, it's just not worth it. Where do I go from here? I'm feeling very frustrated and like I've lost already.
  10. As I needed a mobility scooter I did a check Online and contacted Monarch Mobility via their Online form. A rep then contacted me and we arranged an appointment. The rep arrived on time on 17th Novemeber 2016 and did a demonstration of the Smarti folding scooter and I had a ride on it. As it seem okay, we discussed finance however to get finance I had to buy a "package which consisted of an extra lithium battery and a charger. Also if I took the package they could not do a trade in on my current scooter. I then decided to pay on using my credit card as I could do the trade in and the price was lower so instead of nearly £2700 it was £2295 less the trade in total was £2045. I was then given a document in which it states that I have 14 days to change my mind and return the scooter. I thought that under Consumer Rights Act 2015 it was 30 days? on the 17th they supplied me with a scooter and the rep had to put in 3 batteries before he found one that was charged. The rep left and we plugged in the scooter for about 3 days however on Sunday past I went to use the scooter and the battery had lost quite a bit of the charge which is unusual for a lithium battery. On reading the instruction manual it states that the battery has to be charged at least once a week even if the scooter is not used. Never had this issue with my previous scooter which also had a lithium battery. In addition, the "ignition" is very loose and the seat a bit wobbly. I emailed Monarch about this but they have not replied. I looked up their Facebook page and the remarks from a few people were not very complimentary. Trustpilot also has one or two bad reviews with one being about the battery. Can I reject the scooter because it is not up to standard and if so do I have to pay postage to send it back to Halifax which is about £25? Who pays the postage to have my original scooter sent back?
  11. I bought a used car 10 days ago 14/1/2017 from a trade dealership that was advertised on Auto trader, the description claimed the car was in excellent condition. I was also told the car has been fully inspected by the AA (which having contacted the AA have realised this was a lie and they are investigating). I carried out a full advance inspection on the car with the RAC (20/1/2017) days after purchase, which came back saying essential repairs required urgently for the car to be considered road worthy and the inspector recommended I return the car. I took the car back to the dealer on 20/1/2017 exercising the short term right to rejection, the dealer refused and asked for the RAC report and then to inspect the car then decide if he wants to give a refund. I have sent the report and letter before action recorded signed delivery and got the signature in pdf form from royal mail today. But have had no response from the dealership today. The dealership is registered with companies house. Is there anything else I can do in this situation or anyone else to report to to get my money back? *also the sales agreement says i bought 3 month warranty with the car but i haven't received any documents on this, when i asked the dealer about 3 days after purchasing the car he said its still being processed. *I paid by card, visa, so i will look at chargeback scheme too.
  12. In short: I purchased a car on the 7th and picked it up on the 9th which needed a service and cambelt. One of the tyres deflated slowly on the way home. I was not told that the car had a slow puncture. That said, I don't like using tyres on second-hand cars because you don't know if they've been repaired...etc so wasnt bothered about replacing them. The wheel locking key which was supposed to be in the glove box was missing I purchased a replacement and had the tyres replaced at my cost when it arrived a week later (16th). The dealer just stated that it should be in the car. I went to perform the service yesterday and didnt get far. Upon removing the undertray there was a clear sign of the clutch slave cylinder inside the bell housing was leaking and has been for some time. The consequences of this could be hundreds and its a big job that Im reluctant to tackle myself. At a garage the cost could be as high as £1200. The car cost 2.5k which was top money by the price guides . There is a warranty but they will just replace the cylinder leaving the clutch in a state whereby I don't know if it will fail prematurely. There are several other problems, some of which Im prepared to repair, others not. Firstly, I asked in the initial conversation about the car if any fluids were leaking or if there were problems with the engine/gearbox to which they said no. As this is under 14 days I presume I can just reject? Secondly, what if any are my options with the new tyres? I might phone up the tyre place to see if they can refit but I doubt thats an option . They cost just over £400 so I dont want the dealer to benefit. I cant drive the car for fear of the clutch failing and yet again have a hire car. At least I still have all the service parts and can return them because I didnt want to do any work to the car after discovering the faults
  13. Hi I purchased a second hand car from a Vauxhall Dealer via bank transfer on 13/10/2016. Last week i had the reversing lights intermitantly staying on while driving and then on Thursday the battery exploded! The car was towed to the garage where i have asked for a full refund. They have said they have replaced the battery and cleaned the battery acid up. However when i have asked for a full refund as i have no faith the car will not have any damage from spraying battery acid they have refused but have offered me the next service free!! Can anyone please advised if i should be given a full refund as it is within 28 days of purchasing this vehicle?
  14. Hi all, I purchased a car from a dealer, the car is a freelander 2, 07 reg with 175000 on the clock. it was advertised as drives lovely, looks lovely with full service history. I visited the dealer, apex motor services of Wolverhampton, the dealer took me on a test drive and I drove the car back to his showroom. He let me drive it for about a mile at normal road speed say 30-40mph. I collect the car the following Saturday, during the drive home I noticed a clunk when taking up the drive and when changing gears, braking from above 50mph made the steering wheel shake violently, also it cut out a couple of times when I was accelerating. The dealer sold me a warranty with the car, because of the faults I was unsure as to what to do, I know it has done a lot of miles but the car wasn't advertised as spares or repairs. I have only driven the car for 40miles since I picked it up. I started to price up bits for the car and investigated the clonking noise, the car appears to have a worn propshaft, a new one is around £600. On the Saturday after I bought the car, I decided to contact the dealer, I asked him if he would contribute to a new propshaft, say 50%, he asked me to return the car to him for a full refund. Then he said will I keep the car until the new v5 arrives, at first I said yes but I need a car for my occasional work trips so I emailed him and explained my need for a car. When I first visited the dealer I explained that I needed a car for my business trips. which can be anywhere from London to darlington. He then said that he has withdrawn his offer of a refund. I then contacted citizens advice who advised me that I had 30 days to reject the car, I wrote a letter to the dealer giving him 14 days to refund me the money for the car, the letter was based on a template from citizens advice. My question is this, if he doesn't give me a refund I assume I will have to pursue them through the small claims court. I know the dealers business name but not the name of the salesman, is that enough to go to court. Also the dealers business name is apex motor company, but on there website in small print it says 'Trade Direct Cars Group' Trading as 'Apexmotorcompany.com' who do I take to court or can I take both companies to court. Also should I get a second opinion as to the cars problems, I was going to do this by getting a quote to fix the problems. Please note that I have driven the car for 40miles since purchasing it and have now purchased another car. I normally buy cars privately keep them for a couple of years and then sell them on. but if I sell this car on I would advertise it as spares or repairs
  15. Hello everyone. Looking for some advice. Firstly, some key notes. I live in and bought this vehicle in Scotland The vehicle is on Hire Purchase The vehicle was used, not new (year 2014) I bought this 64 plate VX Corsa in March 2016 with 7k miles. Since March ( 2 months ) it's been back at the garage (AC) for a new clutch, a new pedal assembly, a new reversing gear. It's going back in this week for: a new drivers seat and to have a creaking brake pedal remedied. Even after all these issues, I am sick of the car and have lost faith in it and just wondering what is next. Today, it has started knocking when I go over normal bumps so that'll be a new problem to be fixed. While I have no doubt that AC will fix it, I pretty much dislike the car now and would like advice on rejecting it. The main reason I am looking at rejection is that I had another car for 2 years and caused me nothing but stress (and hairloss lol) with its problems and noises and repairs so would like to avoid another experience like that as it seems to be going down that familiar route. I understand the view of "If they fix it, what's your problem?" but this was my new car and it should be happy but it's just a pain in the neck and driving it, i'm always wondering what will be wrong next. At this stage, I have not contacted the finance company and have just made my first payment within the past week, nor have I made any noise to AC about me being annoyed with this car. Looking for advice on where to start and what to expect and if they keep fixing problems and I stuck with this annoying car. Thanks guys!
  16. Brief Overview: I purchased a car around 5 weeks ago from a used dealer for around £1900 on the proviso they arranged for it to be serviced as advertised (it hadn't been). Post purchase we arranged for the cambelt to be done at the same time for an extra £230. After getting the car back various bits of trim had been put back shoddily and the car was seriously lacking power compared to before. Turns out the dealer users an 'ex-ford specialist' mechanic moonlighting from his normal job and not an actual garage. A week later it goes back to them to be fixed as the timing is clearly out, I get it back and whilst it seems some power has returned it now idles at around 1200 rpm and sounds bad. I also notice at this point that the Engine Management Light bulb has been removed although I foolishly didn't check this pre-purchase. I take the car back again and leave it with them for a week while I go away and am told they will send to a different garage as I didn't want the same guy working on it. I've picked up today to be told there is a fault P1381 - Variable Cam Timing Overadvanced (Bank #1) but they're not willing to spend any money fixing it as it drives fine and must only be a fraction out. I drive the car home and it's clearly in limp mode. I decide to get it looked at by an independent with a view to getting it fixed and claiming the costs back from the seller. The car has been looked over and come back with the following faults: P1383 - Variable Cam Timing retarded Serpentine Belt in poor condition Oil and Coolant Leak Bolt in top of rocker cover stripped of thread Engine Oil Overfilled Front and Rear Brake discs badly corroded Exhaust Blow, Cracked Catalyst No locking wheel nut found Based on all this and the fact I've given them ample opportunity to fix the original issue, which still isn't fixed I want to reject the car for a refund but am unsure of the exact steps to do so. My understanding is as follows: Write a letter of rejection with reasons why Await response If none then send letter of intent re small claims court If no response then start moneyclaim proceedings. A couple of questions though... What happens with the v5 document if I'm rejecting the car? Do I mention the fact that I will consider court action if we can't reach an amicable arrangement. Do I call to tell them that I'm rejecting the car before the letter? Do I insist that they come and collect the car from me? Sorry this is quite a complicated first post, any advice is gratefully received. Cheers Dom
  17. Hi there On the 27th July, my husband and I purchased a used car from a dealership for £26,950. We paid £2,000 deposit via credit card, traded in a vehicle for £2,450 and paid the balance via debit card. Within 21 miles of driving the car and 3 days of owning it, the engine management light appeared on the dashboard. We contacted the dealership straight away but as it was nearing 7pm the Service department was not available. However, the following day my husband did receive a call apologising for the issue but advising that unfortunately these things do happen. On the 2nd August, we dropped the vehicle back to the dealership and picked up a courtesy vehicle. They plugged out vehicle in to find out what the fault was, we were advised it was the DPF and it would need to go to VW. We also pointed out some other issues with the vehicle, the brakes looked worn and there were several issues with the paintwork that we hadn't picked up on when originally looking at the vehicle. The Service Manager took down the issues and said they would get them dealt with whilst they had it. To cut a long story short, we have had to chase the dealership for updates regarding our vehicle, explain the other issues to god knows how many people and we never get call backs when messages are left. The original fault has gone from being the DPF, to the EGR Cooler and now something to do with the air conditioning has been thrown in the mix also. The dealership has looked at the brakes and told us that they have 1,000-2,000 miles of wear left on them and that this is acceptable. I would like to point out that they MOT'd and serviced the vehicle before we picked up and this was not mentioned on any paperwork. They agree with the paintwork issues but couldn't tell us what they were going to do about it. Not only have we had issues with the above, we also had an issue over the tax for the vehicle. We paid for the dealership to put 6 months tax on it and were told that this had been done and the tax disc would be sent on once received by them. We later found out that the car was not taxed until the 7th August, so they were happy for us to drive around that long. The salesman pointed out that it wasn't an offence to which my husband soon corrected him. Today I have spoken to the DVLA and they haven't received any notification that the vehicle has changed ownership. I wouldn't be surprised if they haven't even sent the V5 document yet. We have already sent a letter of complaint to the Director of the dealership via email and recorded post to which we received a response saying that a certain person would now be dealing with us and he hoped they could rectify a bad experience. We have since sent another letter of complaint and asked that we receive a response in writing detailing exactly what repairs had been carried out etc and what they were going to do about the other issues and so far we have not received anything. We have contacted the CAB who have said we have a case to reject and if we don't get anywhere, we can approach the bank to help through the chargeback scheme. I have checked this and they are happy to deal with on our behalf. My question is, what should we do next? My husband wants to take their courtesy vehicle back and then send a letter of rejection via email and recorded post. We are obviously not driving the vehicle as it is at the dealership still (will be 3 weeks tomorrow). Should we keep hold of the 2nd key that we have and the paperwork that we have or should we return these to them. There is probably much more, but to be honest so much has happened that I find it difficult to keep track with it all. Many Thanks
  18. on 19/12 i bought a car from a trader operating from his house, it had a full 12 month MOT with no advisories, and looked in generally tidy condition. On driving the car back from Blackburn, i noticed that the front nearside had a slight rattle and on looking at prior MOT's the N/s anti roll bar was an advisory, I emailed a local garage on 21/12 and booked it in for 23/12 On the 23/12 the car went in to be checked and soon after I got a call stating that the car had a whole host of issues and there was no way it should have passed an MOT on 16/12. I called the trader, (who incidentally lists cars as both a trader and private seller on autotrader) who contacted the garage at my end and spoke to them. The trader then said he wanted to have the original MOT station look the car over, to ensure the issues weren't made up. I also contacted the original test station to enquire as to whether they knew the MOT was shoddy. The test station and trader requested I take the car to them, which I did on 24/12 after calling the test station in the morning I drove to Blackburn (from Blackpool) and was expecting the tester to be there, somewhat unsurprisingly he didn't show up for work... I contacted the seller to tell him that I had bought the car back and the MOT tester hadn't shown, and he told me he was not prepared to come look at the car, and would not offer a refund. I have reported the MOT to VOSA as I was advised to by my garage (they refused to carry out any work on the car) I have reported the seller to Police as I have been advised the car is not roadworthy. I have contacted Citizens advice who will refer to Trading standards. I have sent a letter special delivery, stating I am rejecting the car on the back of the issues my garage found, a nd intend to send another once VOSA have confirmed the MOT should not have passed. I'm just wondering if there are any other steps I need to take. Thanks
  19. Ok so brought a car exactly 3 months from garage, its a used car and i paid about the market value (certainly no lower) During the 1st 4 weeks i was noticing i was putting about a litre of oil in every week and the heat shield fell off (minor but still) and the air con and blower packed up completely. It was not leaking oil it was burning it. Contacted the garage who agreed to take it back and 'have a look' they did and 'fixed' the car. fast forward to now and the car is suddenly using a litre of oil a week again, basically i think they temporarily hid/fixed the problem rather than a proper fix, I think its burning so much because of the piston rings and all they did was clean the breather pipes out. So i got it, it went wrong, they had it back, fixed it (apparently) and now again its broken again. As said ive had for exactly 3 months, can i still reject under SOGA
  20. Hello CAGgers, On 23rd of June I purchased a 2001 VW Beetle for my wife from an independent dealer in Cornwall (I live in Essex, so it was some way to go!). The car was paid for using a credit card. Last week I noticed some rust patches had appeared at the corners of the roof. I took the car to a body repair specialist and now have a bill for £463.60 in front of me. Now, obviously I'm not happy with that, but what concerns me more is the advisory notice that the body shop have put on the invoice: "Due to the location and depth of the rust, the repair we have carried out is only superficial and will return most definitely within time. The location and nature of the rust under and within joining panel seals means that areas inaccessible to us will still be corroding underneath. Even a full roof skin removal and replacement will leave corroding pillars which cannot be replaced as these make up the structural integrity of the vehicle. In our opinion given the value, this vehicle and the repairs needed would result in a write off situation. This particular fault is due to the manufacturers design of the roof skin / roof pillar seam. The foam and rubber seals lock the water in the recess rather than expelling it. We would not expect to see this level of corrosion on a vehicle of this age and would therefore not consider it to be general wear and tear." Understandably my wife was very upset on hearing this news - she absolutely adored this car The body shop said that this corrosion had been happening for some time, and that the roof had already been repainted at least twice before. With this information, I rang Citizens Advice to see if they could help me, and they believe I have a case under the SOGA, as the vehicle is not of satisfactory quality and has not lasted a reasonable length of time. They suggested that as the corrosion cannot be attributed to fair wear and tear, then it would be classed as a manufacturing fault, and I could reject the car rather than accepting a repair (as a repair will not remedy the underlying problem). They also said I should give the dealer a call to see what his response would be. I did that this afternoon and he basically said it's not his problem and 'rust happens'. I am about to write a formal letter to the dealer, and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction with what to put to make it more, well, official sounding. I know I have to keep it short and sweet, but is there anything specific I should include? Any other help or advice would be very much appreciated. Steve
  21. Here's the key points: Car purchased from trader/garage nearly 3 months ago. Deposit was trade-in & rest paid on credit card Steering has been faulty on a couple of occasions. 1st time repaired he were given a loan car (not roadworthy). 2nd time repaired, left without a car for 2 weeks (new baby born so was a nightmare). They fitted 3 or 4 PAS racks. Last Friday, fluid drained out of PAS pump (RAC report to confirm this) He wants to reject the car now & I said I'd help him with letters etc. Couple of questions: Where can I find a template letter for rejection? Should he take the car back to the garage (but keep the keys & the log book)? Should he leave at home, but just send/deliver the rejection letter? He wants them to refund the remaining tax also - can I put this in the letter? Thanks for any help
  22. Sorry this is my first post but I guess that is the nature of this site, anyhoo I need some advise regarding the SOGA and small claims after rejecting a vehicle - to cut a long story short... Question 1 - under the small claims court it appears I need to seek the judges permission to present expert evidence? I have spoken to VW Van center in Exeter and due to the nature of the camshaft fault needing some of the engine to be removed to be properly diagnosed this will cost £390 in labour and parts (gaskets need to be replaced when engine is taken apart, hence parts cost). I am worried if I pay for this to be done in advance of the claim the judge might say it was an unreasonable cost and whilst make a judgement in my favour he could choose to not assign this cost to the defendant because I hadn't asked his permission before having the work done? Obviously on the other hand I've had this van on my drive since the end of June and it was meant to be my daily car so I don't want to delay things any further Question 2 - The road tax runs out in August but the dealer hasn't sent me the V5, second key or warranty paperwork as promised so I'm not sure what to do if this is ongoing after the road tax runs out? Edit: Attached the letters and evidence I have started to document for my claim for anyone interested in reading them... [ATTACH=CONFIG]45348[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]45349[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]45350[/ATTACH]
  23. I am approaching the end of my agency contract and soon the client will have to take a decision on what to do with me. The length of the contract was only agreed verbally with the client company and not included in the written contract with the agency, so technically this is a rolling contract. The possible realistic outcomes are three: 1) My contract is not renewed and I go back to JSA. 2) The contract is either renewed with a fixed date or kept rolling for the time being. 3) The client employs me and I end up in their books. I have been approached several times by the managers and I was given a lot of praise for my work and I have been told how keen they are to have me in their books. However for a number of reasons (including ethical ones, plus the fact that I would be facing very difficult and abusive people, which I can't and won't handle) I told them I am not keen on being employed permanently but I would be very glad to keep on as a contractor, even if that means less hours and less money. The managers looked very disappointed with my feedback and told me they need to think about it and we are going to discuss this maybe in 2-3 weeks. My question is: when the big day comes and should I turn down an offer of full employment, while retaining my availability for contract work, would the DWP consider this as making myself voluntarily unemployed? Thanks
  24. There's this great girl I know, a really good friend. We get on really well.... BUT I don't fancy her at all. She's really fat, and I just don't find her attractive. Shame, but there it is... Anyway, she's recently begun dropping hints, without saying anything directly, and I suspect she's started to think of me as a potential boyfriend. I like her a lot as a friend, and have a lot of respect for her, so I really don't want to hurt her feelings or spoil our friendship. How can I let her know I'm not interested in her in that way? I don't want to tell her that I don't find her attractive because she's so fat, because even though that's the truth, it would upset her. What I'd really like is some subtle way of letting her know that I would prefer we remain friends, without having to tell her directly. Anyone got any suggestions?
  25. Hi All, I'm looking for some advice please. We recently purchased a car from a dealer on finance for the sum of £10,500 around 6 weeks ago. After 1 week, a major problem developed with the car, the dealers took the car back to fix it and had the car for 14 days (a job i'm told should take 2 days tops) - the car was returned to us, the problem still present, and to add insult to injury, whilst rebuilding the car they had broken the turbo valve and glued it all back together (rather than replacing a £20 part) - needless to say, their workmanship is appalling. In the 6 weeks we have had the car, these are the problems we have had to date: 1. Vacuum pipes continually coming off the vacuum box at rear of engine bay was the first thing. No biggy.... 2. Fault codes relating to throttle malfunction - had a new throttle position sensor. 3. Popping/Rasp from engine bay & loss of power, turned out to be a broken bolt on the engine block/manifold which dealers took back to fix but havent rectified properly, it's now leaking and popping/crackling from piston 1 (plus leak around that area). 3.a (when car came back they'd broken the diverter valve nib off and glued the pipe directly onto the DV (no nib!) - So needed a new DV. 4. Rocker cover started leaking oil from seal and bolts. 5. Boost solenoid & MAF needed replacing following boost issues. 6. Exhaust rattling & blowing from various areas. 7. Front offside wheel nasty metal scraping noise progressively louder - Not discs/pads, not sure on this one. 8. Air con condensor shot, was blowing hot air, took to have it regassed, turned out to be condensor. 9. Gearbox started whining in 2nd/3rd (hasnt had ANY stick whatsoever with all these issues). 10. This morning came out to find a huge puddle of oil all leaking from turbo oil return pipe - see earlier post. 11. Really loud rattling from passenger side dash, no idea what it is but something is in there (i.e behind glovebox area). 12. Cruise control stopped working, been told this is likely a CIM fault which also controls ABS. Now, we contacted the finance company and they said they would speak to the dealer, following this, the dealer has contacted us and said basically, bring us it back, "we'll take a look at it" - now i'm sorry, but bearing in mind their quality of workmanship in not reparing the problem and breaking something else in 14 days when it first went back to them, we don't hold out much hope of anything else getting rectified. They've also suggested we drive the car 80 miles to them with a major oil leak from the turbo oil return pipe (this is fatal advice, and would destroy the turbo). In 6 weeks the car has been in the garage for 3 weeks, and for the remaining 3 weeks unusable to an extent due to the issues outlined above. We asked the dealership if they will take the car back off us and provide a replacement (as they have one on their forecourt of same age, same mileage, same spec, etc etc) - but they will not, they have simply offered to take a look at the car. All these problems in 6 weeks of ownership, and we no longer want the car, i feel it's a dud, a lemon, a bad un, whatever you want to call it, these are expensive (some major) issues, and i think the car has had a hard life. What's the next port of call please to get this situation sorted? Thank you for all help and advice anyone can offer.
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