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  1. Hi, my name is Vanessa. Can please anyone give me some guidance regarding this problem that I'm going through? Please see the full story below: Last year I went to London and parked my car. I didn't have any change with me, so used the application "Pay by Phone" to pay for the whole morning car park. 12£. When I got back to the car, I had a penalty notice on the windscreen. I came home and I was sure that I had paid for it, so I appealed for it online. I thought this "paybyphone" app was something new and that the officer maybe didn't check my car plate online.
  2. Evening all, hate to say it but I need some help and advice again. I bought my wife a 62 plate Jaguar XF from Trade Centre Wales on the 6th November. It's done 90k and HPI shows 2 previous keepers. 10k trade in, £10 on credit card, balance by debit card. On the 7th, had trouble starting it. Press the button and the gear selector knob comes up and the dash lights up. After less than a minute, lights go out and knob retracts. Several attempts to start it and same thing. Gave up. Came out half an hour later, tried again and it works ok. Had the same problem on the 8th and
  3. I bought a Toyota Auris brand new back in Oct of 2015 which falls under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. The car has been extremely unreliable and broken down 8 times in the past 12 months, 7 of those occassions being within the past 6 months. It has had the EGR Valve replaced twice, been in twice for a "loose wire on the airflow meter" once for "loose pipe on a gasket" and even had the ECU replaced, despite all this it still suffers from a problem in which the cruise control repeatedly switches off. Toyota had no explanation for this at the time I told them I
  4. Good afternoon all. New member here seeking some clarification on a couple of things. Story so far. Collected a brand new vehicle from Land Rover dealership on 30th September 2017. Car developed faults and went to same garage for repair on 19th October 2017. It is still there 3 days later and I will get an update on Monday and maybe the car back then. I have lost confidence in the car and looking at the Landrover forum, this fault and others appear common and are likely to repeat at some time in the future. I am concerned that if I do not reject the car within 30 days
  5. Hi All I bought a 2nd hand Nissan X trail on 13th January from a local dealership. On 6th February I reported to the dealer that the car was making a loud noise from under the bonnet and that the engine management light had come on. We agreed to send it to my local Nissan dealership for them to run a diagnostic check. They diagnosed the fault code as an EGR fault and said that the noise could be coming from a worn turbo. They advised replacing the turbo and intercooler. After speaking with the dealership I bought the car from, I returned the car to them to investigate and they
  6. Hi All, On 4-Aug-2017 I test drove VW EOS 2.0 FSI(2006) convertible which has done 67500 from a car dealer in Birmingham. Paid the deposit of 300£ to confirm the same day. Asked him to fix minor things like Covering cigarette holes from seats at a couple of location, changing wheel caps, under bonnet insulation and full valet. Dealer verbally agreed to get this fixed and said he will get the 12 months MOT done as advertised on Autotrader within a couple of days and asked me to transfer remaining amount 3450£ asap. On 5-Aug-2017 I transferred the remaining am
  7. Hi All. I recently purchased a Ford Focus from Stoneacre using finance from The Funding Corporation. After 1 day of collection, a whole host of issues appeared, which were as follows: 1.) ABS/Traction Control/Handbrake lights would randomly start flashing on dashboard. When they did, the car would become very jerky and not drive properly (much like kangarooing) - when on the motorway at 70mph and this happened the car would be extremely dangerous, braking on it's own and hopping around for want of a better explanation. If a car was behind you it looked to them like you'd braked!
  8. Hello All, I'll try and keep this brief. Purchased a new BMW from my Local Dealer on finance via BMW FS - October 2016. Faults and issues were raised to the dealer within days. Rattles, whines, soft/squeaking brakes, steering issues, interior defects, flaking paint. Many faults have been rectified but some still remain including various rattles potentially linked to welds and a severe whining gearbox. After various fix attempts, BMW UK investigated and confirmed the whine as a characteristic, they allegedly created a report but refused to share and circulate with anyone.
  9. As I needed a mobility scooter I did a check Online and contacted Monarch Mobility via their Online form. A rep then contacted me and we arranged an appointment. The rep arrived on time on 17th Novemeber 2016 and did a demonstration of the Smarti folding scooter and I had a ride on it. As it seem okay, we discussed finance however to get finance I had to buy a "package which consisted of an extra lithium battery and a charger. Also if I took the package they could not do a trade in on my current scooter. I then decided to pay on using my credit card as I could
  10. I bought a used car 10 days ago 14/1/2017 from a trade dealership that was advertised on Auto trader, the description claimed the car was in excellent condition. I was also told the car has been fully inspected by the AA (which having contacted the AA have realised this was a lie and they are investigating). I carried out a full advance inspection on the car with the RAC (20/1/2017) days after purchase, which came back saying essential repairs required urgently for the car to be considered road worthy and the inspector recommended I return the car. I took the car bac
  11. In short: I purchased a car on the 7th and picked it up on the 9th which needed a service and cambelt. One of the tyres deflated slowly on the way home. I was not told that the car had a slow puncture. That said, I don't like using tyres on second-hand cars because you don't know if they've been repaired...etc so wasnt bothered about replacing them. The wheel locking key which was supposed to be in the glove box was missing I purchased a replacement and had the tyres replaced at my cost when it arrived a week later (16th). The dealer just stated that it should b
  12. Hi I purchased a second hand car from a Vauxhall Dealer via bank transfer on 13/10/2016. Last week i had the reversing lights intermitantly staying on while driving and then on Thursday the battery exploded! The car was towed to the garage where i have asked for a full refund. They have said they have replaced the battery and cleaned the battery acid up. However when i have asked for a full refund as i have no faith the car will not have any damage from spraying battery acid they have refused but have offered me the next service free!! Can any
  13. Hi all, I purchased a car from a dealer, the car is a freelander 2, 07 reg with 175000 on the clock. it was advertised as drives lovely, looks lovely with full service history. I visited the dealer, apex motor services of Wolverhampton, the dealer took me on a test drive and I drove the car back to his showroom. He let me drive it for about a mile at normal road speed say 30-40mph. I collect the car the following Saturday, during the drive home I noticed a clunk when taking up the drive and when changing gears, braking from above 50mph made the steering wheel shake violently, al
  14. Hello everyone. Looking for some advice. Firstly, some key notes. I live in and bought this vehicle in Scotland The vehicle is on Hire Purchase The vehicle was used, not new (year 2014) I bought this 64 plate VX Corsa in March 2016 with 7k miles. Since March ( 2 months ) it's been back at the garage (AC) for a new clutch, a new pedal assembly, a new reversing gear. It's going back in this week for: a new drivers seat and to have a creaking brake pedal remedied. Even after all these issues, I am sick of the car and have lost faith in it and just wonderin
  15. Brief Overview: I purchased a car around 5 weeks ago from a used dealer for around £1900 on the proviso they arranged for it to be serviced as advertised (it hadn't been). Post purchase we arranged for the cambelt to be done at the same time for an extra £230. After getting the car back various bits of trim had been put back shoddily and the car was seriously lacking power compared to before. Turns out the dealer users an 'ex-ford specialist' mechanic moonlighting from his normal job and not an actual garage. A week later it goes back to them to be fixed as the timing is clea
  16. Hi there On the 27th July, my husband and I purchased a used car from a dealership for £26,950. We paid £2,000 deposit via credit card, traded in a vehicle for £2,450 and paid the balance via debit card. Within 21 miles of driving the car and 3 days of owning it, the engine management light appeared on the dashboard. We contacted the dealership straight away but as it was nearing 7pm the Service department was not available. However, the following day my husband did receive a call apologising for the issue but advising that unfortunately these things do happen. On the 2nd Aug
  17. on 19/12 i bought a car from a trader operating from his house, it had a full 12 month MOT with no advisories, and looked in generally tidy condition. On driving the car back from Blackburn, i noticed that the front nearside had a slight rattle and on looking at prior MOT's the N/s anti roll bar was an advisory, I emailed a local garage on 21/12 and booked it in for 23/12 On the 23/12 the car went in to be checked and soon after I got a call stating that the car had a whole host of issues and there was no way it should have passed an MOT on 16/12. I called the
  18. Ok so brought a car exactly 3 months from garage, its a used car and i paid about the market value (certainly no lower) During the 1st 4 weeks i was noticing i was putting about a litre of oil in every week and the heat shield fell off (minor but still) and the air con and blower packed up completely. It was not leaking oil it was burning it. Contacted the garage who agreed to take it back and 'have a look' they did and 'fixed' the car. fast forward to now and the car is suddenly using a litre of oil a week again, basically i think they temporarily hid/fixed the problem rather t
  19. Hello CAGgers, On 23rd of June I purchased a 2001 VW Beetle for my wife from an independent dealer in Cornwall (I live in Essex, so it was some way to go!). The car was paid for using a credit card. Last week I noticed some rust patches had appeared at the corners of the roof. I took the car to a body repair specialist and now have a bill for £463.60 in front of me. Now, obviously I'm not happy with that, but what concerns me more is the advisory notice that the body shop have put on the invoice: "Due to the location and depth of the rust, the repair we have carried out is o
  20. Here's the key points: Car purchased from trader/garage nearly 3 months ago. Deposit was trade-in & rest paid on credit card Steering has been faulty on a couple of occasions. 1st time repaired he were given a loan car (not roadworthy). 2nd time repaired, left without a car for 2 weeks (new baby born so was a nightmare). They fitted 3 or 4 PAS racks. Last Friday, fluid drained out of PAS pump (RAC report to confirm this) He wants to reject the car now & I said I'd help him with letters etc. Couple of questions: Where can I find a template letter for rejection
  21. Sorry this is my first post but I guess that is the nature of this site, anyhoo I need some advise regarding the SOGA and small claims after rejecting a vehicle - to cut a long story short... Question 1 - under the small claims court it appears I need to seek the judges permission to present expert evidence? I have spoken to VW Van center in Exeter and due to the nature of the camshaft fault needing some of the engine to be removed to be properly diagnosed this will cost £390 in labour and parts (gaskets need to be replaced when engine is taken apart, hence parts cost).
  22. I am approaching the end of my agency contract and soon the client will have to take a decision on what to do with me. The length of the contract was only agreed verbally with the client company and not included in the written contract with the agency, so technically this is a rolling contract. The possible realistic outcomes are three: 1) My contract is not renewed and I go back to JSA. 2) The contract is either renewed with a fixed date or kept rolling for the time being. 3) The client employs me and I end up in their books. I have been approached several times by the manager
  23. There's this great girl I know, a really good friend. We get on really well.... BUT I don't fancy her at all. She's really fat, and I just don't find her attractive. Shame, but there it is... Anyway, she's recently begun dropping hints, without saying anything directly, and I suspect she's started to think of me as a potential boyfriend. I like her a lot as a friend, and have a lot of respect for her, so I really don't want to hurt her feelings or spoil our friendship. How can I let her know I'm not interested in her in that way? I don't want to tell her that I don't find her attractive b
  24. Hi All, I'm looking for some advice please. We recently purchased a car from a dealer on finance for the sum of £10,500 around 6 weeks ago. After 1 week, a major problem developed with the car, the dealers took the car back to fix it and had the car for 14 days (a job i'm told should take 2 days tops) - the car was returned to us, the problem still present, and to add insult to injury, whilst rebuilding the car they had broken the turbo valve and glued it all back together (rather than replacing a £20 part) - needless to say, their workmanship is appalling. In the 6 weeks w
  25. Hi Bought a new car from a franchised dealer recently, 3 faults become apparent very quickly Within 10 days they are advising the car needs taking apart so we reject the vehicle under sale of goods act and ask for a refund. They refuse. We now need a solicitor to advise but don't really want to go through with county court etc due to solicitor costs. (car cost 20k so won't go to small claims court) Any recommendations for some professional help ????? Thanks
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