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  1. How did this turn out? Similar story: bought a Viva Kita unit from a store in Manchester, stopped working in under 2 months, store would do nothing about it. The internet entity (from China? From USA? Unsure) banged on about a valid receipt (was given none) so went back and got one, and they still did nothing... what rights have I got? All the spin aside, it's simply this: a faulty product bought from a UK shop.
  2. Everybody's Talk Talking about them. Isn't it just the next instalment in a current wave of (desperate) marketing? Embedding products in news stories. Raising profile. Channel 4 have done similar.
  3. Hi am having real problems with Orange/EE and now realise that to them, problems or issues are good moneyspinners. - you say you have an issue. Rather than really dealing with it, they supply a 'new solution'. - you have another issue (eg bad reception in a popular area... not a remote area) and they choose to ignore and supply another 'new solution'. And so on. They purposely do not communicate (within the firm) what the previous issue was and how it was resolved *ongoing*: they see each new issue as something to be wilfully targeted as a lucrative, singular opportunity. Turns out that we are being billed for ALL the 'new solutions' and now there's three: and when you call they put you on hold and the last time we were cut off. Orange and EE are effectively two handy ways to confuse you and they both cross over... and if you walk into the shops you'll be told that they don't deal with it at shop level, that you must ring up. Has anyone got a surefire singular number or email to call/mail and deal with these vermin? or another means to deal with them?
  4. I don't know: link's broken. I'm sure you'll fix it and validate your stance. I was just selflessly reporting an issue in case people get called.
  5. Yes, I think I can. Thanks.
  6. Hi not sure if this is reported but new [problem] today and one that Action Fraud says is doing rounds. - You get called (number I got was 02032872234) and you've won, you have a cheque to come. - You have to call back with reference and sort the VAT. Easy! So avoid that one.
  7. OK, I know... effectively if they're not a 'worker' then they're free. It stinks.
  8. Has the 'intern' phenomenon of recent years been discussed here? ie free work for cheap bosses and greedy line managers? Today was looking a roles and this genius company appeared... a google search reveals little else. Intern Rec Ltd - Birmingham Anyone got any thoughts on this practice, in general? ie 'Come and work for us and you might get a job! In the mean time we get free stuff'.
  9. This is so poetically brilliant... the 'companies' that still operate as 'digital' in this day and age. The fact that they whinged about ads being blocked is priceless... hello? It's part of the 'digital' domain! Next they'll probably take customers blocking their ads to court. Overall, this petty model of making money may work in arenas that are established and quite massive but generally is just an afterthought, a bolt-on to a real world business model... and about a decade after it's sell-by date now (pardon the pun). Digital dinosaurs. People will consume what they want, as they want, same as they've done since the physical market place has ever existed.
  10. Thanks. I spoke to the person at Action Fraud who was pretty uninterested to say the least. I mean the details they get would be on any CV or 'job hunting' (yeah right) site. So what's the use of that? To verify that it's still valid? Thanks for this.
  11. Thanks will do. btw any threads of 'no win no fee' type places, legal/claims places, specifically in Midlands?
  12. Hi, a couple of times I've been called (on 'private number') by men claiming to be from HMRC and they quickly qualify it by saying they're from a certain address. They usually have a forceful tone (which immediately puts me on cautionary mode) and claim have sent an email (and clarify the email address) and say that I've done nothing about it. Because the email doesn't come. Ostensibly it's about a REFUND. A wonderful refund! Lots of cash! How COULD I not have returned their non-existent paperwork! Am I bonkers? They know my address and certain details... I assume many do, due to the internet. Once it worried me as they knew I was at work (working sounds behind me) so if they were [problem]mers, could have quickly sussed house was empty (which it wasn't and they would've had charming surprise, if burglars) But either way does anyone know what people like this seek to gain? Besides hooking up with men on the phone?
  13. Hi, please tell me if in wrong forum etc but here goes. For a long time I have felt that internet recruitment agencies are a little like smiling politicians who you must simply ask 'why are you smiling?'... in that you must question them 'why are you on the internet?'. Quite simply, the answer would be: to troll data in order to bolster up numbers to generate revenue. Cut to the chase, there is one company in BIRMINGHAM who persistently advertise jobs and will not deliver. They will, if anything, just send you a 'cut and paste' email in a certain friendly 'tone' that reflects well on them. Once they sent a text to my voicemail (I was holding phone in hand so know it went there, as opposed to calling me which I assume is cheaper?) and when I called back, the person was 'not available'. Simply, how do I report them, and to who?
  14. Wow, this choice of language: 'So you have to work quickly and efficiently to remain within your time frame.' Are you a recruiter? Why would you choose those words?
  15. It wasn't the bit about speed limits. It was the part about assembling goods. Did you not see that?
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