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  1. To clarify: I thought the debt was mine (a SMALL portion may actually be). However my company is actually supplied by Npower (as it turns out). The change of supplier occurred after I occupied the premises as I was told by EON's legal team that the debt was for a final payment up til July 2016. I have occupied the property since June 2016. Hence I assume the writ was obtained with my companies name on it, although the service from EON was rendered (in the main) to the previous occupants of the building. This does not negate the fat that the bailiffs did deliberately lie to extract a
  2. What warrant? I aint seen no warrant. Seriously though; I've tried to phone the bailiffs company today; no answer of course. The EON representative insists their bailiffs have "done nothing wrong".
  3. Hi Guys, An interesting development has occurred. I've just spoken to EON and the debt I've paid WASNT EVEN MINE!! It was a final payment up to July 2016. My company has only occupied the property from June 2016 though!
  4. With respect "abused the fees schedule" is a sop. In any other case that would be called theft! Given the two option you outline whats the easiest way to proceed?
  5. Seems reasonable. However this is tangential to the matter. If the fees I have been charged are deliberately inflated then I have been stolen from, whether the perpetrator wore a police outfit or a burqa. right?
  6. I know that a NOE was not sent as it was not me collected the post last week when it would have arrived, it was my Mother. Im sure the old girl wouldve mentioned it!
  7. Yes. I owe EON the money for electricity. By way of background I have owed EON £4000 in the past and noone turned up in a stab proof vest in my kitchen unannounced.
  8. This is what I would like to accurately determine. If they have overcharged by £600 then i'll take back the £600. If they MUST send a notice of enforcement then I'll take back the whole lot.
  9. In the first instance I would like to clarify whether i have been fleeced. WRT the court judgement it was a High Court Writ according to the bailiffs, although I am not privy to it. edit: I think it will be easier to decide on course of action if the Lord Chancellor did imbue these bailiffs with the authority to extract the stated amount.
  10. Hi, The thread I posted yesterday on this matter has been closed so I will formulate my enquiry more concisely. I would like to know if, given: a) I did not receive a notice of enforcement. b) I was visited only once by bailiffs. c) No goods were taken into their control to be sold. Can I be charged £1170.22 in fees by the bailiff's company for the recovery of a commercial utility debt of £2197.36? Additionally I would like to know if, given: a) The bailiffs did not produce a writ. b) They could not/would not produce a breakdown of their fees c) Were dre
  11. Surely it cant be right that they can charge £1000 pounds without so much as sending a letter? I feel that the bailiffs have tricked me into paying fees that are not owed! I cant provide any inormation regarding the writ as I havent seen it or any other paperwork. Looking around the forums I can see a very similar situation wiht the same bailiffs in another thread. Are they known for this kind of practice?
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