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  1. Well its been over 6 weeks since they should have received the snotty letter at their new address and about 4 1/2 months since they sent the PAPLOC letter. Since then they have gone quiet and my brother has received nothing from them. Hopefully they have got the messaged and given up.
  2. For once it looks like a well written story has appeared in the news about Simple Simon getting a good hiding in court. ‘We could have paid but it became a moral fight’ – Sheffield vet takes on city parking firm and wins | The Star Its refreshing to see a journalist do some research and not just blindly call the parking charges "FINES".
  3. Just an update to say that the Snotty letter was sent to the new address and so far it has been met with a deafening silence. Hopefully these clowns get the message and crawl back under their rock.
  4. The original snotty letter was sent to the London address as that was the one in all of their letters and Companies House. The other address has only come to light this weekend after enquiries following the return of the snotty letter.
  5. An enquiry was emailed to them from a friends, works email asking for a postal address. I think they thought they had hooked another car park to con people in, so they replied pretty quickly with an address in Hull, as opposed to the London one that has appeared in their letters and at companies house.
  6. Well after almost 2 months the snotty letter has landed back on my brothers doormat, with a Royal Mail notice of return to sender Addressee not known at this address. We sent the letter to the address on their letters and this matches the address they have registered with companies house. I have since found another address for them, which they are claiming is their correct one. Do I re-send the snotty letter to this new address or is it too late now?
  7. Over the last few days I have done some research and found that there are actually 2 companies at play here. The paperwork states Complete Parking Service (CPSUK) Limited sometimes and Complete Parking Services at others. I have checked with companies house and these are seperate companies with different company registration numbers. If they were stupid enough to go to court would this help as its unclear which of the 2 companies should actually be claiming. I have also had a closer look at the pictures of the signs in the car park and notice that the T&C's have had a sticker over them at some stage to replace the original supposed Terms. Likewise the company details for (CPS UK) Limited seem to have been stuck on after the original signs were in place.
  8. Snotty letter went off this morning with a free proof of posting. Hopefully it has the desired effect.
  9. Looking at companies house they are a local company to here. Heck I drive past the directors house daily on my drive to work. Interestingly they have an address in London as their business address. That is a shame as if the address was the local one, I would have been tempted to hand deliver a letter as well as post one with a free proof of posting.
  10. What do you think to this as reply to their letter before claim Dear Complete Parking Services (CPSUK) Limited I write in response to your so-called Letter Before Claim, which I have received in relation to PCN Number: ?????, issued by yourselves for an alleged parking breach. I am writing to notify you that I have no intention of paying these ridiculous and made-up sums of money, for allegedly breaking some imaginary contract with yourselves. As I was not the driver at the time of the alleged parking incident, you have no grounds to claim anything from me. Surely for a company claiming to manage car parks you should be aware of a little thing called the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012. and in particular Schedule 4 of said act. If you are not, I suggest that you go should join the millions of kids around the country who are currently home schooling, by doing a little reading. You have also scored a big own goal by adding a £60 admin fee. Presumably, this admin fee is some sort of unicorn food tax. I suggest that you look at DDJ Harvey’s judgement at Lewes County Court on 05/02/2020 (Claim number F0HM9E9Z). He was not very happy with these made-up amounts, was he? You can either drop this foolishness now or get a good spanking in court. The choice is yours. I quite fancy taking the kids to Disneyland once this Covid stuff is finally over and it would only be sweeter if you were helping to finance it. After all should you proceed with this ridiculous claim I will be seeking an unreasonable costs order under CPR.27.14, as well as damages for a breach of GDPR as you accessed my information from the DVLA without any reasonable cause.
  11. Thanks for the quick responses to my post last night. I will draft a snotty letter and get it posted up here later today. With regards to the PAPLOC, it was just a one page letter, nothing on the back and no stupid forms to complete etc. The supposed overstay breach of terms is a mystery. At no point have they even said how long the overstay was. I find that funny given the IPA? guidelines saying there must be a minimum 10minutes grace period. The signage in the car park is very confusing and pitifully inadequate. If they are dumb enough to go all the way to court, it will give us plenty to put in our WS.
  12. Well it looks like these clowns are wanting to escalate matters. The latest letter arrvied in the post today. This time it was a PAPLOC. I guess that its time to start putting together a suitbale snotty letter response to them. Do I need to send the letter to both the Parking Coand the muppets they now have representing them? PAPLOC.pdf
  13. The latest begging letter arrived yesterday. They have kindly given my brother another 72hours to pay. Sadly for them, its just another 72 hours he gets to keep laughing at them. 11th Jan 2021.pdf
  14. Well the text messages seem to have stopped, but the threatogram letters are becoming almost weekly now. Here is the latest one from them. I see it is disguised to look like a PAPLOC, but isn't as its just them reccomending legal action again. Its almost at the stage where I want a proper letter before claim, so that I can send a snooty letter to them. 02 Jan 2021.pdf
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