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  1. The latest begging letter arrived yesterday. They have kindly given my brother another 72hours to pay. Sadly for them, its just another 72 hours he gets to keep laughing at them. 11th Jan 2021.pdf
  2. Well the text messages seem to have stopped, but the threatogram letters are becoming almost weekly now. Here is the latest one from them. I see it is disguised to look like a PAPLOC, but isn't as its just them reccomending legal action again. Its almost at the stage where I want a proper letter before claim, so that I can send a snooty letter to them. 02 Jan 2021.pdf
  3. Today saw the arrival of the latest begging letter (PDF Attached). The tone is the usual threatening stuff, but again not a Letter Before Claim. More worryingly though he is now receiving text messages from Credit Investigation Services about this. We have no idea how they have his phone number as he has ignored all communications with regards to this parking charge. Is there any advice on how to get them to stop texting/calling him? December 24th letter.pdf
  4. Honeybee thanks for re-opening the thread. On Friday my brother received another begging letter from these clowns. Though this one seemed a bit different. What do you all make of this one? I have advised him to carry on ignoring utile he receives a letter before claim. 08 dec (1).pdf
  5. If as you claim, you have had success with these cowboys cancelling parking charges before when challenged on POFA, just do as you have done before with this one and see if they cancel it. Do you have a letter from them you could share with the group, where they cancelled a previous charge, as it would be interesting to see.
  6. Like Nobby_v I am no expert, but it the NTK appears to make no mention of POFA so I fail to see how they can claim any keeper liability. When was the parking event and when did you receive the letter?
  7. I will ask.my brother. Normally I would go round an look at the letter, but obviously that's out of the question at the moment.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I thought the 2nd letter looked a wrong and like they were over hyping their imaginary powers.
  9. My brother has had a three more threatening letters. However this time from another Debt collection mob. The tone of these latest 3 (2 of which are identical and arrived on the same day) is even more threatening. I have told him to keep ignoring until he recieves a Letter before action or letter of claim. Letter (2 of 2).pdfLetter (1 of 2).pdf
  10. My brother received the attached letter on Saturday. I have told him that its just the next stage of the threatening letters and that its nothing to be worried about. Am I right in thinking that this is just another attempt at them to send a scary letter rather than a proper Letter Before Action. If they are stupid enough to issue a LBA or even a claim, I have done some research and can find no evidence of any planning permission for the land to even be a car park, let alone have any signage or pay machines etc. There is no keeper liability as the NTK doesnt comply
  11. My brother received a 2nd letter (see attachment) today regarding the PCN. This time the letter is from Ultimate Customer Solutions who appear to be a debt collecting agency and the fee has gone up to £160, presumably to pay for their unicorn food. I have advised him to ignore the letter again, but keep it for reference. I have also advised him under POFA they cannot add anything extra onto the original charge. Is this correct? 2nd letter.pdf
  12. I popped over to the car park this morning and took the pictures in the attached PDF. The terms and conditions they lay down seem very vague and make no mention of keeper liability or Overstaying. 1-merged (1).pdf
  13. Thanks for the detailed reply. I live near the car park, so will pop over there in the next few days to get some pictures. Up until about 18 months ago the car park was used as a yard for a business. I have searched the Hull City Council's website regarding planning applications for this site and can find no change of use application to change it to a public car park, or applications etc to erect signage and pay/display machines etc. I have advised my brother to ignore any letters other than a letter before claim, but to keep them and scan copies so he has a r
  14. Ok, I will advise him to ignore it for now. What sort of evidence do we need to gather? Will they be able to identify the driver via their photo's as he is panicking that they will. How likely is it that they will issue the letter of claim? Does anybody know if this company have a track record for this?
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