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  1. I haven't yet, although I will add him in during the inevitable complaints stage for then the JSA info doesn't arrive on time.
  2. Hello, it's been a long time. It took a while (until 2015) but the case did eventually just disappear from my MoneyClaim account never to be heard from again. I did feel BL snd Arrow had a lot of leeway - the case should have been removed long before. Couldn't have done it without the help of everyone on here, so you all have my eternal gratitude.
  3. Thanks Andy, As noted above this isn't a colossal debt by any stretch, it's just in dispute as it should be repaid. The line manager admitted that it was possible the money was taken from the JSA payments but not forwarded to the social fund. I tried to access bank statements from 2008 but unfortunately my internet banking statements don't go back that far - therefore my JSA SAR should disclose whether or not the weekly repayment was deducted at the time. Of course (noting your bold print) I have communicated with them every time this 'debt' has come up, including immediately by post/first class recorded this time around. They chose to ignore my communication and go ahead with the DEA because in their words 'we're just debt management we don't deal with that kind of thing' in regards to a formal complaint. The DWP departments are incapable of dealing with each other and actively block communication via email for no justifiable reason. The clock is ticking on the missing part of the SAR - particularly the JSA section. If they are unable to disclose whether or not the repayments were taken from my weekly JSA because they no longer hold the records (ridiculous when you consider they can chase debts until the end of time) then they are unable to prove I owe the money (and wide open for an ICO complaint).
  4. Additional update: I had a call back from the line manager. Apparently nobody can confirm they've received the written formal complaint, but it's possible it hasn't been processed yet. This letter was sent just under a month ago, to the address on the letter. The letter clearly stated they needed a response to halt action... but their internal systems are so useless they can't open a letter in time... but can still process a DEA with little bother. Anyway, he told me I need to phone the Social Fund department... and then write to them again. If the money does get taken and it transpires i paid it they claim they'll refund. Why the original letter didn't tell me to direct issues towards the Social Fund department is anyone's guess. Unfortunately I won't be able to slap a court-free DEA on the DWP's salary for it. "Sir, you spoke to us on the phone 3 years ago and we told you the money was owed". "Ok, but I wanted proof it was owed. You never provided it, just threw vaguley worded demands for £60 at me" It's like banging my head against a brick wall. I'm thankful it's only £60 and not thousands.
  5. This morning I received a letter stating the DWP is going for the DEA with my employer. I'm disgusted that they would do this while the debt is in dispute and I'm still missing most of my SAR. I immediately phoned their call centre, they confirmed they received my complaint but - get this - they forwarded it to a different department. I'm expecting a call back this afternoon from a 'line manager'. Assuming the JSA SAR ever appears, and it shows I've repaid all or most of this £60, what are my rights? This is what happens when you remove people's rights from the equation. If the courts were in the mix they would never behave like this.
  6. OK, I have an update. I've received part of my SAR - 'social fund'. Apparently in April 2008, when I began a three month stint on JSA before starting the job I've had to this day in July, I took out a £60 crisis loan. I honestly have no recollection of this, but there's a signed contract and it's my signature. Where this document has been when i've requested it before is anyone's guess. However... On the signed document for the £60 it clearly states in bold black print that £4.85 will be taken from my JSA weekly going forward. As noted above, I was claiming JSA for approx three months. This means the debt should have been cleared, or at the very least be only left with a few pounds. All I can do now is wait for the JSA part of the SAR to find out what happened to the reclaimed weekly deductions.
  7. Still waiting for a response. Everything sent via recorded delivery earlier this week. I would presume the chances of them ignoring both complaint and SAR and just going straight for the DEA are high?
  8. Minor update, SAR and complaint fired off via recorded post. Crazy that I can't email these things in this day and age! Will let you know if I get a response.
  9. I was on JSA in (I think) 2008. I had a job secured starting in July, and I had a few months with no temp work. I'm sure this was all levelled though and the DWP will never tell me what the debt is about. The letters just say 'you owe £60, pay it" with no indication of where this debt is from. I've contacted them numerous times over the years, they appear to have a record that I owe them £60, but no record of the how and why.
  10. Hi there, For years now, I've been receiving the same letter from the DWP. A vaguely-worded affair, it always tells me I owe the grand sum of £60 to them and to pay up. This usually results in a written response from myself, highlighting that I have no idea where this 'debt' is from and could someone shed some light on the subject. Nobody ever can. One year, I ignored the letter and ended up getting chased by a DCA, who soon passed the case back to the DWP because they couldn't tell me what the debt was for either. This happens every couple of years. I presume my complaints expire on their system and the DWP2000 Letter Machine starts the process again. Yesterday a letter popped through my door, but it would seem the laws have changed since our last correspondence (because we have a Tory government and that's the kind of nonsense they pull). It appears that, despite having no evidence of this debt, they can just go to my employer and take it from my salary. No court needed! No ethics needed either, I would seem. Wow. I've already put together a complaints letter the the Debt Management team, and filled out the SAR (just need to find someone with a printer as heaven forbid the DWP realises it's 2017 and starts dealing with emails). I should emphasise, £60 isn't a big deal, if I owed such a debt I would have no problem paying it. The fact is that I don't have any idea what this is for and nobody at the DWP ever tells me. If they had a case against me for it, they would have taken the money via the courts before the law changed, no? Thanks for reading, is the SAR and complaint enough or is there something else I can do?
  11. Just a quick update - i'm hanging on for pay day, when i'll send the SARs (the info request, not to be confused with the deadly illness). I'll keep you updated.
  12. Hi all, Just a quick post to thank you for your advice - I haven't got time to go through it properly until this evening but wanted to let you know it's appreciated. A couple of points missed from my first post: BCW wrote to me at a different address chasing up a bill that covered the time i'd vacated, followed procedure, paid up etc. The amount was the same as the default that has now appeared. At the time, I wrote to BG asking what was going on. They responded by sending me a bill that was an estimate and double what BCW were asking for (!). I wrote back to both (I only have the letter I sent to BCW on my computer, because it was five years ago and I presumed the matter long closed). BCW wrote back and said the matter was closed. That was the last I ever heard from either party regarding this until last week. I'm thinking i'll SAR before court action, just to see if they have any correspondence. I'm sure that, being BG, they won't and it will give me more leverage in small claims court? Thanks again, i'll have a through read through your advice this evening.
  13. Hi, Last year, after years of sorting out various financial messes, my credit rating was finally repaired. A couple of days ago, I logged into my credit report to see all of the fixing completely undone and a default from British Gas, from an old address in 2009, had appeared. This is the first time this mark/account has appeared on my file. The address is an old rented flat - after digging through my old correspondence, It appears I left the flat, notified them, paid up the final bill (letting agent wouldn't allow the deposit back if I didn't prove this) and then they tried to charge me for the period between vacating and a new tenant taking over because it's scientifically proven BG can't get anything right. Further digging shows Buchanan, Clarke & Wells sending me threatening letters for a gas bill a few months after vacating (Nov '09). I challenged their letter, because I didn't owe the money and they wrote to me and said no further action would be pursued. Sadly the only record I have is my own letter and memory of their response. Now it transpires the 'debt' - which covers when i had left the property, told the imbeciles at BG AND paid up my final bill/reading - has resurfaced five years later on my credit report out of nowhere, just a few months before I plan on buying a house (of course ). Where do I start to try and sort this mess out?
  14. Written response received! £12 fee removed, insistence (in writing) that credit record has not been marked, plus £20 to cover half hour mobile phone call. My phone calls to customer service couldn't be traced, apparently. Thanks all, especially CitizenB, for help and advice.
  15. I chased this up today, a written response is in the post and should be with me by mid-week.
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