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  1. Many thanks for your response The money has disappeared. To put it bluntly the executor had away with it and as the main beneficiary in a new will he would not have to explain himself. He has no power of attorney. They have challenged it but to mount a case takes a serious lot of money. I have already spent £10k to help them. The situation is complicated. Imagine a situation where all the horrible stories you have read about dodgy executors are rolled up together that is what my brother has to deal with Many Thanks Now you see why I want to stick to answers
  2. Hi there, Many thanks for all those who have offered help so far. Please excuse my clumsiness, but this is the first time I’ve used a forum such as this, so if I do make any more mistakes I apologise in advance. There are four brothers. A B, C and D. Three are beneficiaries in the Codicil. B, C and D. One of these is the executor. D A, me, is no longer a beneficiary, but I am attempting to help the other two beneficiaries. B and C The Codicil. A was removed as a beneficiary. B was removed as joint executor. D was made the sole executor. The will and Codici
  3. Hi there, many thanks for your very prompt response. It’s a rather confusing situation . I’ll try to give you the simple version. I was trying not to ask for too much info as I didn’t want to confuse. I was trying to ask the questions in order of import. Firstly, I was a beneficiary in the will, but not in the Codicil. The brother who instructed the solicitor is a beneficiary and also the named executor. The main problem is that there is a large sum of money missing . I became involved when the executor refused to answer questions from beneficiaries. I’m helpin
  4. This is an ongoing situation but now I’m I am confused. To start with I must say that I appreciate the meaning and intent of client confidentiality. A solicitor took a personal instruction from a brother (not the executor) I asked questions about our mother’s estate. They will not answer claiming client confidentiality. I asked the date and what authority he claimed when giving the instruction. They ignored my letter. I am now wondering if this is because he had no authority to deal with the estate. Any suggestions?
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