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  1. Well today I got a response to my complaint. In part, it said: Surely, if a new loan is issued, a new credit agreement is issued too? They have said this is their final response and invited me to complain to the FOS within six months.
  2. Nothing on paper. Its all via e-mail. Regardless, whatever their response is, it will be going to the Financial Ombudsman and cc'd to FCA
  3. Hi 10 days ago, I get sent an e-mail from MMF saying my debt is being referred to Moriarty Law. Ummm, OK then. I replied saying, "I have no knowledge, please provide agreement etc". 4 days later, I get e-mailed a copy of an agreement from Wageday Advance. The signature is dated 23 November 2012 and the credit limit is £120 I then asked for statement of account, breakdown of charges and notice of assignment. On 23 March, I get a very simple breakdown saying the loan date is 1 May 2013 and the original loan value was £330 Those two don't match. I asked if this debt was i
  4. I have never shown bank statements to a tenant. They have references from my current landlord and my employer. I would feel uncomfortable sharing my transaction details.
  5. There is often a lot of confusion, fear and trepidation when those of us with less than perfect credit files have to go through the process of being referenced and credit checked for a new tenancy. A simple google will show that there is conflicting information out there about what landlord and letting agencies can and cannot see. WHAT LANDLORDS CAN SEE When you are credit checked for a tenancy only the public data can be seen and shared: Electoral Roll CCJs Bankruptcies Name/DOB confirmation WHAT LANDLORDS CANNOT SEE Any private credit data is not allowed to be sh
  6. They have filed for a CCJ for a debt of £59? These people are all kinds of wrong.
  7. Will do on Monday and post recorded. I'll keep this thread updated.
  8. I may have done but thrown it away. Should I ask for a copy of notice of default and notice of assignment?
  9. I'm afraid I do not know
  10. Hi I can remember taking the card out. This would be around 2005/6. Around this time I was high as a kite. I was diagnosed with rapid-cycling manic depression and was on a course of Olanzapine and Lithium so a lot of things I did back then I cannot quite remember.
  11. I will try and do that at work on Monday
  12. Hi The last payment according to them was via a collection agency of £10 on 12 August 2009. When I actually last paid HSBC I have no idea. The list of things in the pack is: Application Form Credit Card Agreement Terms - Original Credit Card Agreement - Notice of Variation Credit Card Agreement - Current Terms The old address which was written on the application form was indeed my address at the time.
  13. Hello again Big delay in this as i have just received in the post this morning a big pack from MKDP about this HSBC credit card. The letter from MKDP considers this a final response to my concerns. Inside is what they consider to be a "list of payments made in recoveries" and "reconstituted copy of credit card agreement." Intriguingly, the credit card application has an old address of mine hand written into it where it says "signature". I have checked my credit file and this debt does not show. Presumably because it defaulted so long ago. So I was thinking of asking MKDP fo
  14. They are registered with The Law Society and accredited by the Solicitors' Regulation Authority so I assume there are a "real law firm"
  15. He had Provident for a while too I think but he paid her off. The guy always came round on a Monday and the dates that Shopacheck sent Merliglen match up to Mondays. And the amounts paid match what the agreement said was to be paid every week. I just thought that one letter from Moriarty Law (who, even though in Guildford, gave Old Bailey as an address on their letter which was weird) led to a CCJ was quick going.
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