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Found 10 results

  1. Bank account holders who are tricked into transferring money to fraudsters could be entitled to reimbursement if they have acted with the "requisite level of care" under proposed new rules. Latest figures show consumers lost £92.9m to authorised push payment (APP) sc@ms in the first half of 2018 - but unlike victims of other types of fraud such as credit or debit card [problem]s they are currently not entitled to be repaid by payment providers. A body set up to address the issue has now proposed changing this, though it has yet to resolve who will pay for the compensation in cases where banks have also acted with due care. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/transfer-[problem]-victims-could-reimbursed-021200979.html
  2. As the title says, here goes. First a little background. I've recently started my own business and opened up my own shop. I'm quite young to have done such a thing but I felt the time was right. I'd had the premises for a month and was waiting for a letter from whoever supplied the previous tenants electricity, so I could look into energy contracts etc. which never arrived (which only made me anxious anyway). Fast forward to a couple of days ago, on the day before the shop opening, tensions were running high, stress at getting the finishing touches done when I get a phone call out of the blue from 'Jake'. He stated that he worked with APR Energy and was in charge of handling my energy contracts alongside the estate agent and demanded to know why I hadn't responded to any of their correspondence. Caught offguard, I said that I had been waiting for it and hadn't received anything. His tone immediately changed. He said that I was currently with NPower and I was on some astronomically high out-of-contract rate and that he had called to get me on a better deal. Foolishly, I believed him and he rattled off that he had searched through deals and the cheapest he could find was with 'Opus Energy' and had I heard of them. I replied no. He continued on with his spiel and managed to extract my details out of me and then recorded me verbally agreeing to a 3-year energy contract with Opus Energy before I even knew what was going on. Towards the end of the call, he pushed that if anyone else called, to hang up and not talk to them. He was so pushy that it was THEN I realised that something was wrong. When the phone call ended, I googled Opus Energy and pages upon pages have come up recounting the exact same scenario that I've just explained. I called back on the number he called me on a couple of hours later to cancel, but strangely another man 'Jonathan' (who sounded an awful lot like Jake) denied any knowledge of Jake, or third-party energy brokers. He did say, that he would look at any paperwork that came onto his desk and if my name came up he would put a note on it and he would get back to me on Monday. (I took out the contract on Friday). Needless to say he never called, so I called him again today and he told me to call Opus and get it sorted. Now Opus Energy are giving me the run-around and are 'going to check the recording', when I know that all that has been recorded is the verbal contract and not the start of the call in which Jake told a torrent of lies. I know that I was totally mis-sold this contract by 'fraudulent misrepresentation' under the Misrepresentation Act 1967. He stated I was with NPower. After calling Power Distribution, they informed me that no, the previous owners were with Scottish Power. He stated that he worked alongside my estate agent. They have also confirmed this is false. And because of what he claimed, I was induced into taking out a contract. I have no idea, what else I can do. It's my first business and this whole farce is worrying me sick. I never wanted to go with Opus in the first place and I feel completely cheated. I admit, I should never have been so stupid and gullible to have fallen for his charade and I certainly won't ever be as stupid again. Is there anything else I can do to cancel this contract? Thanks.
  3. Advice please guys In 2012 took a phone contract out with EE and returned phone within a week back to shop simply as no reception In 2014 I had a few debt collection letters all of which went in bin Late 2014 I moved to a new house and started getting letters at new house early in 2015 from Lowell finance all of which went in bin Yesterday I came home to a letter from Lowell solicitors stating a CCJ had been obtained and a court order of £50 a month payment had been missed I rung Lowell solicitors for proof of the CCJ and was given a date and case number I rung Northampton court and was shocked to find the court was aware of my address and there was a £50 repayment order made a month earlier Speaking to court I protested first I knew of this the court official stated Lowell had supplied the address I moved from in 2014 to court and all papers went there, then after obtaining the CCJ they updated court records to my new address The lady at court mentioned 2 ways to deal with this I can pay £250 to get CCJ set aside or inform Lowell of their mistake and they should set the CCJ aside and realist the case I rung Lowell solicitors and they stated they haven't broken any rules will not set the case aside and now a contract exists between us implementing ongoing late payment fees My debt currently stands at over £800 and rising, I'm on benefits and cannot raise the £250 I feel Lowell finance have mislead the court by providing a false address knowing they would win a CCJ and repayment plan so they can collect more fees Help please
  4. I was recently tricked into agreeing to a new three year energy contract with Opus Energy by a broker who led me to believe they were calling on behalf of my energy supplier, e.On UK Energy Services Ltd. When someone called and identified themselves as calling from UK Energy Services Ltd (note the similar name; my hearing isn't good), told me I was on a residential contract (true) and should be on a business one (true), I went along with them and agreed to switch to the business contractor, Opus Energy, thinking they were still part of e.On. I was wrong. Unfortunately, this misunderstanding persisted long enough for me to agree to the switch; by the end of the call I had realised something was wrong and started to protest so they put me through to their manager who informed me there was no cooling off period whatsoever and nothing I could do. I emailed them the moment I received their confirmation email stating I wasn't happy. No response; they had their recording of the moment I accepted the contract and as far as they were concerned I was now going to be with Opus Energy for the next three years. I was well and truly tricked. After doing some research online, the next thing I did was call Opus Energy that afternoon, who spent a long time arguing that 'their lawyers' knew that this method of selling was completely airtight, fair, and reasonable, and there was nothing I could do. They were extremely pushy and unreasonable, but in the end I spoke to someone who said that there was one possible solution: I could call my current supplier and object to the transfer. Since it was scheduled for 8th August (the date of this sorry business was 27th July) I would have enough time to raise an objection before they tried to take over my supply - but it would be best to call them that week because they would make their first request in August. I did not know at this time that the transfer request had already been made. Opus vindictively wasted my time by telling me a lie and letting me think I was able to stop the transfer, when they knew that it was already going to go through. This is disgusting behaviour. I consequently called e.On - at 17:15 the same day I spoke to the broker - and made a formal complaint saying I had been tricked into a new contract by a broker with a similar name. I also asked to be moved to a business contract with them, because I was advised that this would help support my complaint. Fine, they were less pushy than Opus so I'd be happy to be in a contract with them (especially as I thought that was what I was agreeing in the first place). I called them again the day after (28th July) to follow up and confirm the contract. This would give me plenty of time, I thought, before Opus requested the transfer of my supply. A few days later an engineer came unannounced to our premises from Opus Energy to fit a new meter. No need, I told him, we were staying with e.On. He left after making a note following the visit. Flash forward to today - we received an invoice from Opus. Surprised, I called e.On only to be told that we were no longer their customer; they had tried to protest the switch but because it was requested before I called them on 27th July the objection failed and Opus were allowed to take over our energy supply. Their records say the loss notice was received on 0:00 that morning before the broker even called me, Opus says their records put it as mid-afternoon (not sure of the exact timing of all the calls I made that day), but either way the result is the same. e.On apologised and listened to my complaint but because they were no longer the supplier it was impossible for them to take us back without Opus Energy's approval. So I called Opus again, pretty annoyed at this point. The amount of time I have wasted on this problem had already been significant. This time, I ignored their sales team and said I wanted to make a formal complaint. I was put through to the customer care team who seemed very pushy (a trait I am rapidly coming to associate with the brand) and assured me that a full investigation would take place and I would hear from them over the next five days. A delaying tactic, no doubt, when they already know how upset I am and I have never disputed that the original call recording of the agreement exists. I know I was tricked. That's not the point. I still believe that the contract was mis-sold and wish to stay with my original supplier, all the more now that I know their sales team lied to me about preventing the transfer in order to shut me up. They protest every time I refer to UK Energy Services Ltd as 'their broker' but the actions of the actual Opus staff have been little better; as long as they have this recording of me blearily accepting this contract they insist that there's nothing I can do and feed me time-wasting lies to try to discourage me from complaining. The customer care rep was forceful and 'reassuring' but her words were calculatedly chosen to promise nothing, and I fully expect to wait the requisite five days only to hear that actually, 'the lawyers' say the contract is solid and there's nothing I can do but wait out the three year contract and grind my teeth. Nothing they have done so far has led me to believe otherwise. I do not deny that I was stupid for agreeing to the deal and not checking who Opus Energy were (Monday mornings aren't my most alert times), but the way I'm being treated by Opus has been manipulative and calculated to break my spirit so I'll stop protesting and stay with them. Forcing customers to stay with you is a terrible way to do business and I am at the end of my tether after wasting so much time already trying to get them to exercise basic common sense. The stupid thing is that I would have been perfectly happy to have moved my contract to them if they had treated me better from the start. As it is, whether I have to stay in the prison of this mis-sold contract for three years or not you can bet I'm never going back afterwards. A terrible, terrible experience with a terrible, terrible supplier. And don't get me started on the broker who caused this sorry chain of events in the first place. I shall of course be escalating this complaint as far as I can in the next three years, but I implore Opus to step in and set things right as soon as possible. Since their internal system is designed to stifle complaints, I'm airing mine here instead.
  5. Hi, Today enforcment agents came to my home asking for a person that dosent live here for a year now. I made a mistake by letting them in. They said they had the right to take any goods to disharge the debt the person has. I explained to them that he dosent live here, show all my documents including tennancy contract, bills, etc. They still said they are going to take the goods and then i need to send the documents to the council to get my items back or i can pay the sum and they are going to leave. They send i can get refund from the council as soon as i provide the documents. I paid the 400 pound debt and they left. Is their action legall? Can they charge diffrent person for fine he dosent own? They took the money from my debit card. Thank you for any help or advice!
  6. Just been had by BES, wish i researched them before hand. I've been had by these BES also. Is there a way of getting out of the contract quickly ? Hi, Been tricked into a 5yr contract with BES by a broker, 'Concept Industries'. Called BES to be released from said contract, but can't. Any help is appreciated for a quick solution. Thanks KB
  7. My friend decided to take over her ex-boss' small business after her boss retired - rather than face losing her job. She has borrowed heavily to do this. Unfortunately, she is a very naive and trusting person and did not realise that people would be trying to exploit her. She let "a very nice saleswoman who was so helpful and understanding" talk her into signing a contract to provide her with a service that was going to help my friend make money. My friend signed a contract after this saleswoman explained the contract to my friend thoroughly. My friend also provided her bank details. Then, a lot more money started going out of my friend's account than she expected and the service is not making her any money. When she rang the company to ask them to explain, they told her that the saleswoman no longer worked for them. They did send my friend a credit note for some of her money but, her account has not been credited for any amount, at all. I looked at the contract and it is definitely NOT what my friend was told it was. It is a hire agreement and ties my friend to the contract for a "fixed period" of over 3 years and will cost her thousands of pounds. The contract also mentions several different clauses that are not included with the page my friend signed - so we both have no idea what else is included. Instead, this "agreement" threatens my friend with interest charges, extra costs, repossession and losing her credit worthiness if she does not continue to pay up. My friend is absolutely terrified of losing her good credit history. Yet they have access to take whatever money they want from her account. I have tried Googling the company to find out more about them and they do not have a nice reputation for dealing with dissatisfied customers. Also, the company is currently in Administration. How can my friend get out of this contract? She trusted the saleswoman and felt that it would have been rude to stop and read the contract before-hand!!! Also, is this company allowed to make long-term contracts whilst in Administration? Please help. My friend is currently losing money and this contract is not helping her at all.
  8. Hi folks, I'm hoping someone can help, I've had great and helpful advice before. I was in London for work on the 12/08/2014 and was trying to park near to UCLH. In heading for a certain car park I came to the junction (pictured and circled) and was stuck. As I approached, I could see this was a one way street, I could only go ahead but due to the bus in front of me I cant see this until I have nowhere to turn. So, rather than avoid the big red C by making a hazard of myself (a 3 point turn here would have been a disaster) I went across and got out ASAP using the route marked out. It was the quickest way back out. Unfortunately, I was recorded as having entered and have since been sent a PCN issued the 16th and now have until 2nd Sept before the fine is doubled. I want to log an appeal but wanted any advice before I do so to make my appeal as strong as possible. It feels a bit crumby, if I had just turned in with plenty of other options then fine but at that junction I had no options... Thanks in advance guys
  9. Recently my partner replied to a job advert "Financial Services Officer". Basically the job was about receiving money trough Giro transfer into personal account and transfer them further using Western Union. The company issued all terms and conditions, invoices for transactions, they have a website which is still online and they are registered in the UK. My partner did two transactions for this company, for £1600 total. After that Santander locked her account due to suspicious activity. The company ceased contact after finding that out and Santander started investigation. No one ever contact my partner in regards to this investigation, no one asked for any documents nor details of her employer. It was just decided that her account will be closed and that she will need to pay a 'readjustment fee' of £1600 as the money was fraudulent. The bank recognises that she might not have been knowingly committing fraud but from their point of view she is held responsible. We appealed from the decision however the bank did not agree to re-investigate. No one seems to be interested, Police, Action Fraud, no one. Only Revenues registered a complaint against the fraudulent company, however their website and job advert still stands (tech-inserviceltd.com - beware!). What can we do?
  10. Hi there everyone, I know its late but hope someone is awake and can give me a little advice. I had a £2000 debt with HSBC, passed to Metropolitan collection services and communications began. I researched other people's advice to get written communications and take details of any phone contact. Mid September I offered £500 as a full and final settlement figure, which they accepted via a letter from them, dated 18th September giving me a deadline of 15th September!! Of course, making it impossible to pay. I called and they realised the error. They said they would have to extend the offer. I called back several days later and they confirmed the offer was extended until the 25th, so I paid the original £500 and clarified that is was a full and final settlement. They agreed, and explained that my file would be marked as partially satisfied. I paid over the phone, got the receipt number and requested a confirmation through the post. Nothing! So I called tonight, and the agent said that my balance was £1500 (after my £500) payment, that the account was under 'investigation' and that her system was shutting down at 9pm so would have to call in the morning. Am I worrying unecessarily or have they totally robbed me of £500 and used it to pay off just £500 0f that £2000 after agreeing that it was to be a full and final settlement figure? Please someone help, its going to be a looooong night!
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