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  1. Hi all, long time no see! Got a letter from Kensington today regarding my mortgage and a change in interest rate from 2.84% to 2.34%. When Ive had these in the past it has always reflected in my monthly mortgage payment but this time the payment is staying exactly the same. There are no arrears (and never have been) on the account. Does anyone know if theres a reason for this or is it Kensington trying to pull a fast one? I should add that its a straight repayment type mortgage. Cheers all.
  2. Ah Lantern? The wife has recently got one of their demands for a debt that's around 5 months off becoming SB. Are these people desperate or have they bought a lemon portfolio? Anyway, shouldn't be too hard to play a little letter tennis if they up the game a bit just to get it over the six years.
  3. Thanks for the advice dx, that's coming next because some of them are dubious loan companies.
  4. Hi Francis, sorry Ive only just seen this but Ill tell you what has happened to date. As Ive already said, my son began paying £120 a month to them with very little understanding of what they were supposed to be doing other than some vague promise of having some of his debts written off in the near future. At that time there were also vague promises of some sort of DMP being set up after 12 months of him paying this money but nothing was ever put into writing - it was always promises by phone calls. He had 9 separate creditors amounting to around £
  5. Hi guys, thanks for the replies. From what I’ve read myself it looks like he will be ok saying he put it in the other shops bins. I have however told him not to enter into any conversation with them as I’ve read a few stories of how they try to lead you into a conversation that will give them a passage to prosecute. Anyway, let’s see what happens and I’ll get back with the outcome.
  6. Hi All, just wanted your opinions on this please. A local takeaway owner applied to the Local Authority for a commercial waste bin. Eventually he got one but it took a month to get it. In the meantime, two other shops allowed him to put his rubbish in their commercial bins until his was delivered. Soon after getting his bin, he was contacted by the Local Authority in which they accused him of fly-tipping as one black bag of his rubbish had been found on a local nature reserve with details of his shop inside. He says that he cannot understand how only one bag was p
  7. Thanks dx, these iPads aren’t very good! I’ll have a word about him joining up.
  8. That’s what I thought too. It seems that those payments are just to see if there are any reasons to challenge the validity of the Agreements. There’s no mention of anything resembling a DMP until after that period and even if that happened, I’m sure there would be further, maybe hefty fees. One thing I forgot to mention though, the guy on the phone told my family member it would be pointless challenging the Agreements on their cars, even though one is at the one-third payments mark and one is just over halfway. I suggested a VT on the one that is now halfway through the
  9. Thanks for the reply bankfodder. I agree with what you say but barristers or not, there is still an amount of vagueness on their website. You would think that people like these would be very clear about their services. Especially about what may happen after their 12 x £120 payments of which all is their fees. It made me wonder just how many creditors would be quite happy to have payments suspended for 12 months and only after that period enter into debt-reducing negotiations?
  10. Hi guys, nice to be here again. Just after some advice because I smell a rat! A family member is looking to enter a DMP. He’s found the above firm online and approached them. They purport to be a firm of lawyers/barristers and are relatively new so there’s not a lot of information on the internet about them. However, I’m extremely dubious regarding their methods, this is what they’ve told him so far- In the first instance he stops paying his debts now and they give him a reference number to quote when the phone calls start. He will pay nothing to his creditors for th
  11. Hi guys, About a year ago my daughter in Law was reversing out of a parking bay in her local Tesco car park. As she was doing so another driver came up fast behind her and there was a very minor collision (nothing more than scuff marks). They exchanged details and when she got home she informed her insurance company (Hastings). They duely recorded her account of what happened, told her not to worry about it and that they would probably ask Tesco for any CCTV evidence they may have. That was the last she heard of it until yesterday. Shes now received a letter from some so
  12. Hi dx, yes do what you want. Its been that long since I posted I had forgotten it began with Barclays etc.
  13. Hi all, this a long overdue update regarding the battle between me and Citi regarding their error of refunding my ex wholly on a joint account. I think Im going to give up the ghost on this one because they are adamant that although they originally made the mistake, they are not going to be held responsible for putting it right, - HOWEVER------ This morning I got two letters from Canada square ( who are dealing with Citi claims). One letter contained a covering letter addressed to me telling me once again to get stuffed, we are not putting it right, now please go away and leave us alone
  14. Hi all, after 3 attempts, GE Money have FINALLY sent me a working SAR. First disc wouldnt recognise the password, second disc was completely blank! Anyway, Ive spent most of the morning going through this stuff and it doesnt look like they hit me for any insurances. But going right back to the beginning of the mortgage there is a list of charges that Im not sure about so could anyone advise if any of these might be reclaimable? Purple Loans Arrangement Fee £352.00 Lenders Legal Fee £170.38 First National Completion Fee £100.00 Insurance Fee £25 ( for processing documents relatin
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