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  1. I thought that but then the fine would be approx £35, and on the letter it says "this sum represents the fare and administration charge of £45.00"
  2. Yeah I know that but it says on their website: Q. When do Penalty Fares apply? A. If you board a Chiltern Railways train without a valid ticket for your entire journey (from a station where ticket-buying facilities are available) you are liable to pay a Penalty Fare. You will also have to pay the full undiscounted fare for the rest of your journey. Penalty Fares regulations apply on all our services. The Penalty Fare is £20 or twice the appropriate full single fare to the next station stop, whichever is the greater. If, for any reason, a penalty fare is not issued when yo
  3. Almost two weeks ago (Sunday 18th) I was travelling from Aylesbury to Marylebone a ticket inspector came round, when I gave him my ticket realised I had left my 16-25 railcard at home. I was annoyed at myself and tried my best not to take it out on him as I knew it was my fault (although I did hope a bit of discretion might have been used), I asked what the fine was and if I had to pay the difference between 16-25 and full fare or more, and said do I pay now. He just said no (didn't really answer my question but I didn't really have the desire for a long conversation wi
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