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  1. Hi There, I was wondering if anyone can help me with a situation that involves myself and my x partner. I will try explain this as best as I can. I had been with my partner nearly 5 years when are relationship had broken down. We have two children together aged 2, 5 and did live in rented accommodation. When we separated it was mutual and was not messy, part of the separation was my job I work away and long hours. We separated two years ago and she like any single mother claimed benefits for herself. As a good father I would visit my children as often as I could, I would stay over sometimes and while I was home spend as much time as I could with them, as I am still very good friends with the mother we in regular contact. Both myself and my x partner are both still single. When I am not working away my place of rest is my mothers. -She pays council tax -She pays housing rate -She pays her shopping -I provide maintenance money Two weeks ago she had a meeting (interview under caution) with the DWP who had two (investigators) grill her for over an hour about her personal situation, rather nasty and rude but she explained the truth that I am actively involved and do visit the children to this I did not think they liked as the sort of wanted her to confess to something! It turns out that the evidence was based on a data match as they had the following documents of mine at her house: -Bank Letter -Sky Bill -Phone bill **These had been setup whilst I was living there and simply had never changed.** Car finance document. The car finance document was harder for her to explain, as most of my mail was still at my x partners when we split up they would only consider financing me against an address with some form of history, So i used my x address for this. Funny they did not mention her sending me money which she often does if she cant get to the shops for food she will send money and ask me to get these items. (But i assume they never had her bank statments) After the interview they demanded to know my parents address, she did not know it fully as she moved from say Liverpool to Manchester but drew them the address on paper they also wanted my employer details which she said she did not know.. She collected the kids back from me in tears and scared that she had done something wrong, she still is in fear and now not eating! said it was like they where not happy with my answers (i assume it was not what they wanted to hear and gave them nothing to go off) The interviewer who had seen her wanted information on me, I went to the job centre hours later and spoke to him, he immediately wanted to take me into a private room which I agreed. He was scared of me as naturally I deal with people for a living I led the conversation in which he would give no comment, my objectives to speak to him where originally to give me my details but when I could see how rude and sneaky he was I gave him the no comment and the interview quickly broke down and I left. Today they visited my parents and questioned them, as my parents both hold professional jobs connected in some way to the government they told them the truth. I stay at the house, I have a room, I pay board and I have lived on off there since 2002, I can be there one night and then away and then back there days later there Is no pattern. My parents quite rightly have given me an earful as they feat they may be involved now as they hold professional jobs they no longer will speak to the DWP. They offered to show them my room etc.. but they declined? This leads me on two my bigger questions and to see if anyone can help me? From the above and visits to parents house, as this claim is against my partner not me (they must have little to go off from what she told them at the interview) 1) Is this legal (my personal rights and family) 2) Is visiting my parents legal 3) The issue is with me rather than my x partner why cant they deal with me? 4) I hold a professional position with a company and I fear that them asking or poking around could somewhat possibly lead me out of a job! I I am at the point where I will pay to look after her, if it means I can see my children. She is that scared she has begged me that she wants to come off the benefits and can I pay for her, which is madness as much as I want to help her I have my own life to live! Can anyone help shed some light on this situation and advise me how I should move forward with this? Many thanks!
  2. When I was caught using my mom's freedom pass, 'the caution' was read to me AFTER I answered all the questions and was asked to sign the notes. I was NOT asked to review the notes just to sign. Is it how it is supposed to be done? After the questions and my signature the caution followed and I just felt sick. The officer offered free legal advice but I refused because I was mentally and physically unable to continue. Can I still request free legal advice should I go to court? I think I wasnÂ’t informed that I DID NOT have to answer the questions WITHOUT legal adviser. My mind is pretty fuzzy on the above but this is what I remember. In hindsight I would have answered everything with a free lawyer but to be honest I think I answered everything truthfully anyway... but: Was the caution read to me legally in this order? Should I mention it in my apology letter? With a case number saying to fill in the form on the reverse of the letter with plead guilty or not guilty within 10 days – no intention to prosecute yet. I intend to plead guilty because I did commit this offence. If I accept committing the offence I need to provide any exceptional reasons as to why they should not prosecute me. They stopped me just after I crossed the tube gates at Northolt station so I didn't have a chance to actually make any journey. After all the questioning they let me out and I went back in using my credit card. I only have 4 days to reply as I only received it today (I was checking the post ever since the incident – it took them only 4 days to write it to me – is it a bad sign?) so I only have a week to reply L. So please can you help me understand: What the legal consequences will be? I am talking about worst case scenario. I am pretty sure I will be prosecuted, will be given a criminal record, huge fine (how much do you think?) but will not be jailed as this is my first offence? Or am I wrong and can get to prison? Will my employer need to know? Will I get fired? If this happens can I appeal and how? [*]My exceptional reasons (I guess these are the mitigating circumstances) is my mental illness. I have suffered from depression, anxiety, associated disorders and side effects caused by being on antidepressants for about 10 years – all is GP documented. As a result I have suffered from frequent serious disorders – just imagine the worst for a depressed person as I donÂ’t feel like providing such details. In addition I recently started a therapy to stop smoking and the side effects of the medicine are severe and are not helping my mental state. Especially the last 2 years have been very hard for me, I lost my job, my person life crumbled, I had difficulty getting out of bed and so onÂ… and finally 3 weeks ago I found a job (which again added a lot of stress as I want to keep it at all costs) and I was caught only after 2 weeks of working. [*]I was asked if it was my first time: I honestly donÂ’t know and this is what I answered. My mom and I keep exchanging bags and stuff and I have been too stressed out to check which card I had in my bag – they have the same cases. So the worst case scenario is that I have been using it since January/February this year but irregularly like 1-3 times a week or weeks of not using it at all. [*]‘the cautionÂ’ Was read to me after I answered all the questions and was asked to sign the notes. I was not asked to review the notes just to sign. Later came the caution and I just felt sick. He offered free legal advice but I refused because I was mentally and physically unable to continue. I think I wasnÂ’t informed that I didnÂ’t have to answer the questions without legal adviser. My mind is pretty fuzzy on the above but this is what I remember. In hindsight I would have answered everything with a free lawyer but to be honest I think I answered everything truthfully anyway but: Was the caution read to me legally in this order? I.e. after I answered all the questions and was asked to sign the notes without reviewing them? ​ [*]Apology letter I intend to write everything that happened, the card/bag mix up, my mental issues, plead guilty, apologise, ask not to be prosecuted, not to get a criminal record, settle out of court, offer the payment of all the associated fees and penalty etc. Does it sound right? Should I add something about the caution that to me should have been read at the beginning? Should I add anything else to help my case? ​ Thank you very much for reading this! As you can imagine I am losing my mind, I am scared, terrified I overmedicate so that I donÂ’t have to thinkÂ… any words of wisdom will help so please, I am begging you help me if you can.
  3. I am posting on behalf of a neighbour, not sure if anyone can help here as its beyond me. Husband and wife window company, based at home. They were both working in the business until 3 years ago. Sadly their youngest child was born very ill and she was doing less and less and less work. They claimed carers allowance and took on a part time bookkeeper. The wife hours were reduced and the wages dropped to reflect this. Last year, the accountant upped her wages to be above the threshold and for 10 months they have been claiming illegally. They were not aware of this as the accountant doesn't send weekly wage slips and the wage is more of an entry into the books rather than an actual sum paid into an account each week/month. The accountant has told them that he knew about the benefits and forgot. He refuses to put this in writing! As a layman it seems that they are very naive, trusted an accountant and landed themselves in hot water without going out to defraud the system. Anyone have any advice and able to recommend a specialist solicitor?
  4. Purchased a sofa from @sofology. They were very clear in the shop, once you get the delivery text you must have arranged for delivery to take place within 7 days Text came Thursday 9th June with "Great news your sofa is now ready for delivery..." so due to work commitments and based on the statements made in the shop I arranged to have the old one removed, assuming worst case we would have 1 week without sofa. Went to arrange delivery to be told sofa would not be in their warehouse until 11th July with delivery after that. Called the call centre to be told yes that's correct, you obviously read the message wrong, seriously it's my fault? After a lot of time they did offer a loan sofa, but my wife suffers from significant respiratory issues and can't be near anything that has had smoke or pets, so the loan sofa was advised as not an option and told why, but that seems to be the end of their support. I now have to go and buy some chairs to sit on while we wait the 6 weeks with sofology absolving themselves of any responsibility. My big problem is that they did not even admit the text was sent in error, just I read it wrong. So as I say a word of caution, don't get caught out the way I did.
  5. hii i have been caught in john lewis store for shoplifting of £42 been stopped by security and they had called police was told will be called by one of the colleague i had a called and been interview under caution was having no idea about that yesterday had interview but was not aware of all this i had admitted that i had done it as i did it so dont want to get a penalty and a note: i had been caught shoplifting before and had paid a penalty as dont want to risk it but i m being destressed after this so kindly need your help like how much time for investigate and what's the result type thanks
  6. Hi there, Please help me. I'm terrified right now. I received a letter out of nowhere yesterday saying that I was being investigated and interviewed under caution for alleged undeclared work. It is in 2 weeks time. No other information than that. Just that it would be under caution. I feel like a criminal when I read that. Of course I rang up to say that I would be attending - the man on the phone was horrible and cold and downright rude - refused to give me any more information. I am signed off work long term sick due to mental health problems and currently on ESA (have been for many years) as wellas housing benefit and council tax benefit - I have had mental illness problems since my early teens but I had a nervous breakdown last year which made things a whole lot worse. My head went totally west. My partner looked after me single handedly for the whole of last year. He worked for two weeks so we could have a Christmas because of the horrible year we both had, even though he was not fit for work at that time. My partner is named on my ESA claim and worked 2pm-10pm Monday to Friday for 2 weeks from the end of November until mid-December as he also has depression and anxiety and really couldn't do it anymore. I sent the DWP the payslips as soon as he had finished work in December. I heard nothing back from them so I thought they had received them and everything was okay. I sent the original payslips which I realise now was a really bad decision as I can't now resend them. I wasn't in the right headspace during this as recently I'd had a total mental collapse - I was in a really bad place. I automatically assumed they would get them so sent them as quickly as possible. He has worked every Christmas since 2014 for no more than four weeks a time and hasn't had any employment other than Christmas work in a financial year. We have always sent the payslips. Always heard nothing back so assumed we were under the threshold that we can earn and that we wouldn't have any money deducted because of this. We are not criminals. Neither of us have ever had a criminal record. I'm terrified of going to prison just because for some reason they must not have received the payslips. I can't sleep right now because of the fear of going to prison. There was no fraud or deception involved. That wasn't our intention at all. Far from it. We have always been honest from the start. I made a stupid decision by sending the original payslips that I can't now resend and I was neglectful with that because of my illness. I am still on diazepam and have been for 11 months since my breakdown (as is my partner more recently) and also I see my psychiatrist every two months as well as my partner is on the waiting list to see a psychiatrist. I/We don't deserve to go to prison because the payslips were lost. I always assumed that no news is good news and that they would write to us if anything was amiss. If they have lost the payslips - I don't deserve to be sent to prison because of that. We don't have the money to hire a solicitor and we are pretty much estranged from both of our families so we have to go through this alone. We really need some advice. To receive a letter like this is really scary and this has made me really paranoid that the DWP have been watching us because of the new Snoopers Charter. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Terrified right now. This is a big part of why I am awake at 4am in the morning. I just can't sleep through fear of them sending me to prison for this. :|:| :frown: Please help because I am at my wits end. Only positive responses please. xxxxx
  7. Hi all I'm new here and desperately seeking some advice. I've phone 3 local solicitors and not 1 has got back to me. Anyway, I have received a letter from the jobcentre asking me to attend an interview under caution about my claim for income support and that they want to talk to me about a partner I live with. Now I only claim income support as I live in my own home which is a joint mortgage with my ex partner. Now, I'm thinking this could be 1 of 2 things. Firstly I have a boyfriend who comes over and stays every now and then. He had his own place until November last year as he couldn't afford to live in a for bed house on his own so has moved to his sisters. His name is on no bills at his sisters address except his driving license and his car insurance. Now the other thing I think it could be and am pretty sure it could be, is like I said I have a joint mortgage still with my ex and it's for the house I am currently living in. We sperated due to domestic violence. He was bailed to his parents address in 2015 (he didn't change his address over to there if I'm correct). Sometimes he paid the mortgage and I paid the bills and a few months I paid money into his account towards the mortgage. He tried to get me off mortgage and then tried buying me out so the bank only wanted him to pay the mortgage for xxxx amount of months and told me not to pay anything for mortgage. He met someone else in that time and moved in with her around Feb/march last year. We came to an agreement that I would stay in the house (we have a physically disabled daughter and the house is fully adapted to meet her needs) we agreed I would pay £400 a month towards mortgage into his account and the remaining £250 would be a maintenance payment but used to make up the rest of the mortgage payment. We agreed it to be paid from his account as it's easier for it to come out as one lump payment each month and he sends me a screen shot each month. The life insurance and home insurance are still in both our names for obvious reasons. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated because at the moment I've got no where with any legal advice and the interview is on Tuesday morning.
  8. Hi all Background My 12 year old son has a condition called Sinusitis. This is where he has severe Head aches, in the morning, gradually decreasing through out the day. He has been off since late January. He has been for a M R I scan to check his brain, all came back clear. So now it has been referred too County, Missing Education and Child Employment department. We have a meeting scheduled,on May 9th. 1- Has anyone been through one of these meetings and can Offer advise. 2- I have been informed that at the start of the meeting, We will be cautioned, 3- Do I have to accept this caution, ( I assume this is a caution the Police use ) 4- Would it be prudent to Record the meeting, either covertly or in the open. I would appreciate any advise as I have a feeling we will be stitched up. all I want is a resolution, and help for my son. Leakie
  9. Hi, all the charges are in my husbands name I did not know about them until they had already gone to court and been put on the property, they have been on the house since 1997 heard nothing from two of them no request for payment or anything since 2000 but one is with Adams & Sons and they contacted my husband last year have a lovely letter from them saying that they are going to get a local estate agent to drive passed my house to do a valuation then try to force me to sell it their charge is for £5000 offered them £2000 but they said no and havnt heard from them since. scrudge
  10. Hello everyone. About 4.5 years ago I was caught stealing some clothing from a high street store (tough period of my life, which I am luckily out of now. It was done to sell on to try and pay some bailiffs) The police were called, I was arrested and given a caution. I didn't have to pay an £80 fine. I'm going to apply for a job now and as far as I know they perform fairly stringent checks on their employees. This role won't be handling cash, or being around vulnerable adults/children. I think they will do an enhanced DBS check at the least. Will this be flagged up in the check? I'm lucky enough that I'm doing pretty well now, after quite a few hard and miserable years and I really, really want this job. Hope you can help.
  11. Hi Guys, Please help I am so stressed and anxious and making myself sick. I have been on Incapacity Benefit since 1997, i was medically retired from the NHS. I cant remember exactly when i converted to ESA but was placed in ESA support group then when the 365 days were up (maybe a couple of years ago) they re assessed me to see if i was legible to continue, the outcome i believe was as i was in support group i would continue getting CR ESA. that carried on then in march i recieved a letter stating as i get £74.36 a week occupational pension x 2 I have one for £13.23 and one for £61.11 and that was to come out of my ESA. And that I may have been overpayed ESA. I looked up online about CR ESA and pension and it says that if you have extra money over £85 they would take 50% over the £85 as i get under that i assumed i was ok. I phoned in DWP in march and I asked them about this they then said I was on Both IR ESA and CR ESA so that rule doesnt apply to me. Then Today I have been sent a letter from DWP inviting me to an Interview under Caution about my ESA and my pension. can anyone advise me i am so nervous as far as i'm aware they new of my pensions as i sent them P60 in the past. please help. Regards
  12. I have been asked to come to an interview under caution. I was told it was to do with allegations of working whilst claiming universal credit. What was odd was that I received the letter at the beginning of April, yet it was dated mid February. In the letter, it said that if I did not reply within 7 days of the date as posted, then they will assume that I am not attending and it will result in further action. When I called the DWP officer, he said it was just a mistake - but it seems a bit odd that a DWP fraud officer would get the dates so wrong. Also, he told me just to ignore the serious wording of the letter. I said it was a serious investigation, judging by the wording. I felt he was just trying to get me to come in, thinking it was not too serious so that I do not get legal advice. I feel this is a devious ploy. I am thinking of just saying no comment because I cannot afford for a solicitor to attend but I am afraid this will land me in more trouble. Also, I will ask for a copy of the tape at the end of the interview.
  13. Hi, I do not know where else to ask this question - if this is in the wrong place then please do let me know where to post this. In January of this year - I was shopping out with friends, and used the self service checkouts, as I only had a few items. I had picked up several items, including one where the label has peeled off, and had stuck to the bottom of the smaller item below it. I scanned through all of the items, and was surprised that the bill came to less than what I was expecting: I ignored it, and thought I was quids in, and could't do maths. on the way out to my car; a security guard followed me, and asked me to accompany him back into the store. Fine - he went through the items in my bag, and then found that I had not paid for three items (one item had stuck to another one), and the other two I had 'deliberately' not scanned through. Total value of the items roughly £11. The police were called, and subsequently I was given a police caution. £80 fine and a caution. No court action. Case closed. A few weeks later, I received a letter from RLP, and paid it. I didn't want the hassle of dealing with them. I've read stories here about what they do, and really just wanted it go away. I have applied for a job with a IT company, where I am required to obtain Security Clearance. I have a form here, which asks about Criminal convictions. Am I obliged to put this incident on the form? I want to put it on the form, for the simple reason of being honest and transparent. I'm not a liar. However, what I am worried about is whether this altercation will affect me getting this job (that has been one of the few jobs that i've really like the look of!). I will be putting this on the form, however, is this likely to impact me getting SC Clearance now or in the future? Does anyone have any experience of this?? Advice would be much appreciated. Cheers,
  14. Hi everyone, apologies if this has been asked before - i did search i wonder if someone could offer some advice please? Totally out of character I shoplifted some items from a shop and was ultimately caught. I know it was incredibly stupid, I've never done anything like that before. The police were called and they questioned me in the security office. Im in my 30s and I have never been in trouble with the police before. They cautioned me and escorted me off the premises. [Edit: the police actually took my home as they said they needed to confirm who I was. They said since the only ID had was a provisional licence and sometimes people move without updating licence. The picture on the licence is 9 years old so i do look slightly different now - another reason to take me home. I still live with my parent & officers came in to check I was who i said I was. I lied to my dad saying i was a witness to car accident & police kindly dropped me of so they could confirm details. Police had said they wouldnt mention the theft to my dad. How pathetic that at 30 I'm terrified my dad will find out ] The police said they will send a report to the Procurator Fiscal who will decided how to proceed. Can anyone offer advice on what I can expect to happen. I know what I did was stupid & i feel awful about the who incident so please i don't need judgements just advice please. i am sick with worry about this. Thanks
  15. Hi Guys i attended an interview under caution as they felt my partner was living with me, according to what i have read on other peoples threads the interview went as standard. So this is going back to 2012 when my partner left his wife and used my address as a postal address until he got himself sorted so 9 weeks ago i was called in and i've since had over payment letters for 3 months benefits to be paid back from aug - nov 2012 we was not living together and up until recently we never was, yes he used to stay a few times a week and also stay at his mothers house they have got some video footage of him leaving my house on 3 seperate occasions. Since the interview apart from the overpayment letters i've recieved i've had nothing else, im wanting to appeal the over payment as there is no way or no proof he was living with me, but i dont know if to wait a few weeks to see if anything else happens in the next couple of weeks, i am very scared i have worked since leaving school and had a period of 5 yrs on ESA due to the hospital messing up on an operation and causing me a further 9 operations I have been back in full time employment since sept 2015 and in oct i was called in for the interview, where after the interview the nasty man said it will be sent to Dundee for a decision normally takes around 5 weeks this is 9 and im wondering who i can contact to see what is happening or if im just going to recieve a letter telling me im going to court ? What is the amount of time these people have to make decisions ect Please help im sorry it's all jumbled up this is my first ever post
  16. These are good and use 25% power for equivalent filament lamp BUT They don't like being switched on/off frequently and will quickly fail. Be wary of using them on automatic night light switches. These use a light sensor to detect the onset of darkness and switch the lamp on. Unfortunately some of them can tend to flutter around the switch over point and this is very bad for a CFL. Indeed there have been cases where a householder left one of these on while she went on holiday and came home to find her house burnt down. Fire caused by an overheated CFL using one of the threshold switches. Older CFls cannot be used with dimmer switches. A proper dimmable lamp must be used x2 cost) I now have gone over to LED lamps for outside security lighting 6W vs 15W and I leave them on permanently (porch side and back), no threshold switch to go wrong. Should last 20 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cost per year £10 pa Last year had 2 CFLs failed (£10) plus annoyance of getting ladders out.
  17. I really need some help. My partner is in trouble with the DWP and has been called in for an interview under caution. There was a dodgy message left on his phone regarding work, on the same week he received a letter stating that he was being investigated. My partner is self-employed, but has previously been on benefits for a lengthy period. Does anyone know if the DWP have a history of phoning people using a box phone number to dupe people (i.e. it gives out calls but can't receive outside office hours so therefore can't take messages)? I'd really appreciate some help with this Thanks
  18. Ok, this is going to be long, but I really need some help! I was in receipt of ESA & HB for myself and partner, from 2007-2014. Due to Kidney failure, Dialysis and two kidney transplants. My DH started work in Jan 14, I told the tax office straight away, they swapped all my benefits over to the correct ones, no problems. My Husband then quit his job, due to being offered a better job, this was in march. We didnt know his new start date so i switched al the benefits back over, all sorted. He started his new job in may- The day he started I won a tribunal from 2012, giving me all my back dated money and reinstating my benefit. Now, my husband was working, and I remained on ESA. I 100% thought I was entitled regardless of my husband working, because I was receiving it for being ill. In October 2014, someone mentioned that I should probably ring the tax office and tell them that my husband was working, That is what I did, and a few weeks later I was given back dated money from tax credits, but the ESA was still there too. I still thought I was entitled, because 1- the tax office sorted it before, so I assumed they would this time. 2- I was claiming due to illness. In December I was offered a job, I accepted, I rang the DWP and told them and they stopped my benefits. Two weeks later, I couldn't cope with the job, It was to tiring, I suffered a miscarriage and was just to 'done' my husband also handed in his resignation, because i needed help dealing with his daughter who lives with us. Tax credits stopped. So i rang the benefts office and told them, the set up my claim again and I was in receipt of ESA again. Lastly, come April, I was better, could look after myself ect my husband took his old job back, I rang the DWP all benefits got swapped to the correct ones. I am in receipt of WTC, CTC, DLA & HB. I got a letter from DWP this morning asking me to go in for IUC for claiming whilst my husband was working. Am I in serious trouble, I genuinely didn't know I was claiming the wrong benefit. I'm so confused by this all. And so unbelievably scared of going to prison. My husband and I worked out that, if it is what we think it is, the over payment would be £7k.... I am a strong woman I can deal with being in the wrong & can face being fined, I'll pay it all back. I just really really do NOT want to go to prison. Please help.
  19. If you had administrative action taken against you as a result of a police caution it may be that you have grounds for a complaint. If you have now left the armed forces and had administrative action taken against you as a result of a police caution between December 2008 and September 2011, it may be that you have grounds for a complaint. The MOD has written to serving and former serving personnel because of changes to the law which took effect in December 2008 that meant such cautions should not have been taken into account after that date. However, whilst action has been taken to contact those affected directly, it is apparent that we have not managed to reach some people and they will be unaware of efforts to contact them about this issue. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/information-for-those-who-left-the-armed-forces-between-december-2008-and-september-2011
  20. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could help me with what happens next. I have been stopped in a ZONE 1 station using a ZONE 2/3 travel card, so obviously my ticket was invalid. I was interviewed under caution and because I was quite shocked and didn't want to put my foot in anything, I refused to answer questions under caution, when questions where asked I answered "no comment" I was also asked to sign his notebook, without him telling me what it was for, i refused to sign until he explained what i was signing, I then read through his notes and signed. What is the most likely outcome, would it be court action against me?
  21. Recently on this forum there have been one or two posts regarding renting from relatives. I was on Scoop and saw this story and thought I would share it to you all for more detail see here http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/12945046.Benefit_cheat_ordered_to_pay_back___42k____after_she_was_caught_claiming_for_her_mum_s_house/ Story from here: http://www.scoop.it/t/lacef-news
  22. Hi, gotta go for an IUC on tues, now our claim is joint in both mine and hubbys name, and entirely above board!! only get a pittance, anyway, only Ive gotta go,would that indicate thats its something to do with only my income? thx
  23. Hi everyone, I just join to this forum, and I need a little bit of help on my doubts regarding a council caution. My caution doesn't involve dishonesty of my part. Is this type of cautions the same as police cautions they are recorded on PNC or they are criminal recorded anywhere? it will remain forever in my files? I'm really worried about this, how could this reflect in my future? i.e work. thank you in advance.
  24. Hi All, In short I have been caught using a Freedom Pass ticket of my father. I have a auto top up Oyster card which I kept in the same place as my dad's Freedom pass. The holders of the two cards were the same on the outside and at a certain point in time i must have picked up the freedom pass without realising and went on normally using that in my everyday life. (I never actually open the holder to check cards as mine is auto top up). My dad travels abroad as he has a house in Europe and doesn't regularly use the card therefore was not aware. This was completely my fault and I have admitted to this when the officers carried an interview on me at the station when they stopped me. Since then I received the letter stating that I might be prosecuted where I followed the forums advise and apologised asking to pay all costs + admin explaining the events. 2 months later (today) I receive another letter inviting me to another interview under caution for historical offences being investigated on the oyster card. I assume these where the trips carried out by me when I was thinking I was using my normal card. I am very confused by this letter and I was worried about the consequences. The questions I have for which I would appreciate any help are: 1) Is it safer to take a solicitor? From the point of view that I want to limit any damage. 2) Since the history they probably have on file of my travelling on various occasions is valid and I am willing to pay the fine, if they decide to prosecute what is the worst that can happen in court given that I have a clean record and I raise my hand up that I did a mistake? 3) How one would respond to the letter received? Do I ask about the historical offences they are referring to? Should I again try and negotiate an out of court settlement? 4) They say I have 7 days to respond. Is this upon receipt of the letter? 5) What would be your recommended next steps? Apologise if this topic was discussed but I haven't found a thread discussing the same situation. Many thanks in advance.
  25. Hi everyone, In June 2011 I was caught travelling on an incorrect ticket and was interviewed under caution by a FCC revenue Protection Officer. He didn't take my signatures on the statement or his notes although I clearly remember him stating the caution and then proceeding with the interview. Thnaks to this forum, I got some good guidance on how to handle such a case and managed to pay a charge to FCC prosecution department and persuaded not to proceed further with the case (a substantially high amount imho but I was travelling without a valid ticket so was clearly in the wrong). Now,I am required to apply for a job which requires me to have a DBS/CRB Standard Criminal Record Check. I am worried that the 'caution' may show up on the criminal record although I am certain that the caution procedure was not strictly adhered to. Please can you advise if such a caution will show up on my criminal record? Your comments are most welcome. Thanks,
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