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  1. Hi, Apologies I am sure this has been covered before but I couldn't find one exactly the same:- I parked my car at NCP Cardiff Central Station, I parked correctly in a space, I paid £9.30 for 1 day and I paid for the correct vehicle registration number online and I have a receipt. When I returned to the car there was a little yellow package waiting for me, the Parking Charge Notice (PCN) states that registration number *X** *** was Code B3 parked without clearly displaying the required valid pay and display ticket and no other cashless parking payments detected. My registration number is *K** ***, the photo's they have taken are of my car with the correct registration number. I have a couple of questions:- I assume that the PCN is not valid because the reg is wrong is this correct? Should I do anything now or wait and see if I get a NTK? They cannot trace me through the reg on the PCN but they can through the pictures. should I challenge now? Basically any advise or experience you have would be appreciated. AS
  2. I thought car insurance automatically renews if you don't cancel! So won't this policy automatically renew if you haven't cancelled?
  3. Have you tried complaining to Blackhorse about excessive charges? I had an agreement with them for a similar figure, this fell into trouble and was passed to, I believe, Hillisden and then DLC. Because of the finance marker placed on the car I had to pay it off, I claimed to Blackhorse that their fees £30 per time were excessive and they agreed to pay back ALL charges. This was given to DLC to reduce the balance owed. I found BH very easy to deal with. DLC did not add anything to the original debt. AS
  4. Thanks for all the answers, My daughter did a factory reset as requested by the Apple shop. you guessed it the result was the same, no apps running but it was still running hot. I took my daughter to the Apple shop (40 mile round trip) and She went through the same routine (different "Genius" ;-)) He advised us that the battery was 100% loaded and overheating, I was tempted to say "no s*** Mr Genius" but didn't, anyway without admitting it was a faulty battery they replaced the phone with a new one, which of cause runs apps and doesn't get hot, they would not however refund my wasted petrol and car park cost. So the moral of the story if your iPhone 5S battery is getting hot according to Apple it is not faulty, only not working properly, I suggest you don't leave it in your pocket, they can spontaneously combust. AS.
  5. I had big problems following an accident my wife had in our car. She had left the road and stopped when the oncoming out of control car hit her. The problem was both parties were both covered by the same insurance company. I used Slimm's method of being a pain in the neck, however I was not so nice, I called them daily. Finally they resolved it and She was 100% not to blame, it also took nearly a year to get our excess back, I even had to send a letter from a firm of solicitors, I got that cost back as well. AS
  6. Hi folks, I am after a bit of advice, I bought my daughter an iPhone 5s for her 18th birthday at the beginning of May (8 weeks ago). Yesterday she told me the screen on the left hand side had started clicking. She said she would make an appointment at the apple shop to see what they say. She has returned from there today with the same phone, The Apple geek has told her that the battery is expanding and getting hot because she is running apps in the background. My immediate thought was that she has been fobbed off, surely the point of a smart phone is for it to be able to run apps whether in the background or not. Should I put my angry head on and make another appointment and return to the shop. A hot and expanding battery sounds dangerous to me, I have seen the photo's of iPhone's that have caught fire in the past. Any thoughts would be appreciated, no jokes about iSheep please, I personally am not an Apple fan boy. Many thanks. AS
  7. I refused a signature on a Tesco bank sar based on the fact they wrote to me at my address. so they must believe it was me or they are in breach of data protection just by writing to someone who may not be me. i hope that makes sense. AS
  8. Could you please keep this thread updated, i am thinking about court for an account of mine for a similar figure and would love to know how you get on. Keep strong and don't let them get away with it. good luck. AS
  9. I have received a further rejection letter from Argos Store Card, this time it looks like even a team leader hasn't got a clue what they are doing. I have never mentioned Coversafe Insurance, I didn't have any insurance on this card. I now have to make a decision wether to go the LBA, Court route or try out the FOS, I am still not confident in the FOS. If I go to court can I get access to the documents they intend to use as Evidence in their defence? As it states in this letter. Any experience other caggers have or advice would be appreciated, I am not giving up this easily, they cannot justify £12 to send a letter. Thanks AS
  10. Thanks for the answer, this punishment is the result of an appeal, it just isn't worth the bother, we are waiting for them to slip up now.
  11. Hi All, A question about Final Written Warnings, if the company discipline procedure states that a Final Written Warning will be held on file for 12 months, when would the start date for the 12 months be? Would it be from the date of the alleged offence? or The date of the disciplinary hearing? or The date the Final Written Warning letter was sent? My OH has recieved a letter stating she is on a "First - Final Written Warning" and this will be held on file for 12 months, the letter she has received is dated but doesn't state when the 12 months starts or finishes. We are also confused as to what a "first" final written warning might be, the company levels of discipline, according to their procedure are: 1. Verbal Warning 2. Written warning 3. Final Written Warning 4. Dismissal. She has accepted the punishment, although harsh (first offence), on the grounds that the job is now crap (new manager) and she wants to see if they are consitent in their punishments with other members of staff, a final warning for a minor offence as far as I can see means that any minor offence must recieve the same level of punishment. Thanks for any information you can give me, we want to write to ask for clarification as to what the punishment actually is and when the 12 months starts, so that I know the answers before I write, to see if they get it wrong. Many thanks. AS
  12. Thanks for all of the info, excellent as usual, dx the good news is the account is paid in full so they do owe me. I am going to do the same as I did with Arden (Lombard) and ask them for a break down of their costs. It alleges in the letter that it costs £12 to send a letter, two of the charges I am claiming are letter fees. AS
  13. Hi, I thought I would make this post, I have found a couple of other posts on here on this subject but they don't go anywhere or get finished. I always finish something I set out to do so I will follow through with this thread to it's conclusion. I have set out claiming refunds from all of the people I have had financial dealings with and so far through being bull headed I have had successes with Blackhorse (full refund of charges) and Lombard (full refund of charges) the next two on my radar are Argos store card (Home Retail Group) and Asda Credit card (Santander) both have rejected my claims to date. This post is about Argos, I have attached a copy of their reject letter, can you please have a look through it and give me your thoughts, I do not really want to go to the ombudsmen, I think I know that they will agree with Argos, so I believe my alternative is small claims. Please let me know what you think. My claim is for £155.25 (£108 charges). AS
  14. Have you tried to contact directly to the BT managing director? This worked for me, I had the most appalling customer service, then I did some research about BT customer complaints and with a bit of Google searching I found out who to contact and all was fixed with the managing directors office contacting me. Give it a go Ms Libby Barr might be a starting point, make your email sensible and give them all the details. Good Luck AS
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