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  1. i was not informed by EA that by paying remaining balance there would not be enforcement stage fee or sale or disposal... when he came he said my debt is that and this and need to pay at least 500 or he start to take stuff... instead when he came he said i defaulted and charges been added.
  2. it all looks dodgy... how i challenge this?also if they been sending compliance letter to the wrong address shouldn't i get new one?EA said he got wrong address on the writ so he will change it and office will send me a new letter but never did instead EA came with Enforcement stage 1 instead...
  3. Hi and thank You for answer, After i requested breakdown of debt and fees i received: FEE BREAKDOWN AS AT 16-12-2016 Judgment Debt £1,490.38 Judgment Costs £80.00 Credits £360.00 Execution Costs £60.00 Interest charged to date £70.72 Sub total 1341.10 Daily interest charge £0.28 24-03-2016 Compliance Stage Fee £75.00 17-06-2016 *First Enforcement Stage Fee £218.00 13-12-2016 *Sale or Disposal Stage Fee £557.00 13-12-2016 *Second Enforcement Stage Fee £495.00 15-12-2016 2014 Credit Card Fee £10.69 Totals £1,355.69 Total VAT 269.00 Total Fees + Vat:£1,626.82 Grand Total:£2,967.92 Total Received:£1,014.00 Outstanding Balance:£1,953.92 £15 been arranged by court and there is no controlled goods agreement.
  4. Hello, tried everywhere including sheriffs office itself.... it is a long story but i will start from getting CCJ against me, which i was paying £15 a month (in total until HCEA came £360 of £1490 original debt) just to clarify i admit the debt and i have intention to pay it in full. I had arrange £15 a month but has few hard months and debt been transferred to HCEA, in the mean time we have moved shops (this is business debt) when EA came he couldn't do anything as address on writ was wrong EA said all letters has been send to our old address and he need to go back to office and send new letter to us (not sure if i am right but i was expecting Compliance letter), we never received letter (i did even contacted EA to ask about where letter is) instead i had EA visit with Enforcement stage 1 £275 added to my bill then we arranged to pay £100 a month (£1690 at the time) from 1st of july. I was paying £100 a month in December i forgot and in the 14th of December EA came back adding Enforcement stage 2 £490 plus Sale or Disposal Stage £600 all that plus VAT and been asked to pay £500 or he will start to remove goods i did read a bit but cant find anywhere if they can charge me few stages at the same time . If someone please can check this out and see if that is all correct because from original debt they received £1130 (i am aware they got compliance fee and other fees) i since then paid (in 5 months) £1000 but still got £1950 to pay!!! I am not very familiar with debt recovery but it all looks like [problem]. Thank You
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