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  1. Settled for £300... Bet the overdraft was only £100 and the rest was bank charges. Silly move IMO.
  2. Normally I suggest using debt collector letters for emergency toilet paper or lining the bottom of bird cages, but in this instance it's different.. You have made several errors here.. One is you have made contact with a DCA who will now hound you with letters and phone calls until you give in. But also now they have your upto date contact details (along with other details they got out of you 'for security') they could send the file back to the 3rd party insurance company who could refer it to the police for for leaving the scene of an accident (job interview or not) and having no insur
  3. I've had this issue with HSBC/1StCrud for years for someone who lived at my house before me, many, many years ago.
  4. Been dealing with a few folk who have had door step visits from MoorCrap recently. all the debts are pretty hefty amounts, ie over £3000.
  5. Sounds like Ken Dodd's Dad's dog is dead... It's nowt to do with the finance company who is on the insurance.
  6. You could keep them taking for as long as possible and waste as much time as you can.. then write a cheque with [removed] in the payee section and sign it "Micky Mouse" a bit like Victor Meldrew did with the computer salesman that went to his house...
  7. Recieved this letter last week from Leeds Losers. Bit naughty making it to look like a council tax letter.. [ATTACH=CONFIG]55136[/ATTACH]
  8. As above, it will say in the T&C's somewhere. However, if a company buys your debt, you could send them this: Dear PERSONS, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for interesting yourselves in my financial affairs. It has been brought to my attention that you paid an outstanding debt on my behalf to ( bank name) I cannot thank you enough for doing this as I was unable to do so myself. You have restored my faith in the goodwill of others and you sir are truly a goodSamaritan. If I may be so bold as to mention, I do have some other outstanding financ
  9. This sounds about right for Lloyds to be honest!
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