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Found 22 results

  1. Have been sent a notice of debt recovery from dcbl after losing against gladstones in court. Went to court over a parking ticket in June and lost. Waited for a further letter from the court with instructions to pay. I received a letter from the court ordering to pay on or before 3rd of July. But this letter was received after the 3rd of July. The envelope has no date stamp of when it was posted. There is no where on the letter stating the judgement will be entered in the Register of Judgements, Orders and Fines. I have no registered CCJ e
  2. Companies House today 12/06/18 confirmed that Claire Louise Sandbrook, High Court Enforcement Officer and owner of Shergroup Ltd is officially a resident in the USA, as per her completed form for Persons with Significant Control dated last year on 02/06/2017 (but filed today). 12 Jun 2018 - Change of details for Mrs Claire Louise Sandbrook as a person with significant control on 2 June 2017 - New Country /State usually resident: United States https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/04771589/filing-history Given that aside from Shergroup, Sandbrook sells her authority as an H
  3. The following is an extract of the news report published in the Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/media/2018/feb/22/couple-filmed-evicted-channel-5-tv-show-win-damages-high-court
  4. Hi all, My dad who is a private hire driver was dropping off a passenger at birmingham airport IBIS hotel. This hotel allows passenger drop offs/pickups only by private hire drivers and is a red route in all other circumstances. My dad recieved a fine i sent off an appeal to APCOA detail that he was a private hire driver and eligible to drop off. No response was received from and in return we got a debt recovery letter. I then sent off another email to APCOA stating that i had sent an appeal but not received a response. 4 months down the line and without a response
  5. Not sure if anyone's seen this, I doubt it will make it onto the Can't Pay show. DCBL agent forces his way in to a residence where the occupant has told him he is not the debotor and does not know the debtor, Police are called and as usual support the agent in his incorrect actions https://tinyurl.com/yad63obg
  6. Hi, I have received a letter from DCBL which states: "Your overdue amount of £269.48 due to Excel parking services ltd in relation to a county court judgement number xxxxxx has now been passed to DCBL to recover the debt on their behalf" It also mentions a further £75 + vat charge. I have searched lots of forums and the advice has been consistent to ignore all letters from Excel parking or any debt recovery firms. i am concerned this letter mentions CCJ number which suggests a CCJ has been issued. I dont recall receiving any court letters, although i have changed address.
  7. premier parking logistics are a part of BPA. i got one and now a letter form DCBL stating that a notice of debt recovery. what do i do? dont want to pay. but will pay up to £60 if needed dont want to say that and then they decline. Hi, got a letter on the 27th Feb 2018 stating that £100 invoice. Also, got a letter from DCBL stating that it is a notice of debt recovery. on the rear of the dcbl letter says case is not subject to high court or bailiff action What to do. dont mind paying up to £80 in installments but not really the £160 Thanks Quick replies ne
  8. My friends vehicle has been seized and a notice of sale has been received. I am the debtor. I have included this debt in my bankruptcy which was approved a day after the bailiffs came. The Official Receiver accepted evidence that this vehicle was not my asset. My friend has provided a receipt, a bank statement, a sworn statement and a letter from DVLA confirming the car has not been in my name since February 2017. The v5 was temporarily in my name for insurance purposes as I was borrowing the car. The owner has submitted an N244 application. I have submitt
  9. A few months ago I sold my business which was a Ltd company. There were several debts on the business and I'm in the process of winding up the company with a liquidator. As far as I'm aware I did not offer a personal guarantee to any debt. Out of the blue yesterday, I got a visit at my home from a company called DCBL to collect the debt regarding one company. The bailiff said he was there to enforce a high court judgement and either we pay in full or he will seize the goods in the house. Unfortunately, I had already let him into my home at this point and realised that was my biggest mista
  10. Hi, I recently received a parking charge. Firstly it went through one debt collector then transferred to DCBL as they were unable to collect the fine. I have received two letters from DCBL and this is the second letter, question is can anyone turn up at my house? Should I be expecting? Or should I ignore?
  11. HI everyone my first post on this site as i am in a bit of a pickle around 2 years ago at my gym ( which also happens to be a hotel & restaurant ) company called "millennium door and event security randomly turned up and decided to start slapping tickets on everyones cars ( gym users , hotel stayers & restaurant eaters all included ) as you can imagine there was quite the uproar with many complaints going to the hotel manager about this whom seemingly was unaware what exactly was going on ,but someone within the hotel had agreed that millennium could start tick
  12. Hi Everyone, A newbie here looking for some advice. Myself and a few others work for a company in an office that has no parking. This means we always park off site, currently on a small spot of waste ground with room for 5-6 cars. Between 2013 and 2016 there was an abandoned Post Office sorting office that had room for 9-10 cars. There were no signs at all so we all happily parked there without worry. At some point in 2016 SiP Parking suddenly put up signs. The signs were usually all different, there were no clearly marked bays for us to park in and there
  13. Hi everybody, I've been pointed in this direction by a reddit user for help relating to a Parking Charge Notice. I took my car to my local garage to get an MOT check done on 01/09/2016. The owner then drove the car to the MOT garage and parked it up inside and then returned back to his garage. A few hours later I hadn't received a phone call yet to say it had been completed so I rang up to find out that my car was OK to collect. I then made my way there and collected my car from the (private) parking lot less than 30 meters away from the MOT garage. Fast-forward a wee
  14. Hi Guys hoping you can help me in some way. Ive returned home today from a week away and had 2 letters from dcbl one is a notice of debt assignment saying I have an overdue amount for £180.00 due to new generation parking management and has now been assigned to dcbl certificated bailiffs & high court enforcement to recover. the second is a notice of enforcement saying I now owe £340.00 and if I dont pay or agree a payment arrangement by the 7th November 2015 they will visit and charge me an additional £265.00. I had completely forgotten about this ticket, at the
  15. Given the seriousness of this thread, it really does need to get wide coverage. Accordingly, I would hope that the moderators allow it to remain on this section of the forum. Sadly, this is not the first time that I have taken issue with documentation from DCBL. There is a long thread on here regarding this firm and their letters regarding private parking debts (more later). This firm are also behind the TV series....Can't Pay...We Will Take it Away. Yesterday, I was contacted by a gentleman who had received a letter from DCBL the previous day. The letter was received by post and w
  16. Where to start... I really need some advice On the 3rd March this year I parked my car in what turned out to be a private car park, which was right next to a road that had parking bays and local authority ticket machines. I purchased a LA ticket thinking it covered me in the space I was parked in and then returned a couple of hours later to an NPS parking charge affixed to my window. The signage for the private car park wasn't great and there was no barrier between the carpark and the pavement where the ticket machine was, so I took some photos and sent in an appeal to NPS (within
  17. Hi All, Please can you help me out. My father received a letter from excel parking services over a year ago, after investigating them find tonnes of material online including watchdog stating i should ignore the letters, i did. The signage in the car park has not changed in year and is the same as the one in the watchdog video on youtube. Nothing else came through since then. However today i have received a letter from DCBL stating my father now owe £160. The letter reads. Notice of debt recovery Dear ......... Your overdue amount of £100 due to excel parkin
  18. Hello all, RE: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?459551-DCBL-and-me-now-a-new-letter&p=4908261#post4908261 I have just received my 'Legal Recovery Action' letter from DCBL, although interestingly I've had no communication in regard to which parking ticket or company the charge refers to, I can only assume its in relation to an Excel parking ticket from many years ago, anyway following your advice I have ignored all communication. As I can't see any further posts since CitizenB uploaded the last letter titled 'Legal Recovery Action' I presum
  19. A few weeks ago, I contacted PP to alert him to DCBL. Today, this blog went up. http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/race-to-600-parking-charge-begins-dcbl.html I have to say that I disagree with his advice to contact them.
  20. A few weeks ago, I contacted PP to alert him to DCBL. Today, this blog went up. http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/2016/01/race-to-600-parking-charge-begins-dcbl.html I have to say that I disagree with his advice to contact them.
  21. Hi all, I've looked through and tried to find a similar case, and was wondering if someone could help shed some light on the issue I detail below: 1 - my wife received a letter stating a £65 private parking charge from NGP (New Generation Parking) for supposedly parking in an unauthorised area of Capital Retail Park (Cardiff) in October/November 2012.......subsequently ignored the letter as per instructions elsewhere on the web. This letter had been sent to an old address for my wife. 2 - received a letter from DCBL saying they had been instructed to claim the 'debt' by NGP, and h
  22. I've received the following letter from DCBL Certificated Bailiffs & High Court Enforcement saying that my overdue debt of £180 to New Generation Parking Management (NGPM) has been assigned to them to recover. The letter is printed on really poor paper and looks like it's been printed on a teenagers printer in their bedroom where the ink is almost running out. The letter is titled "Notice of Debt Assignment" :- I have this letter on my Flickr account but this website won't let me put links in any posts. This was for a parking charge notice (PCN) from back in early summe
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