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  1. Hi All, I've been internet inactive for a week. I received another letter yesterday saying they are going to advise the client to apply for a ccj if I don't pay £340. It then states that this will add on an additional £265 to the bill
  2. Your welcome:-) I looked at the site whilst I was on there and I can't make a complaint direct to them
  3. http://fca-consumer-credit-interim.force.com/CS_RegisterSearchPageNew?accId=652997 I think this is it BA
  4. Hi all, I haven't disappeared but I have nothing to add at the moment. I will keep you all updated on this as I'm sure there are plenty of others who have received these notices from dcbl
  5. Oh okay I get you. Ive lived in this house since I was a child so no previous addresses.
  6. Hi, how would I double check? Ive checked my credit report and trust online. Ive definitely not had any court letters. Bailiff Advice is drafting me a letter so im going to wait until I send that before I do anything else. To be honest its all a bit confusing but Im willing to do whatever is necessary to stop them doing this to anyone else. Belle
  7. Hi everyone I've just got in from work, so just caught up on this. I posted here after asking Google for help and I'm glad I did. Thanks to you all for your help so far. Belle x
  8. assigment notice Wow thank you guys and gals for your help. you've put my mind at rest at least. I had visions of them terrifying my mother! (ive seen them on channel 5) so I now need to put in a complaint, any help with wording it or should i just send them copies of what ive received? thanks again for your replies your all amazing:-)
  9. give me a few minutes, i have no scanner atm so trying to take a decent picture with my phone
  10. Hi Ive just went on trust online and I have no CCJ's recorded against me England and Wales Orders & Judgments NOTHING REGISTERED England and Wales High Court Judgments NOTHING REGISTERED England and Wales Fine Defaults NOTHING REGISTERED England and Wales Tribunal Awards NOTHING REGISTERED Scotland Ordinary Causes Summary and Small Claim Decrees NOTHING REGISTERED Republic of Ireland Registered Court Judgments NOTHING REGISTERED Northern Ireland Judgments NOTHING REGISTERED Northern Ireland High Court Judgments NOTHING REGISTERED Jersey Judgments the only paper work ive had is reminders about the parking fine from NGP and a letter from solicitor - think is was Roxburge or something like that and then nothing at all til these letters from the bailiffs. i was advised to post here from the parking enforcement thread. I received a parking notice from NGP in March last year and had a few letters from them following this up and one letter from a solicitor and then nothing for months until now Ive just come home from a week away to two letters from dcbl - one is a notice of debt assignment and the other is a notice of enforcement. Ive checked trust online on the advice of the forum and I have no ccjs. The original debt was £100, it is now £340.00 and it says if I dont contact them by 7th November 2015 I can be charged a further £265.00. Is this legal? Any advice on what I should do please
  11. I parked in Asda, Cardiff Bay in a disabled space on a match day. I literally ran in to put my lottery on. I received a letter in the post from NGP which had a photo of the front of my car taken by a camera to show no badge displayed saying I had to pay £100. I had a few letters from them further to that and a letter from a solicitor telling me to pay but have received no letters from court. Can the bailiffs come if it hasnt been to court? I live with my parents so im a bit worried. No nothing left on my car, a letter in the post. I cant upload anything at the moment and I didnt keep any of the letters from them, I was advised to just bin and forget about it. Ive heard nothing from them for months and now this.
  12. Hi Guys hoping you can help me in some way. Ive returned home today from a week away and had 2 letters from dcbl one is a notice of debt assignment saying I have an overdue amount for £180.00 due to new generation parking management and has now been assigned to dcbl certificated bailiffs & high court enforcement to recover. the second is a notice of enforcement saying I now owe £340.00 and if I dont pay or agree a payment arrangement by the 7th November 2015 they will visit and charge me an additional £265.00. I had completely forgotten about this ticket, at the time I had it I was advised by family and friends to just ignore it. What do I do now, any advice? ticket was dated 29/03/2014 according to enforcement details
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