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  1. Thanks EB, I really do hope it doesnt escalate to that level. Fingers crossed. Thanks for all your advise.
  2. Cheers mate, should i check if they have put in a ccj in a couple of weeks just to make sure or is that just wasting my money.
  3. Hi Guys, My Father has received another letter from DCBL. They are now threating further action!! The letter reads. Legal Recovery Action Dear ..... You have failed to pay DCBL (Direct collections bailiffs limited) the outstanding balance of £160.00 or make contact to discuss the repayments of this debt. We have now recommended to our client the commencement of legal action against you. However the granting of judgments and other orders are at the discretion of the courts. if successful the escalation of legal proceedings at a cost of £75.00 would be added to the debt for recovery. After further applications have been granted by the court the possible impacts of having a CCJ registered against you would be; enables enforcement action to commence, such as obtaining an attachment of earnings, placing a charge on your property or applying for a warrant of control to remove goods. prevent future lending to ensure no further legal recovery action will take place make immediate payment by of the following methods. What should i do ? I read if they do take a CCJ against a person i should pay ? This should be illegal for [causing problems] people out of their money! I feel so bad for the elderly who don't have others to check out things like this!
  4. Hi Guys, Thanks for your replies. What are the changes they will come to my house to try collect the "debt"? and should i email them to deny the "debt" or will that make them more eager to come for me? Cheers
  5. Hi All, Please can you help me out. My father received a letter from excel parking services over a year ago, after investigating them find tonnes of material online including watchdog stating i should ignore the letters, i did. The signage in the car park has not changed in year and is the same as the one in the watchdog video on youtube. Nothing else came through since then. However today i have received a letter from DCBL stating my father now owe £160. The letter reads. Notice of debt recovery Dear ......... Your overdue amount of £100 due to excel parking services limited in relation to an unpaid parking ticket has now been passed to DCBL (direct collection bailiffs limited) to recover the debt on their behalf. a futher £60 administrations and recovery fee has now been accrued therefore the total amount now due is £160.00. To ensure no further action will take place please make a payment ....... On the back of the letter it states. This case is not subject to high court or bailiff action. Do I need to pay or take any action ? As i have seen online this company sometime make the fees over £1000 !!! (Google race-to-600-parking-charge-begins-dcb) As the back said this is not subject to HC or Bailiffs should i do a ccj check just in case. Do I need to pay or take any action ? Do i need to email them a denial of payment ? Thanks all
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