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  1. Thanks for your response. Pardon me for my ignorance but what is a BW please? Also, can i fill a claim form now as it appears this judgement was issued in 2016 - I thought you only have 28 days to respond within once the CCJ is issued?
  2. The claimant is mentioned as Excel parking services ltd in the letter from DCBL. On the credit file it doesnt mention who the claimant is. It mentions the CCJ case ref number and court name as: County Court Business Centre. The outstanding amount is being shown as £269. i dont have any proof of the drive through unfortunately. So should i contact Excel parking and pay them the fine instead of DCBL? is there any chance of DCBL causing any further issues for not responding to their letter and/or not paying their admin charges?
  3. Ok I have done a check against my previous address and unfortunately there is a county court judgement on my file. The judgement date is showing as 16th Sep 2016! I genuinely was not aware of any of this until thursday when i received the letter from DCBL. DCBL have asked me to pay the fine, plus the admin charge within 14 days. Should i pay DCBL directly including the admin charge? What would happen if i dont pay admin charge? Could i potentially end up creating a bigger mess for myself and ending up paying alot more? Is there any chance of having the CCJ removed. This whole situation has been very unfortunate and feels very unfair. This was all initiated due to a drive through accidentally and that too was done by another driver. In hindsight it would have been better just to pay the initial stupid fine instead of ending up in this situation. Im just really confused as to what is the best course of action for me now :'( What should be the best course of action for me given this situation please? p.s. many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read and especially those that have replied. your help is greatly appreciated
  4. This is has some really useful info - many thanks for sharing - much appreciated.
  5. there is no mention of when the CCJ was issued or any details of the incident. I'm trying to google currently to understand how i can find out if there is a CCJ issued and how i can find out which address it was issued against. However, to be honest i am a little nervous about finding info on the internet based on the previous advice i have read on several other forums that mentioned it will unlikely result in a CCJ, which turned out to be incorrect. To be honest, i dont recall if there were start and end times. There was a pic but it wasnt very clear and i dont recall if it had start/end times as this was sent back in 2015
  6. Thank you for your prompt response. You are correct that the advice to ignore these letters was from several other forums. The address was changed 2.5 years ago and it appears the CCJ must have been issued recently as this is the first letter i have seen with reference to the CCJ. I am just very upset i didnt get any court letters hence no chance to defence myself. If it will cost 255 to set the CCJ asside then perhaps it may be easier to just pay up before the costs increase further. Is there a way of paying this with out the DCBL admin charge of £75 + vat? Also, would paying this fine remove the CCJ from my credit file? Or will it remain for next 6 years? :'(
  7. Thank you for your responses. The parking fine was issued as my partner was driving my car and he got lost and thought he was turning into a small road, which happened to be a private car park. The only way out was through the other side of the car park. apparently their camera system detected this and issued a fine, (via post) which was purely unjustified as technically he did not park but just crossed this car park. Car park in question is the manchester chorlton car park next to the banks and various other retail outlets such as quality save etc. Based on the advice on thse forums we have always ignored their letters and have never responded to date. The initial fine was issued in 2015. Towards the end of 2015, i changed address but i did get this updated on my v5 and driving license shortly after moving to my new address. is there anyone else i should have informed relating to my change of address with relation to my car? excel parking services somehow found my new address and have been sending me letters at my new address which i have also been ignoring based on all the advice which is consistent on various forums. This is the first time i have seen the letter from DCBL and first time i am aware of this CCJ, from the letter they have sent. If Excel parking and DCBL are able to contact me on my new address then shouldnt any CCJ have been issued at my current address too as i have at my new address here now for approx 2.5 years. what should be best course of action for me? i understand i should not be ignoring the CCJ but what does this mean exactly? That i should pay off the fine? Should i contact DCBL? And what does setting a CCJ aside mean? on what basis can i set the CCJ aside and is there a cost involved in this? Any help would be extremely appreciated as i am really panicking. I'm conscious now i will have bad credit rating plus having to pay a massive bill, which will keep increasing further. :'(
  8. Hi, I have received a letter from DCBL which states: "Your overdue amount of £269.48 due to Excel parking services ltd in relation to a county court judgement number xxxxxx has now been passed to DCBL to recover the debt on their behalf" It also mentions a further £75 + vat charge. I have searched lots of forums and the advice has been consistent to ignore all letters from Excel parking or any debt recovery firms. i am concerned this letter mentions CCJ number which suggests a CCJ has been issued. I dont recall receiving any court letters, although i have changed address. Normally, I would ignore these letters as per the advice on the various forums but im worried if a CCJ has really been issued and what I should in this case? Should i respond to DCBL? Should i contact the court (and if so, which court would i need to contact as i have not had any details)? Or should i continue to ignore? Please help as i am really stressed out now Many thanks in advance for any advice/help. Cheers
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