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  1. Am I right in thinking that I've massively overlooked the fact that the issuers name is on the MOT certificate - surely this indicates the driver at the time? I'll send a standard LBC to DCBL tomorrow with proof of delivery from the Post Office. Furthermore I'll email NPS stating the issuer on the certificate and explain I'm disappointed common sense hasn't prevailed. Hopefully this works
  2. Hi, I've had a similar issue going with DCBL over a PCN I received - I currently have a thread ongoing which you could view. Since Ahew1910 hasn't yet replied to your questions I wonder if any of the information I have could help
  3. Sorry for not updating this thread, I wasn't aware for the rule. Thanks for the advice, I assume that they're just going to sound threatening? What is the future legal thing they're on about? Should I worry that they're actually on TV etc?
  4. Thank you so much for the response! And sorry for my formatting being a nightmare, I'm not used to attaching images/documents in text - I prefer hyperlinks I was tempted to e-mail them just one last e-mail stating the facts, mentioning unreasonable behaviour as they have not considered an appeal. Then move on. Perhaps adding that should they raise a claim, I am confident in my position and will counterclaim for a misuse of personal information - referencing Google v Vidal-Hall. Just overall clarifying my position that I won't be paying - a long with providing them wit
  5. Thank you, I'm going to try and draft an email to send to NPS stating: I have no idea who the driver of the car was or who parked it and it's unreasonable to suggest I can. I don't see how I could ever be liable to pay this invoice. I have attached relevant documentation (including, google history for dropping off and picking up car, MOT certificate, text message proof of collection and doctors note proving I was unable to park the car). Is there anything else you think I should add? Thanks again, you've been a great help This was the last correspondence they sent -
  6. This is exactly what I'm hoping to do. I already have a doctors letter, google location history and text evidence to show when I dropped off and picked up the car. My local garage (who took the car to the MOT centre) have said they will only provide evidence I was booked in that day if it goes to court (I'm assuming they want to keep their log view out of the legal eye unless absolutely necessary) Unfortunately I keep reading the POFA 2012 and it regularly states that: (The PPC must) "warn the keeper that if, at the end of the period of 28 days beginning with the d
  7. 1 Date of the infringement 01/09/2016 2 Date on the NTK Unfortunately I can't find the original NTK however an e-mail from Northern Parking Services (the PPC) states it was dated 04/10/2016 3 Date received As above 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? No but they have since referenced this act 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Not that I know of 6 Have you appealed? Attempted Have you had a response? I sent NPS information relating to the keeper at the time however I received no respon
  8. Hi everybody, I've been pointed in this direction by a reddit user for help relating to a Parking Charge Notice. I took my car to my local garage to get an MOT check done on 01/09/2016. The owner then drove the car to the MOT garage and parked it up inside and then returned back to his garage. A few hours later I hadn't received a phone call yet to say it had been completed so I rang up to find out that my car was OK to collect. I then made my way there and collected my car from the (private) parking lot less than 30 meters away from the MOT garage. Fast-forward a wee
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