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  1. yes, thanks the advice I got away from the forum has been very good. I'm in the process of writing a letter of complaint to them which it seems has to be done regardless, to escalate this further.
  2. thank you for your advice so far. I have contacted the court and it appears the name on the writ was the company name and the address was the company address. Hi, I think in confusion I wasn't clear. I sold that business that operated but not the company itself. The new owners have continued the business on their own new ltd company which has nothing to do with me. I do have all the details but have kept it fairly vague. From the original claim (plus interest) there appears to be over £2500 in charges. Thank for your questions. I have done some enquiries and it appears that no documentation or letters regarding the court dates or from DCBL were sent to my home address. Which is why this was out of the blue.
  3. A few months ago I sold my business which was a Ltd company. There were several debts on the business and I'm in the process of winding up the company with a liquidator. As far as I'm aware I did not offer a personal guarantee to any debt. Out of the blue yesterday, I got a visit at my home from a company called DCBL to collect the debt regarding one company. The bailiff said he was there to enforce a high court judgement and either we pay in full or he will seize the goods in the house. Unfortunately, I had already let him into my home at this point and realised that was my biggest mistake. Whilst I tried to get more information from him about my options he started to take a camera out and began to take pictures of my belongings. Obviously, this was aimed to intimidate me and it worked. When I asked to see his paperwork he refused to let me hold it. Instead, he turned over the 1st page which was more detailed and showed me a page underneath which showed what the original debt was and the charges put on top which is what he was there to reclaim. The total sum he was looking for was just over £11k. I told him that the debt was against the Ltd company and the company had no connection to the home other than that I as Director lived there. We had never received notice from the court about the case and he then said that DCBL would have written to my home. Which they haven't as I had no letter. When I said I needed a few minutes to get the funds together he said: "that's fine, I'll continue to take pictures". I told him that I was going to pay as I didn't want him to take my goods he just ignored me. I got out my debit card and paid the debt and he went away. The issue I have is; 1) The debt was in the company name, did they have a right to come to my home to collect it? 2) His aggressiveness in talking to me. I gave no indication that I was not going to pay and actually just queried if he was allowed to collect it from me which he ignored. 3) The paperwork, what was he trying to hide? He was adamant that I wasn't allowed to touch it and when I suggested he hold it and I view it he quickly turned over the pages to show me the page he left with me. 4) at the door, before entering he simply said he was from a company called DCBL regarding a debt to company XYZ. He didn't mention he was a bailiff. Looking at the paperwork he has left me, the title of the page is "Notice that goods have been removed for storage or sale". He hasn't removed any goods. The charges on this page I would imagine are higher than the page where he doesn't have to remove goods? There are charges like; Enforcement Stage Fee Sale Stage Fee Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated. I have spoken to DCBL this morning who suggested I write a complaint, which I will do seeking advice from this forum. Thank you.
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