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  1. Husband and I have finally saved deposit to buy our house and seen a house we like so I checked my credit reports before we give the mortgage broker the thumbs up! I knew something would come and bite me on the bum! I had an overdraft with lloyds which I have not accessed since 2013. They have sold to Arrow Global who have put a big fat default on my account. It shows on my transunion credit report as pasted below. Defaulting in April 2020. I did not change my old address with them. I am unsure how to approach this as cannot be sure it is statute barred as it is an overdraft (even though I have not touched it, acknowledged it since 2013). The default date shown is Nov 2015 but not reflected in the way Arrow Global are sticking the defaults on. Should I send a 'statute barred' or 'prove it' letter? Should I dispute with the credit reference agency? I am unsure! I would like the default off the account the quickest way possible to have a clean credit report! OVERVIEW Account type Current Account Status Default Account number Last updated 2020 Start date 2008 PAYMENT INFORMATION Opening balance £1,199 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default Nov 2015 Promotional rate No PAYMENT HISTORY J F M A M J J A S O N D 2020 D D D D D D D D D OK Missed payment -- No data D Defaulted BALANCE OVER TIME Your balance has not changed since Jan '20. APR '20 | £1199MAY '20 | £1199JUN '20 | £1199JUL '20 | £1199AUG '20 | £1199SEP '20 | £1199OCT '20 | £1199NOV '20 | £1199DEC '20 | £1199£1299£0JAN '20JAN '21
  2. i will escalate if i have to, but in my SAR i have written 'Finally, I would appreciate it if you could confirm receipt of my request as soon as possible. If you need further clarification regarding the contents of this letter, I am happy to discuss it further by email' i wouldn't like them to make the excuse that i didn't reply to their email
  3. what should my response be? to remind them that i requested all data held under my name?
  4. I emailed a SAR to es parking. In reply they have asked for a pcn number. Not sure how to respond as they sent a number of pcn's. I've specifically asked for all information they hold under my name.
  5. Yes I called Northampton. They asked me to contact my local county court and the county court emailed me the Judgement but could not email the claim form. It's the same CCJ. I wonder why ES Parking are chasing me for a payment i've already made? Thank you all for the responses.
  6. so far I found that the payment was made to ES Parking and it was definitely processed. I called the county court and they have said the claimant did not send any confirmation of payment so the judgement is not satisfied. I also realised I did not send payment within one month as I received the letter after the deadline to pay. The date was marked on the envelope and I did not keep it unfortunately. I then followed the instruction and sent a cheque to the company listed in the Address to Pay box on the Judgement but they sent the cheque back and said to pay the parking company, I then had to find the correct address for the parking company. The payment was taken out of the account and I wrote the case number on the back of the cheque. Is there any information or advice on here on how to send a SAR?
  7. I found the payment from my account (wohoo!) but all I have for it is a transaction number. It was a cheque.
  8. i intend to ask for the claimform and recheck all our statements as we have been looking at the wrong dates. should i reply to zzps?
  9. I have just been reading through this thread. The amounts are the same but I no longer have any paperwork related to it as it was paid two years ago! I am checking to see if I can find the payment amount made from one of our accounts but both my husband and I remember paying this.
  10. Hi all, I was sent the attached letter from ZZPS last week. A couple of years ago ES parking claimed against me for three separate parking charges. One claim was struck out as they did not file in time. Another I was ordered to pay before it got to court as I missed a deadline on filing a third I went to the county court and was ordered to pay a reduced amount. I am sure that I paid the charges and that we used my husbands credit card but have been unable to find evidence of these payments so far. I specifically remember they did not send any receipt or proof that we had paid through email or post. All the paperwork I had regarding the cases I threw out so I do not know which claim no. they are using. I have had no letter from a court saying I have a CCJ. I have checked with TRUST Online and checked my credit report and there is NO CCJ so I am unsure why this company have sent me this letter. I would really appreciate any advice on this. ZZPS want to collect unknown CCJ sum.pdf
  11. Yes, I do still have both see attached jpg2pdf-5.pdf
  12. hi all, sent a cheque to the address for payment on the court order which was gladstones.. they sent it back edit: also received a second letter from dcvl jpg2pdf (2).pdf
  13. Can I still contact ESP to pay original amount? Not sure how to pay them with a proof of payment.
  14. okay so my next step is to contact es parking? no not above £600..plus it does say on the back of the letter this case is not subject to high court or bailiff action.
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