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  1. i will escalate if i have to, but in my SAR i have written 'Finally, I would appreciate it if you could confirm receipt of my request as soon as possible. If you need further clarification regarding the contents of this letter, I am happy to discuss it further by email' i wouldn't like them to make the excuse that i didn't reply to their email
  2. what should my response be? to remind them that i requested all data held under my name?
  3. I emailed a SAR to es parking. In reply they have asked for a pcn number. Not sure how to respond as they sent a number of pcn's. I've specifically asked for all information they hold under my name.
  4. Yes I called Northampton. They asked me to contact my local county court and the county court emailed me the Judgement but could not email the claim form. It's the same CCJ. I wonder why ES Parking are chasing me for a payment i've already made? Thank you all for the responses.
  5. Okay so far I found that the payment was made to ES Parking and it was definitely processed. I called the county court and they have said the claimant did not send any confirmation of payment so the judgement is not satisfied. I also realised I did not send payment within one month as I received the letter after the deadline to pay. The date was marked on the envelope and I did not keep it unfortunately. I then followed the instruction and sent a cheque to the company listed in the Address to Pay box on the Judgement but they sent the cheque back and said to pay the parking compan
  6. I found the payment from my account (wohoo!) but all I have for it is a transaction number. It was a cheque.
  7. i intend to ask for the claimform and recheck all our statements as we have been looking at the wrong dates. should i reply to zzps?
  8. I have just been reading through this thread. The amounts are the same but I no longer have any paperwork related to it as it was paid two years ago! I am checking to see if I can find the payment amount made from one of our accounts but both my husband and I remember paying this.
  9. Hi all, I was sent the attached letter from ZZPS last week. A couple of years ago ES parking claimed against me for three separate parking charges. One claim was struck out as they did not file in time. Another I was ordered to pay before it got to court as I missed a deadline on filing a third I went to the county court and was ordered to pay a reduced amount. I am sure that I paid the charges and that we used my husbands credit card but have been unable to find evidence of these payments so far. I specifically remember they did n
  10. Yes, I do still have both see attached jpg2pdf-5.pdf
  11. hi all, sent a cheque to the address for payment on the court order which was gladstones.. they sent it back edit: also received a second letter from dcvl jpg2pdf (2).pdf
  12. Can I still contact ESP to pay original amount? Not sure how to pay them with a proof of payment.
  13. okay so my next step is to contact es parking? no not above £600..plus it does say on the back of the letter this case is not subject to high court or bailiff action.
  14. see attached PDF i had three parking tickets from the exact site as described in that thread.. ..they were all escalated. ..one of them was thrown out, the other went to default judgement against me so i paid in full and this one they are persuing I did go to court but my defence was crap. jpg2pdf-3.pdf
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