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  1. I've received the following letter from DCBL Certificated Bailiffs & High Court Enforcement saying that my overdue debt of £180 to New Generation Parking Management (NGPM) has been assigned to them to recover. The letter is printed on really poor paper and looks like it's been printed on a teenagers printer in their bedroom where the ink is almost running out. The letter is titled "Notice of Debt Assignment" :- I have this letter on my Flickr account but this website won't let me put links in any posts. This was for a parking charge notice (PCN) from back in early summer 2014. I ignored the first ever letter saying I had to pay this and I never received anymore letters. Then over 18 months later, today this letter in the link above arrived on my doorstep. So now what do I do? I read other posts etc. And they all seem to say that once it gets to the debt collectors stage to totally ignore everything and not to contact them in any way. But is this at that stage now? Or further on. Is this a further scare tactic or actually serious? Their website on this new letter shows that they were on the TV program "don't pay, we take it away". Any advice would be great appreciated.
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