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  1. Hello, While I was at university, we were all given iPads on loan in our last year and I made the mistake of leaving mine in a classroom one day. I informed the university as soon as I realised and was pretty much told by at the time not to worry as they could likely locate it. Of course, it never turned up, or at least was not logged on their system to have done, and they started emailing me after my graduation (June 2016) asking me to return or pay for it. I informed them I didn’t have it to return and could not afford to pay them the sum of £500 for it. I ignored their invoices and eventually they passed it on to STA International to pursue from me. I am still receiving letters from STA every few months, big red capital letters telling me I have however long to pay before they escalate it. I just would like to know, are these safe to ignore? Of course all manner of things such as CCJ’s and whatnot has been threatened, but I’m not sure whether these are empty threats or whether they really have the power to do anything. It doesn’t seem to have escalated past the ‘URGENT’ letter stage for quite some time, and their most recent letter (received today) gives me 5 days to pay apparently. Yes, I did fail to take care of the iPad. But, I am also of the opinion that for the £9k a year I spent at that institution, I don’t deserve to be pursued like this. For that money I’d expect to be gifted an iPad, not bombarded with threatening debt collection letters. I am simply loathe to give them another penny of my money. If anyone has any insight to STA and whether this is likely to go any further please let me know!
  2. Firstly thank you in advance for any help I may get from you guys!! Yesterday I received a county court claim form from Gladstones Solicitors Limited on behalf of ES Parking Enforcement Limited and genuinely this is the first I have heard of this matter. It states they are claiming: Amount Claimed: £166.18 Court Fee: £25 Legal Representatives Costs: £50.00 Total Amount: £241.18 I don't know where this has arisen from and cant recall parking where they said I had "breached their terms of parking". The actual wording is: "The Driver of the Vehicle Registration XXX XXXX (the vehicle) Incurred the parking charge(s) on 09/05/2018 for breaching the terms of parking on the land at Seymour Grove Retail Park Manchester. The Defendant was driving the vehicle and/or is the keeper of the vehicle. AND THE CLAIMANT CLAIMS £160 for parking charge(s) / Damages and Indemnity Costs if applicable, together with interest of £6.18 pursuant to s69 of the County Courts Act 1984 at 8% pa, continuing to judgement at £0.04 per day." Firstly I am not the registered owner or keeper of this vehicle as the vehicle was my wife's company car and what evidence do they have that I was the driver. I am very stressed out about this as £241.18 is a lot of money to be burdened with just before Christmas and any help would be appreciated as to how I should deal with this. Feels like these cowboys can almost make charges up as they deem fit and then bully people into paying them what can only be deemed a lucrative sum. The claim form is dated the 10th December 2018 and was received on 14th December 2018.
  3. Advice please I have received this letter, see pics, its a debt with marbles credit card which was then sold to cabot this year, now i have got this letter from Mortimer Clarke regarding potential court action if i do not respond in 30 days. ( i also have an aqua credit card and aqua loan which i have also not paid off they are sending me letters as well but not go to this stage yet and they are the same company as Marbles so i guess will be doing the same thing next. I cant afford to pay this and have been struggling. Long story short, my ex used to take my money and use my cards to gamble and pay for a drug habit i didn't know about i was subject to mental torture for an extended period of time, if i didnt let him do this he would threaten to tell my job lies to get me sacked which made me feel sick as i love my job and i am good at it, now he is finally out of my life i have a shed load of debts that will be chasing me like this one. What is the best thing for me to do. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, The only time I have faced something like this was when I mistakenly parked in a contract space at Fort Dunlop, Birmingham. I wrote a letter explaining my mistake and the fine was cancelled. I now find myself being threatened with Court action and ultimately a CCJ if I don't pay a PCN charge for "stopping" at Calder Park Estate in Wakefield on the 10th August 2017, somewhere I had never been before. I was sent 3 photographs of me stopping for a total of 29 seconds opposite the turning into my client's car park where I had a reserved space for a meeting. I wrote back and explained that the lid of my coffee (which I had just bought from Starbucks on the edge of the estate) had come off and covered me in scalding coffee. It was unsafe at that time to drive on so I swung the car to the left to pull the hot clothes from my body. If it hadn't been an emergency I had no reason to stop because I had a reserved space in my client's car park. As you can imagine my appeal was rejected. I then did a quick search on the internet and read that I should ignore any correspondence, which I did. After reading more I believe that this has changed. I have now received a Letter of Claim from BW Legal explaining that if I don't pay they have been instructed to take me to the County Court with an estimated claim fee: Principal Debt + Initial Legal Costs £160.00 Estimated Interest £4.36 Estimated Court Fees £25.00 Estimated Solicitors Fees £50.00 Estimated Total £239.36 I need to either pay £160 or explain why I am not paying by the 5th April. Apparently, the client is willing to enter into a payment arrangement which is affordable for my financial circumstances. The £160 is made up of the principal balance - £100 plus £60 debt recovery costs. If payment or a response is not received they will issue a County Court Claim. In the envelope they have enclosed a reply form giving me several options/tick boxes: I agree I owe the debt I owe some of the debt but not all of it I don't know whether I owe the debt I dispute the debt (I can explain why in a separate document) I will pay what I owe now I will pay but need time to pay I am getting or intend to get legal advice And then another section where I can request documents from them e.g. a copy of the written contract for the debt. As with everyone else on this site, I don't agree with the charge and it feels more like extortion. Can anyone advise/help on what I should do next? Thanks,
  5. A friend, who is on benefits, has been asked to take part in the Family Resources Survey. It seems this is part of the Office For National Statistics (ONS) who are doing the survey on behalf of the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). The survey visitors are exceedingly persistent. The interviewer came round four times (my friend was out each time), left their mobile number, left notes in the letterbox urging contact, provided a reply paid envelope, gave a helpline number and even sent a £10 cash voucher. From what people have posted on other sites, this is a very detailed intrusive survey asking about your state benefits, bank balances which they ask to see, investments, how much interest you get and such like . It turns out the interviewer knows most of this already. They explain that the survey data is shared between the ONS and DWP and say the data is anonymised for the survey and is confidential. I have seen the Family Resources Survey is referred to in official publications and seems to be a serious organisation, howeverdoes the information this survey collects also get passed on, as a sideline, to help review the status of individual benefits claimants?
  6. Hi my 1st post on here i was hoping somebody can help me i have had 3 letters from civil recovery solutions. I was caught walking out of b and q after swapping parts from a damaged box to a good box i thought that one part was missing so i took it from the damaged box and put it in the good one. After being stopped it turned out that the part was in the good box but i had not seen it. No police were called and i was made to sign a store ban for 1 month. I had received a letter from civil recovery solutions for £95.15 which i ignored and another reminding me that the early settlement fee was about to expire . I am now on my 3rd letter for £118.94 and it is headed letter before refferal. I am now quite worried i have ignored this letter as well but they gave me 28 days which is due to expire next week I am also worried as im going abroad for a few weeks and if it does go to court i wont be in the country and loose by default. This was a mistake on my part i have never been in trouble with the law and im now loosing sleep and its all i think of but i cant afford to pay the fine plus i dont want to pay out of principal. Has anyone ever been taken to court from civil recovery solutions or B&Q or are they just trying to scare me into paying. I hope someone can help me with this please i have read many threads on these companies but most are quite out of date and never come back to say whether they heard anything more or ended up in court. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could advise on what I should do with regards to the following. Around 12 years ago due to various issues I found myself in debt for about 35K. I went on a DMP which for majority of creditors is still going, paying off regularly the agreed amount. About 4 years ago MBNA stopped taking the payment, I have now discovered that they sold the debt to Arrow Global. Over the past couple of weeks I have received some letters from Shoosmith on behalf of Arrow for the credit card etc. Would anyone be able to advise if I shoudl ask for a CCA on the debt (I genuinely do not know if MBNA was paid in full or not! but I am doubting even my name at the moment panic is back!) . What steps should I take? Any advice is welcome (sorry if the above does not make much sense but after 10 years of paying things back this has brought me back onto "put your head on the sand mode")....
  8. Hi all, I been ignoring few letters (stupidly I searched on googles about ignoring private car park parking charge and believed it ) for a parking charge issued on 03/05/17 at location West Gate Plaza West Bromwich, Moor Street, B70 7AD by Parking and Property Management LTD and recently I received Letter before Claim from Gladstones stating I own a debt of £160. First corresponding letter was from Parking and Property Management LTD dated on 07/06/17 and it was already a 'reminder notice letter', however i was not aware and the person who was driving the car at that time are not aware he was charged before this letter was received. The 'so call edvidences images' first picture was taken at 09:02pm and second picture was at 10:14pm, it also stated the they issued the ticket at 10:11pm. However the second picture show the car was turned on with lights on and the driver told me he had a kid in the car at that time and there were some accident, thats why he exceeded the 1 hour maxium time period. The signage for the car park is next to the shop signage above the car and one more signage is nextdoor shop also next to the shop signage on the right hand side. And it was at night time, it wasn't clear enough to read. 2nd letter was from Gladstones as Final reminder letter dated on 17/07/17, asking for £160, stating if I dont pay they are instructed to issue legal proceeding against me in the county court. And the lastest 3rd letter from Gladstones as Letter before Claim with a deadline of 14 days to respond of pay and the letter was dated on 31/07/17, but I was on holiday so I missed their dealine anyway. Stating they act on behalf the claimant and have now been instructed to commence legal action against me to recover the debts i own. But should I response to them now or no? As I feel it might end up bad if I keep ignoring them and I got confused with all those technical wording. I have not contact any of them or reply them so far. Kindly request helps! Thank you. P.S i can't seem to upload any images?
  9. Hi, I have received a letter from DCBL which states: "Your overdue amount of £269.48 due to Excel parking services ltd in relation to a county court judgement number xxxxxx has now been passed to DCBL to recover the debt on their behalf" It also mentions a further £75 + vat charge. I have searched lots of forums and the advice has been consistent to ignore all letters from Excel parking or any debt recovery firms. i am concerned this letter mentions CCJ number which suggests a CCJ has been issued. I dont recall receiving any court letters, although i have changed address. Normally, I would ignore these letters as per the advice on the various forums but im worried if a CCJ has really been issued and what I should in this case? Should i respond to DCBL? Should i contact the court (and if so, which court would i need to contact as i have not had any details)? Or should i continue to ignore? Please help as i am really stressed out now Many thanks in advance for any advice/help. Cheers
  10. Hi, back in June 2015 I signed up with Bannatyne on what I now know to be a minimum 12 month contract. What happened was, I was unable to find prices for memberships online, I went to my local branch and hastily agreed to the contract at £52 per month. Later that same day, I decided that the price was too steep for what the gym was offering. I emailed them asking to cancel my membership but was told this was not possible as per the terms of the contract. That my only option was to pay up (they offered me a 20% discount as a gesture of goodwill) or transfer the membership to a third party. I asked about the usual 14 day "cool off" but was told this was not an option as I signed on premises. In any case, neither of these options were agreeable to me and I made that clear. In addition, they took £39.87 (as payment for the first month) from my account before I cancelled my direct debit I did not query this payment and wrote it off as my mistake for signing in the first place. Also bear in mind that at no point either then or since have I used their equipment. I am aware that the contract does state that payment is due regardless of use. I heard nothing since but was contacted by ARC via letter about 2 weeks ago on behalf of Bannatyne still requesting this payment when I had assumed all was forgotten... This stated that I should pay the outstanding amount (£585.87) within 21 days or they would be forced to pass it on to solicitors. In a panic, I contacted them and relayed the whole story, which they said they would discuss with the client, ie Bannatyne. A few days later I got a call back saying the payment was still due with the 20% discount on offer (£468.69) and I should have read the T&Cs before signing! Still, I refused to pay. I have now received a letter from the solicitors (Major Law Solicitors, as threatened) who have advised me of intent to issue a county court claim against me with an array of further costs should it get that far, advising me to pay up to stop further action. Worried, I contacted my local CAB who have asked me to request a copy of the contract I signed (which I've done) but advised that for all intents and purposes, I am liable to pay as I had no grounds to cancel and they are within their rights to pursue me for the outstanding balance. I therefore resigned myself to having to pay before I stumbled upon this forum. What is the likelihood of being taken to court over this? I know it is a substantial amount of money but why wait 3 years to bring the issue back up again? Any advice on what my next steps should be? Thanks for your help.
  11. Hi I took out a door step loan in 10/2010 due to my younger sister having a stroke I defaulted in the same year I have not paid or recognised this debt since in 2014 it was assigned to lowell who marked it on my credit file as a new debt. Today I received a letter saying despite previous letters I have not made an agreement they are giving me 30 days notice before court have included a load of paperwork for me to fill out about financial situation other debts and am I seeking debt help or who I plan to pay. They say that because they took over the debt in 2014 the six year rule started when the took over the debt. The original debt no-one appears on my credit file as it went statute barred either the end of 2016 or early 2017. How do I fight this if it comes to court
  12. Hi, I have a small camper van that I don't use in the winter, so it is on my private drive and I don't tax it for 6 months. I can see by doing a check that this year I forgot to fill in a SORN and it was due to be taxed in November. I cannot remember any reminder coming through, any letter from the DVLA saying the vehicle was not taxed or any fine from them. All I have is a letter from a debt collecting firm CCSCollect asking for £80 Non-payment of this penaly is a Civil Offence under Section 7a of the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994. We request you pay £80 within the next 7 days from the date of this letter. If I have to pay then fine, it is my fault, I just want to know if I should pay these direct, not pay and deal with the DVLA, take it off the road now and ignore the letter. I am just very weary of debt collecting companies and dealing with them. Any advice? Thanks Paul
  13. Hi, I'm hoping someone can advise me on the above. I received a letter from Shoosmiths LLP Solicitors yesterday stating that they are acting on behalf of their client etc. and intend to take County Court Enforcement action within 7 days if no response. There is a CCJ of £12,703.99 outstanding that was judged on the 24/10/2014 which I've been unable to pay due to various circumstances. Not to give the impression of a sad story but a poor set of choices lead to a path of divorce, court battles, working two jobs, overdosing children etc etc. leading to suffering from depression and anxiety and have been on meds for some years - like many others out there, and like many others I haven't dealt with issues very well. I'm not objecting to the debt but I'm not sure how to go about responding to this. Can anyone advise me please? Some help would be greatly appreciated which I will gladly reciprocate on any part of my knowledge and experience. Spannerboy
  14. Hi, I am hoping someone here can give me some advice as I am really worried about this I changed my home insurers to John Lewis (from NatWest) in January this year. No specific reason as I was always happy with NatWest but my premium had increased so I shopped around. To my knowledge I gave JL details of all previous claims (i.e. I am not aware that I failed to mention any) and I did not take out no claims protection or did I benefit from a no claims reduction in my new policy. In June last year I claimed with Natwest for a damaged speaker under the accidental section of my policy. Last Thursday my daughter dropped one of my wireless speakers and it was not repairable so, given the cost of it (£499), I contacted JL to make a claim. They offered me a cash settlement which I was happy with but then called to say that "due to the number of undisclosed claims" they would be referring not only my claim for the speaker but also my entire policy to their underwriters. Today I get a call from the Cotswold Group wanting to interview me over the telephone about my claim. I didn't answer because I was in a meeting. I googled them and they are private investigators and insurance fraud specialists I then received an email asking me to make an appointment to discuss my claim and policy naturally I am very confused and scared as to why JL have instructed them to contact me? I decided that given the simplicity of the claim I would call JL to advise them I no longer wanted to proceed as it all seemed rather odd. The chap I spoke to said "I will pass this on to our specialist team" which again caused some alarm. He was very abrupt and then literally minutes later I get another email from The Cotswold Group saying this: "I have received a call from John Lewis to advise of your call mentioned below. They have confirmed they are unable to accept the withdrawal of the claim as we have been appointed to carry out further enquiries in relation to your claim and policy before any decision can be agreed." They are INSISTING I speak to them and I am thinking Why am I being investigated for what JL obviously think is insurance fraud by a team of private investigators specialising in "deep web mining"? Even if i did omit to mention the NatWest Claim last year it was definitely not on purpose! I am quite literally terrified now. Can someone please help or explain why they are doing this and how I should respond to the email from The Cotswold Group. Why are JL refusing to allow me to drop my claim??
  15. I had a letter come through the door a few weeks ago from Lucas Credit Services, stating that they were acting on behalf on Lowells. In the envelope was a letter from Lowells saying Lucas were sorting the debt for them, and i had 7 days to reply Before the 7 days was up i had Lucas emailing me "if you don't reply to us, we will continue to correspond to you via email". I had no more letters but 3 emails. Up until now, i've not heard anything about this debt since 2011. It seems as though they are trying to get a rise out of me. Do i correspond to them via email? At the moment, i set it to go into my junk folder, i did debate blocking them. History: Its a Vanquis credit card taken out in 2010 of around £400ish. I tried to pay them multiple ways: went into bank and was refused, rang up and they kept disconnecting me. with that, i didn't bother to pay I then came into financial difficulties, i'd gone beyond the point of no return. It was defaulted in 2011, and no payment was ever made on the account. Its no up to £600 odd, and i know most of that is charges. Whats your guys take on this?
  16. Good afternoon First of all I thank everyone for any advice you may be able to offer. On the 24th March 2016 at 19:14 I was parked at the rear of some shops on Slough High Street. I visited a Supermarket (one of those shops) and was in there no longer than 20min. On my return I discovered a parking ticket from Parking and Property Management Ltd with the issue reason 'Not displaying a valid permit'. It was dark so I obviously didn't see the sign post which outlined the conditions of parking there. The following day I went away for work and totally forgot about the ticket. Almost 3 months later I have recieved a 'LETTER BEFORE CLAIM' from Gladstones Solicitors. This letter is dated 7th June, was sent 2nd class and I recieved it a week later?? Having done extensive Googling online I read there should have been a NTK before this? I cannot recall having received one of these. I will be trawling through all my post again just to make sure. They are asking for a payment of £150 or they will take legal action? The easy option would be to pay the fine, however the bay I had parked in was for a Carpet Shop, which was way past closing time at the time I got the ticket! Where do I stand with contesting the ticket? Looking forward to the advice and I appreciate it!
  17. I'll keep it short but include all necessary details. I started a foundation degree with the Manchester College in September 2011. I was on the course for 6/7 months and then I dropped out. I never informed Student Finance and I just informed my college that I was dropping out. I am not sure if my college then in turn informed Student Finance or not but I never received any further payments after I dropped out (I know that much). I am not going to lie and say I know all the figures of what I borrowed or how much I was actually paid. upon checking the student loan repayment website, it says I owe £4099.70 as of 31/03/2016 (this amount may have changed now, I'm not sure). I was in employment from September 2013 up until January 2015 where I ticked that I had a student finance and my employer was automatically making payments on my behalf but I didn't actively keep track of them, I just remember seeing them on my payslips. I then didn't pay anything off my student loans until my most recent employer who I started with in November 2015 and have just left this month (January 2017). I have some payslips (not all) to say that money has been taken out of my salary for payments towards student loan repayment. I can maybe get a copy of all my payslips from my old company if needed. Out of nowhere I have received a letter from a company called Akinika Debt Recovery who I believe from my research used to be called IQOR. They now say I owe them £1087 and they have made attempts to contact me by phone, SMS & this letter. I haven't spoken to them as of yet and I didn't want to until posting here. I have no idea why they are suddenly contacting me regarding this SLC debt as I was under the impression I was paying them through my employer (up until my redundancy this month). The only thing I can think is that my former employer has been collecting payments from me for the debt but has not paid SLC or because of my redundancy SLC have passed the debt onto Akinika. I am going to ring the HR department tomorrow and seek there advice as to if they have paid them or not. I have no idea what to do or who to turn to or whether to make contact with Akinika or not to see if they have ended up with the debt, but I don't know if contacting them is the wrong thing to do . Should I try and contact SLC and see what they say? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you. Edit: Also just as a side note, I have never received anything from SLC. This is the first that I have heard of this debt (besides knowing about it already)
  18. Dear all I am seeking advise once again on how to respond to a claim form issued to me by BW Legal on behalf of Lowell for a home shopping agreement through the County Court. Any help is appreciated.
  19. Hi Everyone I received a County court claim from restons solicitors on behalf of Arrow global for an old egg loan. I sent a CPR 31.14 request to restons and a CCA request to Arrow global. I haven't heard from Arrow global yet however Restons solictors have sent a reply refusing to comply with the CPR 31.14 request stating that i would have been provided with a copy of the contractual terms and conditions at the time the account was opened hence they see no reason why i would now require an additional copy and also the other documents i have requested are not mentioned in the particulars of claim and therefore CPR 31.14 (1) does not apply. Should I wait until I hear again from them or should I send another response to them. Many thanks for all your help and advice.
  20. Acting on behalf of my mother, she like many others on here seem to have been caught with the Stemologica/Beutemer [problem]s going around. Just need some advice on how to best proceed. My mum in mid Nov saw a internet advert for free tesco vouchers £100 if she took up the free trial of this product. She insists that at no time was she made aware that she binding herself into any contract with them or that the she would if she didnt cancel and return the free products within 14 days. She has had two debits come out of her account before xmas. This has almost ruined xmas for her to the point that she hid it from the entire family and juggled money to get by over the xmas period without telling my father. I have found out as she confessed it to me in the past week. So now you now the back story, I am making it my personal mission that I get this money back for my mother. She is in her early 60's and the little savings she has I dont want to see being stolen from her. What is the best way for her and myself to proceed. She has cancelled the payments to the company (Card Payments, i assume) but is now 2 x £97 down. Is there a realistic chance of her getting this money back. Whilst my mum can be naive on the internet, she isnt when it comes to money and agreeing to contracts etc so i know she wouldnt have signed up to this willingly. I would be grateful for any help or any pointers in the right directions.
  21. Hi, I have been a member for years, but this is my first post. My husband has received a letter from UCS, stating that they have been instructed by UK Parking Limited, for a PCN in (afaik) a private car park. It states that UKPL wrote to him & that we did not respond & therefore cannot appeal. We have had no correspondence from them, And I presume that they would have had to write with date & time stamped photographic proof? They are stating that we were parked after the expired time on a P&D ticket and the original charge was £100 and they have added a £60 Admin Fee. They have threatened him with a solicitor, if he either does not pay, or does not say who was driving the car, if it wasn`t him. They are also trying to use scare tactics by quoting the case of Parking Eye V Beavis. The letter then goes on to "advise" us not to believe information given on the interent, and to gain legal advice. I have been trying to find an email contact for them, so that I have a paper trail & also because I do not want to speak to them (hubbie doesn`t have time due to work, so I am dealing with it). I wanted to email this - Pls can anyone advise if it is acceptable to send? Hello, I am contacting you as my husband was sent a letter from you, saying that UK Parking Limited had instructed you to contact him, due to non payment of a parking charge notice. The reference number is - ******** We have not received anything in writing from UK Parking Limited and I presume that they have to contact us with evidence of any wrong doing, such as timed & dated photographs. I am sure that as a legitimate company, you wouldn't expect anyone to make payment without such proof. I presume that you will be contacting them to send us the relevant information before you proceed. Yours sincerely, Our 14 days to respond is up tomorrow (well today as it is now gone midnight!) Thanks & Kind Regards
  22. Good afternoon I have received a CC claim form from the above. It's in relation to an Aqua credit card and is for an amount just short of £2000. I did receive a letter from WH a couple of weeks ago but truth be told I pretty much ignored it. I'm not sure if the debt is statute barred or not, If it isn't it must be a whisker away from it. I don't recall having heard from Cabot about this matter for quite some time. It's been several years since I tackled any debt problems and I'm very rusty on how to proceed. I know I need to send a CCA request to start with. Do I send this to WH or Cabot? I know I need to send a SAR. Do I send this to Cabot? Or Aqua? (I don't even know if Aqua still exist) Is there anything else I need to request from any of the above. Apologies for all the questions. I really am that out of touch with this stuff. Any help would be much appreciated. I did use be a regular user of this forum quite a few years back. I don't remember my original username and the email address I used back then is long gone, so I have re-registered. Thanks in advance for any assistance
  23. Every day on this site, we see new posts added, asking for advice on behalf of a friend, a colleague, a neighbour etc. They often only have some of the facts and can't answer questions raised. Answers are given based on the limited information available, with some frustrated replies and most of the time the threads are never continued. I have recently heard in a discussion regarding Citizens Advice, that some of the staff are going into online forums to make posts, to try to find out information to help people. I can't remember where i heard this, but it may have been a radio phone in programme, where someone mentioned this in relation to CAB cuts and staff there not having the knowledge to help. If this is true, i wonder whether this presents an issue or not. Perhaps the answer is to suggest to the people making these posts, is to get the person with the problem to register with CAG and to start a thread with full details.
  24. Good evening, I wondered if you could help me. I have received a county court claim form for a credit card debt. The credit card was capital one and the debt was passed to various solicitors over the years. The debt is now with Capquest and they have instructed Drydens Fairfax to manage the matter. This credit card was taken out over 6 years ago, however I believe the last payment made could be around the 5 or 6 year mark which if over 6 could make the debt statute barred. I have tried to find old paperwork to try and see when I last made payment but can't and I no longer bank with the particular bank from which the payments will have been made. I know I haven't made any payment since May 2010 and could be earlier. The issue date on the Claim a Form is 03 December 2015 and I know I have to comply with timescales. I cannot afford to have a CCJ registered against me as I am looking to purchase a house next year. I haven't received anything from anyone about this debt for around 4 years until a week or so ago when I got a letter from Drydens. They threatened legal action if I didn't contact them within 14 days. I contacted them within this period and emailed for more information. They emailed back to request a paragraph from me to confirm that I was happy to correspond via email I did this, received no further response apart from the Claim Form. I don't know what to do for the best. The debt is in excess of £2500. I also cannot find out when my last payment was. I don't know where to start. Do I acknowledge regardless? Do I attempt to defend with no evidence unless they can prove otherwise? I look forward to receiving your help Thank you
  25. My friend and I are 17 years old students with no income of our own. We have been sent demands from DWF solicitors for £150 security cost each for shoplifting at Sainsburys. We were told to respond within 7 days to avoid further action. We were really threatened by the letter and I looked up information on CAB website which says we could make an offer, of less than the asked amount, for full and final payment as long as we didn’t accept liability. So I asked DWP if we could do this and they said no we needed to pay it all. I have since seen this forum and wish I’d seen it earlier. Neither of us have admitted liability directly but I am wondering if our communication with DWP asking about making payments means we can’t now say: " Any liability to you or any company you claim to represent is denied." " I also refuse you permission to contact any other third party." We thought the £150 was a fine and we had to pay it. Can you advise me on what we should do next please.
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