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  1. Thank you both I will do these things now
  2. I have today received a letter from HMRC stating that I owe them £3944.74 in tax credits overpayments dating back from 2011 - 2015! The debt has been passed to the DWP. This is a total shock and I haven't received any tax credits since April 2015 when they stopped because of an increase in my wages (I was just over the threshold by literally a matter of pounds when they ceased). I'm a single parent struggling to make ends meet as it is and there's just no way I can afford to repay this. I'm on payment plans for my electricity (to stop me being cut off), my co
  3. I was in the process of going through all the paperwork when the letter from the court arrived this morning. what I’d like to know is what the letter means? Now the possession order is active will they seek a date for an eviction or does this mean they don’t have to and can just give me notice to leave? I’m still none the wiser as to why they’ve not reset the arrangement as they said they had done in writing
  4. Apologies for the unintended 2nd post and any annoyance caused. I am understandably worried.
  5. Hello, In July this year I asked for help with Acenden cancelling my payment plan without notice or warning and received some very helpful advice and have also requested a SAR as suggested. However this is still rumbling on and I am struggling. A little history - back in 2010 a possession order was granted as I had fallen into arrears. This was granted in my absence as I was unable to attend having been in a car accident the day before the hearing. I subsequently came to an arrangement/payment plan with Acenden and they cancelled down the eviction.
  6. Hi Andy, Yes I will but will also write to them as they are absolutely terrible to deal with so want something in writing. There’s one DD amount which covers the monthly contractual and the arrears which was agreed by myself and Acenden. They’ve adjusted the DD and removed the arrears payments so just the contractual has been made this month. I’ll query the insurance as I have my own which they are well aware of so will need to reimburse me. But it’s the fees and security related charges of over £8k which haven’t shown up on my annual mortgage statement.
  7. Hello, I am hoping someone can advise on a very troubling letter I received today. Bit of history: I have the misfortune to have had a mortgage with Acenden for the last 12 years. It probably won’t be of any interest but I mortgaged with Acenden at the time of my divorce, not knowing any better, not having had a mortgage on my own before and having been told this was the best deal I could get by my ex-husband’s financial broker. A few years later I fell into arrears, tried to sort it out myself but ended up in court and a suspended possession order. Since then, (albeit
  8. I’ve not asked for a copy of what I’ve signed or their T’s & C’s yet but I can do. I’ve not responded as I was so shocked! Should I ask for these? Good point about asking work to pay - not sure I can as it’s a university and they’re pretty tight on what you can claim for. I’ll check.
  9. Thank you! Sorry, I couldn’t see a forum which matched this type of query. No they don’t have a website, just a FB page where no pricing schedule or terms & conditions are given. I did complete and sign a form per dog while I was there but at no time was I advised about their cancellation charges or any T’s & C’s for that matter, nor was I given a copy of the forms I completed. All I was given when I left was a business card with a handwritten £17 per dog per night on it so I have no way of knowing if even this is what he actually charges. i apprecia
  10. Hi, I’m hoping someone can advise on the best course of action. I was planning to go away with work overseas for a week next month and had booked my dogs into a home boarders for 7 days/nights. I had visited the boarders a month ago with my dogs and must admit didn’t feel very comfortable leaving them there . Not only did the man discipline one of my dogs in front of me (Mog, she was very nervous of him and barked which resulted in a harsh telling off from him) but he also had no experience of the breed and was reluctant to deviate from the strict two hours wa
  11. Hi gemspam, Thank you so much for your reply to my post. As of today, I have (I hope!) managed to sort things out with Arrow and they have confirmed in writing that they will be contacting their solicitors to cancel the current legal proceedings. I say "I hope" because I will not believe it until I see the letter from Eversheds! Briefly, I wrote to Arrow and expressed my concerns with the handling of my account, and their apparent unwillingness to accept that I had been proactive in trying to resolve the situation. Essentially, the payment plan agreed with GE should have been the sam
  12. Yes, I've ensured I have a little left over on the expenditure sheet and detailed every expense - mortgage, all household bills, car insurance, petrol, food etc...
  13. Hi Andy, Eversheds have attached to the N244 a statement of arrears for my account from 23-05-2008 - 30-11-2017. It is a list of all my payments, those missed, fees charged. I have not received a statement from Arrow showing the capital and arrears outstanding, just two separate figures quoted on their latest correspondence. It is interesting that the statement of arrears was dated 30-11-2017 which is the same date they wrote to me to inform me my rate had gone up and advised that they would not be increasing my payments to reflect this until I had spoken to them.
  14. Hi, ok, apologies. This is an emotional time and I got carried away. I have amended and attach again and would appreciate your comments. Arrow Global December 2017v1.pdf
  15. Hi Andy, Arrow, by instructing their solicitors Eversheds have made an application to the court for permission to enforce the suspended possession order. I uploaded the documents yesterday - is this what you mean? On Evershed's N244 they only state the following wording in the evidence section: “The claimant is seeking possession to enforce the suspended possession order dated 23rd November 2009 as the time for enforcement has expired. "We took over conduct of this file in December 2017. The previous solicitors filed a summons of possession of land and a particular of claim
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