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Found 4 results

  1. I had a letter come through the door a few weeks ago from Lucas Credit Services, stating that they were acting on behalf on Lowells. In the envelope was a letter from Lowells saying Lucas were sorting the debt for them, and i had 7 days to reply Before the 7 days was up i had Lucas emailing me "if you don't reply to us, we will continue to correspond to you via email". I had no more letters but 3 emails. Up until now, i've not heard anything about this debt since 2011. It seems as though they are trying to get a rise out of me. Do i correspond to them via email? At the moment, i set it to go into my junk folder, i did debate blocking them. History: Its a Vanquis credit card taken out in 2010 of around £400ish. I tried to pay them multiple ways: went into bank and was refused, rang up and they kept disconnecting me. with that, i didn't bother to pay I then came into financial difficulties, i'd gone beyond the point of no return. It was defaulted in 2011, and no payment was ever made on the account. Its no up to £600 odd, and i know most of that is charges. Whats your guys take on this?
  2. Bran Carter sent me an account review letter a couple of days ago advising me to contact them by phone to discuss my "proposed repayment plan"
  3. Good day all. I've got some on going issues with debts being managed by Lowlifes (via our friends at BW Legal). I've covered most of these elsewhere but in brief over £500 was mysteriously added to the account according to my credit file, they weren't updating my file regularly to reflect payments made and also a default has been recorded unreasonably late (IMO). I raised a complaint and they replied with a derisory compensation offer but a promise that the accounts would be brought up to date within 3 weeks. I decided at this point that if this happened I'd be happy and waited. It didn't. They did reflect the payments to date (but it is now behind again and hasn't been updated) but didn't correct the £500+ charges added nor the default date issue. I sent them an LBA and have had no response and need advice on 2 issues: 1. I sent the LBA about 5 weeks ago. Unfortunately some work issues etc meant I have only just been able to get back onto this. Do I need to send a new LBA due to the time passed or is it within my remit to decide when I issue? 2. As it isn't technically a money claim (though I will be asking for compensation) but a claim for failures under the DPA and guidance related to it from the ICO can I issue online through money claim or do I need to get a paper form? Any guidance and advice gratefully received as always.
  4. Ok a quick scan on his forum says I'm not alone but here's my story - just wondering what the best set of steps is, i.e. complain to NPOWER even though I'm not a current customer, raise it with the regulator, or other options. I was with NPOWER until December 2014. I paid my bills on a monthly direct debit budget scheme. When I switched suppliers I very kindly received a cheque from NPOWER for the balance on my account and thought that was that. Of course I then got bills, lots and lots of bills with lots and lots of amounts. It took them, in my opinion far to long to switch me as well. I contacted them and asked how I could owe them anything when they'd just sent me a refund, asked them to send me definitive bills with readings etc. In the end I gave up and heard nothing. in August I suddenly got a series of communications. At the beginning of August I got 2 bills, one for gas and one for electric, 16.19 and 4.37. Then on the 12th of August I got a reminder for the gas, at £293.98 and one for the electric at 129.97 (remember I haven't been using them for about 8 months now!). These were quickly followed by those very special telemessage things that are supposed to scare you on the 26th and 27th August. Now here's where they really excelled themselves because on the 28 August I got a threatogram from Collections Direct for the gas, 293.98 (at least the amounts were now consistent) but one day later, on the 29th August I got a letter from NPOWER advising me they'd made a mess of it all and were writing off any outstanding balance. And all went quiet. Now I'd have to be honest and say I could not have told anybody whether I did or didn't owe them any money. The number of bills I got showing different amounts - including a refund - had me completely lost. Now today I receive reminders again, pay in 7 days etc etc. So I want this gone once and for all. I've not been a customer for over 15 months. So do I complain to them in the first instance or should I just take this straight up the food chain?
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