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  1. Ok got it.. So visit MCOL put the points in there and that's it. I will also mention I will be absent for the month of August. Silly question, do I need to start it in a specific way? Dear etc?
  2. Sorry don't think I read this correctly, is my information contradicting is that what you are saying?
  3. Got ya, thank you! Will draft final copy shortly and post on here before submitting!
  4. Yep realised I cannot put it in there for sure until I have something concrete from the council. I have made some amendments to the points, also would it be worth mentioning the fact loss of revenue would have been minimal? Or leave that out? - There is no breach of contract as none was entered to with Parking & Property Management LTD. - I do not believe Parking & Property Management LTD have the relevant planning permission to display their signs under the town and country planning act 2007. - There was no NTK sent to the defendant. As Per Schedule 4 Paragraph 6 of Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 the claimant must send a compliant NTK to the registered keeper of the vehicle. Failure to comply means that the registered keeper cannot be held to account for the alleged debt of the driver Also regarding the CPR 31.14 - this was recieved and signed for by Gladstones on the 12th July. Nothing heard to date..
  5. Thanks for the info EB. I completely misunderstood and was under the impression this is a full essay with reference type defence. for a skeleton defence it's just bullet points until I have the supporting documents which are provided at a later date? Apologies it does look like I'm sitting here arms crossed but there is definitely research being done, just don't have alot of free time unfortunately with working long hours. I have drawn up a few bullet points. Am I right in saying I need a solid yes/no answer from the council before I can put the bullet point about planning application? So far I've come up with the below, is this too little? - There is no breach of contract as none was entered to with Parking & Property Management LTD. - The claimant does not have permission from the local authority to be displaying signs thus making any claim invalid - There was no NTK sent to the defendant, this is a requirement as per paragraph 8&9 PoFA 2012. This invalidates the claim in question.
  6. Lol I like that example Ok, so for now I submit a part defence or full? Also, trying to think how to word the email for the council and find myself keep on deleting and re-typing - not working. Any pointers?
  7. Hi EB, Sorry for the delay in responding, work shifts are a nightmare. I have just realised I have a mere 4 days to file a defence :/ So I have a choice to reply to SBC asking them to provide more information or refer to it in my defence? I need to start my defence too, I am off from work from tomorrow so will really knuckle down. Where is a good place to start? In regards to SBC I will go back to them & ask them to have another look into this because there is no way the company can display signs without an application. I think you were spot on about the initial response not having alot of information about this problem. Thanks
  8. Hi all, Thanks for the feedback. EB, I have come across this thread - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?454608-Parking-eye-Mansfield Is this the one you are referring to?
  9. Received this from SBC yesterday; "Thank you for your email regarding land behind 271-279 High Street Slough. This land is private property therefore they do not require permission from this Authority."
  10. Ok sounds good, thanks EB Yep sorry got my wires crossed, sent an email to SBC enquiring about the PP however still to hear back from them. Will give them a call as I have a feeling I will be waiting for that email response for some time!
  11. Understood dx, thank you. Really ought to start drafting up a defence ready to submit by 22nd. Would it be worth mentioning to the courts that I will be absent for the entirety of August?
  12. Ok sure. Letter to GS sent recorded delivery today. Let's see what nonsense they come back with!
  13. Thanks EB will do. This is something the local council can advise me on right?
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