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  1. Well just an update really its over two weeks now from the cut off for paying the 3rd letter and not heard anything yet so hopefully they have given in. We will see what happens in the next few weeks.
  2. I see it seems there a quite a few horror stories when it comes to b and q if you bought the product and it was incorrect you should be entiltled to a refund. I dont understand why they would not give you one. Im not a fan of the civil recovery scheme i would much rather have dealt with police as i know where i stand it would been an acutal fine or a warning as it was a mistake i couldnt imagine they would go to the effort with court where these are threatening with civil court. Thanks for everybodys input it is starting to ease my mind that its not just me.
  3. I see that. I just think that it is the wrong way to go about things to be honest. I do think there should be security by all means but a misunderstanding should not really result in a large bill. I just think that many private security are just trying it on and praying on the weak to pay up.
  4. I was re reading them earlier and i see what you all mean its all if's but's and maybe's i shall just wait and see. It all seems like a pretty much standard letter that they send to everybody but just changing the clients name. It also makes sense how the security man kept going over how important it was to pay early which is also a sign of desperation. I would be lying if i said it wasnt on my mind but i think thats what they want from people to be scared and pay up. B and q have suffered no loss and their security guards would have been there regardless so how can they build up t
  5. Hi thank you for your input i still very stressed over the matter as ive never been in this position before. I have attached all three letters to this post. I would also like to add that i spoke to citizens advice and they said if it goes to court i would be liable for the cost if they win which i was worried about. I also tried contacting b and q and was told that they would get a manager to contact me at his discretion. They never contacted me so i emailed again and have been ignored. It seems b and q have no intention of sorting it with me it seems that CRS are tyrin
  6. I have seen that you have said that in other posts and i was aiming for ignoring them. Has anyone ever been taken to court after the oxford case. I know it would be b&q who would take me to the civil court and not CRS. I was also a bit worried beacuse they have got me on cctv swapping the parts over. Thank you.
  7. Hi my 1st post on here i was hoping somebody can help me i have had 3 letters from civil recovery solutions. I was caught walking out of b and q after swapping parts from a damaged box to a good box i thought that one part was missing so i took it from the damaged box and put it in the good one. After being stopped it turned out that the part was in the good box but i had not seen it. No police were called and i was made to sign a store ban for 1 month. I had received a letter from civil recovery solutions for £95.15 which i ignored and another reminding me that the early set
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