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  1. Thanks for the response Andyorch and unclebulgaria67. My situation is - I rent privately, no property owned, car is an old banger, debts to 2 other creditors of much lesser amounts - £188 and I'm not sure of the other value, I'm in full time employment. I have to say I've handled things badly over the years and its hard to admit but I must sort myself out and realise only I can do it and I'm really grateful for your help.
  2. Ah. Sorry! Looked through the forums but couldn't work out which it applied to. Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm hoping someone can advise me on the above. I received a letter from Shoosmiths LLP Solicitors yesterday stating that they are acting on behalf of their client etc. and intend to take County Court Enforcement action within 7 days if no response. There is a CCJ of £12,703.99 outstanding that was judged on the 24/10/2014 which I've been unable to pay due to various circumstances. Not to give the impression of a sad story but a poor set of choices lead to a path of divorce, court battles, working two jobs, overdosing children etc etc. leading to suffering from dep
  4. Hi all, Can't seem to work out how to post a thread? Can anyone help please?
  5. This is the same for me. I sent in a standard letter offering pro-rata payment and they said they couldn't deal with me until i went thru a debt company or CAB. I said thats rubbish as the contract is between me and them and they said it is their policy and for increased protection. Any ideas on this rubbish they're professing???
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