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  1. Hiya, and thanks for all the help and advice, apologies for not understanding previous replies. Sorry it took a while to reply but had a death in the famly. I am sending everything advised off tomorrow, but can i ask, on the other thread i was directed to it says at the end (post 4) to get a £1po and then send the PAP document to the solicitors (Mortimer Clarke) However i have read on another thread on here that i should send the PAP document etc to CABOT and a letter confirming i have done this or something to this affect to the solicitors. Can you advise to confirm which
  2. Hiya, as i said i am not sure how to do that. I am still unsure what exactly to do as if i send this pap letter what is likely to happen next as once i send it i cant unsend it ifkwim. Sorry, but thanks for the advice it is greatly appreciated
  3. not sure why the pics have gone as i have not removed i shall try and re post them . Sorry
  4. Do you mean that it does not give the full details of my account debts with Marbles as Cabot dont have them? When you say file a defence do you mean sending them the pap letter asking them for the full details of my account and debt? Sorry i am a little new to this
  5. sold to them i believe around may this year, card was taken out a few years ago 3/4 years?
  6. Towards the end of last year beg autumn time roughly i think without digging out old paperwork
  7. no. i had the cards already, he just became very controlling etc and it took a long time to get my life back with him not in it and get control back on everything, now with a whole heap of debt in tow.
  8. thankyou ill take a look what is likely to happen when i have done in relation to the post 4? ive just taken a look?
  9. Advice please I have received this letter, see pics, its a debt with marbles credit card which was then sold to cabot this year, now i have got this letter from Mortimer Clarke regarding potential court action if i do not respond in 30 days. ( i also have an aqua credit card and aqua loan which i have also not paid off they are sending me letters as well but not go to this stage yet and they are the same company as Marbles so i guess will be doing the same thing next. I cant afford to pay this and have been struggling. Long story short, my ex used to take my money a
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