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  1. Thanks for all the replies, they have come back and said it is my responsibility to put in the correct details but offered me a charge of £20 as a goodwill gesture, I said on the initial letter I would not be paying and would go to court if need be, so this seems like a last attempt to get something from me. Is it worth paying to receive the hassle or stick firm and just tell them I am willing to go to court and presume they will just drop it, the hotel is not part of a chain by the way
  2. I did not pay for a ticket no, they said just put your Reg into this iPad as you enter and they will know you were with us. Who do I approach, the hotel in person or appeal to the cowboys via letter? Thanks
  3. I just had a letter from parking eye this morning and wondered if I should contest I was on a speed awareness course at a hotel last week and they said to stop a parking fine to put your registration into the system, I have two vehicles are rarely use one but I did use it that day and automatically put the reg of my other vehicle in by mistake and so now have a parking fine If I have to pay due to it being my fault then fair enough but if it is worth contesting then I will Thanks for any advice
  4. No he lives at the same house, I am only going on what he has told me, not sure how his partner found that out but no, he has never moved, just kept throwing 4 years of letters in the bin so not sure what he got or when, he was more freaked by this one I guess and asked me if it meant anything serious
  5. By the way he does not own that car anymore if this makes any difference which I doubt, he also just messaged me saying the judgement was put on in 2017, his partner just looked it up and he has excelled at credit score, rated as excellent No I wasn't suggesting there was a quick fix, just something I could advise him without me getting really involved with it as he honestly can't even switch a computer on, never mind log in here and start trying to follow the advice.
  6. Sure and I asked him about letters from court and he wasn't sure, he said he just kept throwing all the letters in the bin so I can't confirm, I was thinking of paying a small fee to see if the judgement is legit CEL Without pred offer else order to attend court.pdf
  7. Hi I have used this amazing forum before with the great advice given but just wanted some quick advice on a subject for someone else. this is for a friend who doesn't even know how to work a computer and I don't want to be doing all the donkey work for him as it is not my issue and don't want to make it so as he would not be able to do anything himself. I am not looking for some in depth advice where I read through old sticks and prepare paperwork etc but would love a quick reply as he is panicking. he got a parking ticket in 2016, he received numerous letters and just ignored it as advised by someone else. Well the other day he got a letter from Civil enforcement Limited saying that they had issued a CCJ against him, giving him a claim number to check if he wished. They then said they have issued a judgement and now intend to apply for you to attend before a court officer for questioning about your income etc We may then enforce the judgement through an attachment of earnings....then threatening ballifs...the court fees of this is at least £265 etc We hope to avoid taking this action against you if possible, As a final effort to settle this matter you can pay £263 as final settlement of this judgement debt if you pay within 14 days. If you don't pay we may commence enforcement fr the full amount. my question is, is it better for him to pay it now? This being he would not know how to implement the advice of taking this on. If he pays it will the CCJ still stand? Is there anything else he should do or not do? He is willing to pay it if that's the end and they are not bluffing but doesn't want the CCJ, again I really don't want to get too involved with it not being my problem so all answers to the best quick resolution is much appreciated. Thanks
  8. Thanks, I don't have all the information to add, I think I better let her take over from here.
  9. Hi, I am asking this question on behalf of a friend who doesn't know about this website and doesn't have any computer experience. She works at pizza hut and gets free parking, she just has to register her car so that the cowboy company knows that she is exempt from a ticket. Her car was in the garage so she used her mothers instead totally forgetting the car wasn't registered as exempt. Civil Enforcement then issue her with a ticket as it was parked there over the 2 hours granted. She has asked pizza hut to confirm it was her car but they say they can't do anything and she has to take it up with the parking company. She tried and obviously, they didn't want to know. She just wants to know where she stands with this as it was a genuine error and she should have been exempt Thanks for any advice
  10. The car was sold to a dealer last year as a trade in....I have looked at pepipoo, but not sure what I'm looking for there. All I asked for what was it they wanted in that box as I need to send the form back tomorrow. Thanks for your help, but it's not answering my key question that I have put up twice. Ill ask elsewhere, thanks.
  11. This is my whole point, I want to say all that but it tells me not to give reasons for appeal....I have a ps2 and ps3 form to fill in, the other form where it asks for details, the box can fit two lines in it, there is no room to put anything in there apart from moved house. I would need to attach a letter with it or something. The date was 25/09/2016 Also I did have a 6 month postal divert to my mothers , where I moved until I found my new house, nothing came there, but most likely it happened after that and the divert ran out. I did not update details with DVLA, thats my bad of course, I knew I was moving soon and selling that car so didn't do it. The below is confusing me, what are they actually asking for there as they don't want reasons for appeal? So just why I didn't get the letters etc? .My reasons for filing this statutory declaration outside the given time are as follows: (Do not give your reasons for appeal against the penalty charge on this form)
  12. On one of the out of time forms, it states........My reasons for filing this statutory declaration outside the given time are as follows: (Do not give your reasons for appeal against the penalty charge on this form) well my reason is because I have moved address and didn't get any letters about this, which is also my reason for appeal. Can anyone clear it up that I just put, what I have, documents sent to wrong address? Thanks
  13. Ok rang them and apparently it was for a bus lane offence so no ticket. They had my old address on record so everything went there, its quite obvious I have now moved as the bailiffs found me, so won't have any trouble proving that. They said I had to ring Northampton county court for a out of time form, then go to a local court to get a counter signed signature and then send it all back and wait for a outcome. Seems a lot of hassle to prove something I could do instantly with forms to show I moved her well before anything was sent out. Anyway at least I now know what its about.
  14. Yes this was exactly the fine, as I said I'm not waiting, ill ring the council in the morning, as I say, if they say we sent to other address, is that it over? Don't want them fobbing me off if I have a chance to pay initial fine. I just feel duped not having any form of reply and punished for something I had no chance of paying.
  15. I will do tomorrow morning thanks, what if they say they have been sending them to the old address? Do I just concede defeat?
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