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  1. Thanks, I don't have all the information to add, I think I better let her take over from here.
  2. Hi, I am asking this question on behalf of a friend who doesn't know about this website and doesn't have any computer experience. She works at pizza hut and gets free parking, she just has to register her car so that the cowboy company knows that she is exempt from a ticket. Her car was in the garage so she used her mothers instead totally forgetting the car wasn't registered as exempt. Civil Enforcement then issue her with a ticket as it was parked there over the 2 hours granted. She has asked pizza hut to confirm it was her car but they say they can't do anything and she has to take it up with the parking company. She tried and obviously, they didn't want to know. She just wants to know where she stands with this as it was a genuine error and she should have been exempt Thanks for any advice
  3. The car was sold to a dealer last year as a trade in....I have looked at pepipoo, but not sure what I'm looking for there. All I asked for what was it they wanted in that box as I need to send the form back tomorrow. Thanks for your help, but it's not answering my key question that I have put up twice. Ill ask elsewhere, thanks.
  4. This is my whole point, I want to say all that but it tells me not to give reasons for appeal....I have a ps2 and ps3 form to fill in, the other form where it asks for details, the box can fit two lines in it, there is no room to put anything in there apart from moved house. I would need to attach a letter with it or something. The date was 25/09/2016 Also I did have a 6 month postal divert to my mothers , where I moved until I found my new house, nothing came there, but most likely it happened after that and the divert ran out. I did not update details with DVLA, thats my bad of course, I knew I was moving soon and selling that car so didn't do it. The below is confusing me, what are they actually asking for there as they don't want reasons for appeal? So just why I didn't get the letters etc? .My reasons for filing this statutory declaration outside the given time are as follows: (Do not give your reasons for appeal against the penalty charge on this form)
  5. On one of the out of time forms, it states........My reasons for filing this statutory declaration outside the given time are as follows: (Do not give your reasons for appeal against the penalty charge on this form) well my reason is because I have moved address and didn't get any letters about this, which is also my reason for appeal. Can anyone clear it up that I just put, what I have, documents sent to wrong address? Thanks
  6. Ok rang them and apparently it was for a bus lane offence so no ticket. They had my old address on record so everything went there, its quite obvious I have now moved as the bailiffs found me, so won't have any trouble proving that. They said I had to ring Northampton county court for a out of time form, then go to a local court to get a counter signed signature and then send it all back and wait for a outcome. Seems a lot of hassle to prove something I could do instantly with forms to show I moved her well before anything was sent out. Anyway at least I now know what its about.
  7. Yes this was exactly the fine, as I said I'm not waiting, ill ring the council in the morning, as I say, if they say we sent to other address, is that it over? Don't want them fobbing me off if I have a chance to pay initial fine. I just feel duped not having any form of reply and punished for something I had no chance of paying.
  8. I will do tomorrow morning thanks, what if they say they have been sending them to the old address? Do I just concede defeat?
  9. Click upload image DONE, add url DONE , every time get a question mark, I give up with images and will just leave it out, all is said in letter above anyway.
  10. I have put the url of the letter in case the image doesn't show up. But yes it is certainly off Marston, it is all over the top of the letter. I moved home 3 and half years ago, so well after the incident which is dated 25/09/2016 and I sold the car in question 13 months ago, so it can't be after I sold it. The car was originally registered to my old address, but I had left long after this happened, unless I didn't update my log book, which I can't remember doing, maybe everything was going to the old address. If this is the case, do I have no leg to stand on? I can't sort something out that I wasn't aware of. I will ring Kirklees and ask where these letters have been sent. If they say my old address, then am I stuffed for not updating my details on the change of address? I have until the 14th to sort out with Marston, so I would like to take some advice first before rushing in to paying them. Thanks for the advice so far
  11. Hi I have received a letter today from Marston High court enforcement about an alleged parking ticked from Kirklees council in my old car from 18 months ago. If I ever received a parking ticket I've paid it straight away, no way would I just leave it. It states I now own them £173 with fees for a debt I have no clue about, I don't have any recollection of any unpaid parking fine, I've had no reminders or letters, just this through the door today. What do I do? This is really annoying, if it was a debt id ignored or knew anything about I would say fair enough, but I am clueless and certainly had no more letters on this. I moved to this new home 3 years ago, so it can't be anything went elsewhere. Please advise Thanks
  12. Send them a recorded letter? I always tape the phone call so they cant say any different later on. The thing is I got breakdown with it, nt sure what happens there as its a third party company.
  13. Last year I owned 3 vehicles and sold one last year and ownership papers passed on, I only had it one year, it was a sports car for the summer. A few weeks ago I got a letter through the post asking if I wanted to renew my insurance and if so it would cost £220, this was exactly what I paid for my camper van insurance last year and the quote came at the same time, I always insure it in April and tax it then. As it came at the usual time, I thought it was a decent price and put it in the drawer to sort out nearer the time. I then got a phone call asking if I wanted to proceed a few days later, decent price I thought so agreed. This was on the 29th of march. I then got another letter today asking if I wanted to renew my camper van insurance and thought it was odd as I already had. It then hit me like a brick what I had done. I had insured a vechicle I no longer own and the owner has it insured with someone else. I have read by law I have a 14 day cooling off period and I will ring to cancel tomorrow, but will I get charged fees for cancelling, if the car is insured by someone else and it was a mistake, will I still get penalised? I don't want them making their own rules up while I try to cancel. I can't believe what I have done, but I'm so used to insuring the camper in April I never checked the reg Thanks for any help
  14. I Paid it 11 days after the letter arrived on the 13th February, so 11 days after that. I can only think they are saying its from when they sent the letter out and I missed the deadline, but not sure as it says nothing . I 100% paid 11 days after the letter arrived. I have had no answer to my email so need to ring them, just feel totally ripped off.
  15. Yes local authority, I have just emailed them, as phone line is always busy. Just wondering where Is stood as I can't find a receipt, maybe better to come back after they reply, just seems v odd and I really can't afford another fine.
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