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  1. ok. Ultimately there is no Notice of assignment in the communication received, I presume next step would be to write to canada square to see if they Egg ever sent any notification, which I doubt
  2. hi sorry as usual I guess I manage to make more confusion than anything! I do wonder myself how I function sometimes Right indeed I do mean the notice of assignment, NCO (not sure where I got Idem from! .... I mixed up two debts ignore Idem ..) the card was taken on in 2003 ...
  3. @Andyorch Andyorch yes it does as I want to ensure IF they can then prove i own the debt and take me to court I have enough evidence... so yes I am trying (after years of hiding my head in the sand ) to sort out the mess I made 10 years ago .... and one way or another I want to avoid to be pulled back onto it.... (if they can prove they own the debt I can make a full and final offer for x amount if they can not, I could then tell them to j g on....)
  4. @dx100uk thanks but struggling to get the current address to get correspondence address for egg?
  5. Right, thanks for all replies, I can ask Egg for the GDPR but nevertheless if Cabot now “Owns” the debt (this is what they are stating ) they should have a copy of the notification made to me when they “acquired” the debt (egg never notified myself and considering Egg as a company does not exist anymore do not think there would even be a copy of a notification made to myself letting me know of the debt being passed or any communication made). In the documentation received there are several copies of letters from them from 2016 but NOT until one in 2018 (after I told them unless they provided proof of myself owning the debt I would not make any payment) when they stated “they” owned the debt. Also quite a few of the communications they sent to my home address are missing (thought the whole point of the GDPR was to provide ALL information ). All they provided (as proof, is a copy of the CCA agreement signed in 2005 signed with Egg). Questions are, is the CCA enough they “Own” the debt? Or should they provide further proof etc?
  6. Hi all, I have submitted a GDPR request to Cabot for an old credit card debt which I was paying of as part of a DMP I had until a couple of years ago (and stopped paying as I did ask for the CCA and cabot did not comply). Cabot provided all the information they “had”. They provided (as part of the GDPR the CCA ) however there is no mention or any confirmation that the debt was passed on to them or any correspondence made by them that they now owned my debt (i.e from the previous company, initially Egg, then “according to the notes I could find from Cabot “ idem but absolutely no mention of any communication of either purchasing the debt or correspondence made to me notifying that they were the “rightful” owner” … .not sure if the above makes sense .. I was under the impression that a Debt management company had to prove that they actually owned the “debt” and had to ensure the debtor was notified IF the debt was sold or no? Also it seems that several letters which I have received were not attached to the “GDPR” documentation (thought again they had to provide a copy of any correspondence sent?)
  7. Debt was for an old CC with Egg, taken in 2006 … Idem said they will send the CCA asap (seemed confident they got it)...but would not provide the deed of assignment and were doubtful would be able to prove of any prove of assignment and I quote " as we purchased the debt in 2009 we are unluckily got a record of any notification"... I know I am rushing a bit but IF they can prove the original CCA would they also have to provide anything else to demonstrate they own the debt? In fairness I am more annoyed they can share details with third parties even when an account is in dispute.....
  8. GDPR, In 2018 I sent a request for CCA/Prove it letter to Idem they never replied or sent the info back. However they kept sending letters/calling to contact them etc, duly ignored as the CCA request was not fulfilled. About 10 weeks ago they sent a letter stating that as they could not get hold of me they decided to pass ALL my details to a company called “callresolve”. After 5 weeks I received a letter from callresolve stating that my details were passed on to them by Idem and that they will send someone over. About 2 weeks ago a lovely (sarcasm!) gent arrived at the house, all with a long black coat (not making this one up I swear) and a lovely badge from “Callresolve” anyhow, as he did not look like your average postman, I asked what he wanted. He said before he could tell me he had to “confirm” my details… I said “ah ok that would be good” and he started “if I could confirm the address” (yes that was right on the front door), I looked at the house number and pointed out at the street sign outside…. He said it was process, then (and this is where it gets quite interesting) he asked for my Date of Birth (to which I replied , I had one and I was happy with it). Anyway at that point I also added that he could “Jog on” and to ensure his coat would not get stuck on the porch. The question is, as Idem ignored any “prove it letter” or even CCA and without my authorization they passed on my private details to a third party. Are they in breach of GDPR guidance. As I thought under the new regulation ALL information can only be passed to third parties with someone’s explicit agreement (I never gave that agreement to Idem. I also got rather annoyed and called Idem, told them that I was still awaiting for the CCA and prove of debt (i.e deed) they said they were not obliged (rightly so I believe, ) to send me the deed of assignment however I asked them if they could confirm and send the confirmation of when they told me of their “Ownership” of the debt, they stated as it was sent in 2009 they did not have a copy (?) Could someone confirm what information I could ask for and if anything else I should be weary of? Idem seem to have got hold of a phone number which I seldom use, and also an email address which I used to set up a DMP years ago (but was still going on last year but NOT for Idem)….are they under obligation to let me know how they got hold of my data and who provided to them? Is there a template for GDPR ? and also what is the process to lodge a complain and to whom? The ICO (from what I can read, would limit itself to “remind” Idem to comply with requirements) Hope the above makes sense!
  9. Hi Dx. I can wait but I asked the SAR from MBNA who do not own the debt, Arrow/Shoos are the ones chasing it..... Presume asking for a SAR from Shooosmith would not bring any benefits or could it achieve anything? (would they have to declare everything they got before any potential take me to court kind of thing?)
  10. Hi Dx100UK, I did sent the SAR but have not received it back yet! Asked MBNA and still not response . ..whilst I am awaiting for it I am also trying to figure out how I can push Shoesmith away (the whole thing is sending me back years).. (if MBNA passed the account to a diff debt agency guess they would only have payment and information till then)> I found old statements and no PPI at all on it silly question (and prob It is..) would it be worth to send a SAR request form Shoesmith? I know it is 10£ but at least I would know ALL they have got on me etc?
  11. Hi all, Cutting a long story short I used to have a CC with MBNA which (like many others I had) got into default. I am unsure how long ago the last payment was made. I got a chase up form Shoesmith “solicitors” on behalf of Arrow Global asking for a SOA and a proposal plan. Before I acknowledge the debt with them.....I was wondering what I should do? What options do I have (I am not sure if it is statute barred) but I know (they have a CCA signed by me), do they have to prove they have the right to chase the debt? Is there a template which can be used at all requesting to confirm that they “own” the debt etc? Cheers
  12. yup, think this was one of those ( I do recall the signature one) but guess I would never got the option to prove it.... outch well guess I ll have to see what they get back with... as no option to pay the full amount at once ....thank you
  13. ooops thanks Andy...... well as long as it isnt Enforceable... and that is the question!
  14. OK thank you. Will do. Last question! Is the CCA valid and forceable?
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