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  1. Thank you so much @ericsb Ha! Sorry, I have just seen your reply. I don`t think I would want my furbabies to bite them if they came, don`t know what they would catch Sorry to spam, trying to get to 10 posts, so that I can post the photo of the letter we have received So, this is the letter we received, I don`t know where to take things from here Thank you So we continue to ignore?! cbs Solicitor Letter.pdf
  2. Evening, I posted previously and got some helpful advice, thank you My original post is headed - UCS Debt Collection Letter On Behalf Of UK Parking Limited (unable to add link) I have now received a letter from CSB Solicitors, demanding the payment and obviously, the amount has now gone up I always thought that if a debt was owed, debt collectors contact you? Not a solicitor? I`m not sure where to take things from here and it is a stress that I could do without at the moment I would really appreciate it, if you could give me more advice. Thanks & Kind regards
  3. Thank you x No doubt, I will be on here posting in a flap if that happens lol Though if it does, I think then may be the time to send the original reply that I was going to, asking for photos etc x
  4. Thank you for the welcome, and the great advice, I really appreciate it Sorry I am replying so late, I am only just in the house since this morning! We did get a paper ticket on the windscreen, but it had no times on it & as far as we knew, we had paid the correct amount so we waited for them to contact us in writing with photos etc, which is what I thought is supposed to happen (I have never had a parking ticket before). If we are proven to be in the wrong, I would have no problem paying a fine, but it definitely wasn`t worth £100! Are you sure that I won`t have debt colle
  5. Hi, I have been a member for years, but this is my first post. My husband has received a letter from UCS, stating that they have been instructed by UK Parking Limited, for a PCN in (afaik) a private car park. It states that UKPL wrote to him & that we did not respond & therefore cannot appeal. We have had no correspondence from them, And I presume that they would have had to write with date & time stamped photographic proof? They are stating that we were parked after the expired time on a P&D ticket and the original charge was £100 and they have added a £60 Admin Fee.
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