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Found 21 results

  1. Good evening, I tell you my case or the one of such a big mistake in my life, I take an article in M ​​& S for less than 10 pounds, the security of the store takes me through a back door and tells me that I can not go back to the store , pay for the product taken, all this without the intervention of the police, sign a document called Civil Recovery / Violation Notification System in which you tell me again that I can not go to any MS shop, and that DWF will be put in contact for the payment of a formal demand (does not specify the amount). After a week of this, I received a letter from
  2. I was in a rush for a charity event, which the irony of the whole situation. I didn't have the change for the second set of chocolates (£2) I just walked out with them. I was taken into a small room and after being given a talk on not doing it again I wasn't banned or given anything to sign, as I was told it wasn't worth the hassle given the extent of the items, and was just given a verbal warning. However on a paper they wanted my address, will I be getting any fines in the mail, or third party fines? If so would I have to pay it?
  3. A couple of days ago, I walked into asda with the intention of taking 2 chewing gums from a 45p packet and I did, I also stuck it down my trousers. The security guard caught me and took me to a room and made me sign a letter saying I'm banned from asda, but told me that's the end of it and nothing else will happen. Today I got a letter from dwf saying I have to pay £125 as some civil matter and it's nothing to do with any legal action asda had taken or may take. Do I actually have to pay this as I was promised nothing else would happen and paying dwf doesn't
  4. Hello, I was at Sainsbury's pharmacy a few weeks back, whilst there I picked up some washing tablets. Whilst waiting for my medication I recieved a phone call to say to immediately get to the hospital as my dad was in a bad way. I didn't think and just ran out (washing tablets under arm). Did not even think about them, security called me back I explained what had happened, they took me into a room and said I was barred etc. I then paid for my item and left the store. They said no further action I just could not go into any store. Now a couple of weeks ago I recieved a letter fro
  5. Got caught in Sainsbury's for goods that amounted to around £5, was made to return the goods (in completely resalable condition) and was banned from stores and thought that would be it. However, now received a letter from DWF stating that I need to pay £150 for security costs however this was not disclosed at the time. I panicked and showed them my real ID with my mum's address as opposed to a student one/credit card, but they completely butchered my surname which is different from my mum's anyway if that helps? Just looking for some advice as I've read up on the forums saying to ignore t
  6. A couple of weeks ago I was accused of fraud in Asda, taken to a room and the police were called. They said it was fraud that I had been buying stuff that was cheaper elsewhere to get their asda price guarantee vouchers, then returning the items after using the vouchers (Nothing in t&cs about returning goods). When the police arrived asda staff/security tried to make out the vouchers were fake, that I'd made them myself. Not true, they were legit ones and police said not fraud, no crime committed and I was let go. (they took all the apg's I had on me and my asda gift cards, an
  7. Hi there folks. Im new to this forum and in dire need of some support. Im a guy in my mid 30s. Around 10 months ago, I seperated from my partner of 11 years and 3 kids. I've been going through a hard and very emotional time and the doctor has prescribed me with anti-depressants to help me to deal with anxiety and some bad thoughts but have recently been turning a bit of a corner I feel. I spent 8 months living with some relatives and the kids were coming to stay with me. Needless to say that this was the hardest time I've ever went through in my life. I b
  8. Hi All I have had two letters now from DWF debt collection agency saying they are acting for santander. I bought a car in 2007 and paid for it, last payment in 2009 they have sent me a letter saying i owe santander 2,666.75 ( which was more than the car at 2,300??) that means i never paid fpor the car. I paid every month!! i would not still be driving round in a car i didnt pay for it I cant prove it as i have moved three times since and after so long i have no paperwork. my old bank account no longer exists. shall i ignore it or what shall i do. have never k
  9. Hi there im hoping someone can help me. A few months ago, I did a silly thing and took 1 plaster from a damaged box in sainsbury's. I was caught and came back into the store. They took my details even though the manager knew i was sincerely apologetic and HE EVEN SAID NO LETTERS WOULD BE SENT TO MY HOUSE. They said im banned for life and that i should leave. No police were called. They even let me appeal the ban and their security guard has been LETTING ME SHOP IN THE STORE, SO THE BAN HAS BEEN LIFTED! 2 months later i received a threatening letter
  10. I am very worried In October my partner was dismissed gross misconduct. He was accused of company theft stealing a large amount of money (he worked for Sainsburys) he was investigated by his employer numerous interviews with a witness in the room taking notes. CCTV was shown of him attending to his duties this is the point where he was accused of stealing (May I add he did not do what was accused) Eventually it was determined that they had to dismiss with immediate action gross misconduct. At the time of dismissal they stated that police would be involved. N
  11. This has just happened to me! Diid you pay DWF? im terrified. the police believed me that it was a genuine mistake so why am I receiving these scary letters from DWf. I didnt even leave the shop but CAB have told me I should pay the £150-seems ridiculous for a letter saying 'amount of goods taken- £0, amount of damage - £0 and security costs £150 Please help me I am not sleeping and do not want to go to court! After a self-scanning mistake (£3 vegetables unpaid on a £20 shop) the police were called and believed me that it was a mistake. There was no mention of RLP to pay but now
  12. My friend and I are 17 years old students with no income of our own. We have been sent demands from DWF solicitors for £150 security cost each for shoplifting at Sainsburys. We were told to respond within 7 days to avoid further action. We were really threatened by the letter and I looked up information on CAB website which says we could make an offer, of less than the asked amount, for full and final payment as long as we didn’t accept liability. So I asked DWP if we could do this and they said no we needed to pay it all. I have since seen this forum and wish I’d seen it earlier. Neit
  13. Hi all. I've done numerous google searches about this and I keep getting led back to this forum so I hope someone can offer me a bit of advice? Basically my mum got banned for shoplifting in Sainsburys. Now we have a letter from DWF (which I was expecting because I started googling as soon as she told me what had happened) and their breakdown is as follows: Value of goods stolen: £35.15 Value of goods damaged: £0.00 Value of cash stolen: £0.00 Security costs: £150.00 Amount now due: £185.15 From reading the other posts on here, I know that most of the time people
  14. Recieved a letter regarding DWF and a fine to be paid I don't know the name of the person but it's my address What should I do I don't want anyone knocking on my door
  15. Hi all. I had a phone call this morning from Credit Assistance, the bod told me it was regarding a Santander loan and could he have my address to confirm it was me who he was talking to. He got mighty miffed when I informed him I will only deal in writing and that I wanted my tel no removed from their list as it would only waste their time trying to talk to me. He then said about a letter they had sent (not received letter yet). The story is that I volountary surrendered a car about 4-5 weeks ago as I am on ESA and not able to keep payments up. It was about 38 mth
  16. Hi there, I have a slightly different issue with DWF than the other posts that I have read this morning: I reused the same nectar voucher at Sainburys several times and didn't put it into the self serve pay machine. I was subsequently taken to the back of the store with staff and security and had to wait for 2 hours for the police to arrive where they let me go. I received 2 letters from DWF asking to pay £150 which I assumed was for security costs having already read these forums after the incident. Looking back to the first letter it doesn't sate what the £150 i
  17. Hello every one, this site has been of so much help. My wife also received on of these letters and i have been consoling her ever since, as she is very upset about it. I have been scouring the internet for answers and came to this forum and have read all the numerous accounts of this also happening to many others. The story is the same as others on here with regards to the letter and it's content, the difference being my wife was an employee of Sainsbury's of 13years (Team Leader) and forgot to pay for some DVD's as she got a distressing call at the time she was to chec
  18. Hi everyone, I'm new here, but never did I think I would be in the situation where I would need help. I was shopping in Sainsburys on the 16th Nov and myself and my partner brought about £60 worth of items with the hand hold self scanner, anyway, after walking through the exit, two of the guards grabbed us and said ''I know what you did''. Took me to the back room, and accused us of stealing a tin of roses as my partner put it in the trolley without my knowledge simple mistake,, in the shock of it all i must of dropped the receipt outside the store,, as the guards wanted it and i could no
  19. Hi everyone, I'm new here, I've been lurking around for some time (it's always good to learn from all the smart people on here) but never did I think I would be in the situation where I would need help. I was shopping in Sainsburys a few weeks ago and brought about £25 worth of items, anyway, after walking through the exit, one of the guards grabbed me and said ''I know what you did''. Took me to the back room, looked at my receipt and apparently one of the items did not scan, I was shocked, in hindsight, I know I was on autopilot mode and if the item doesn't scan, the self checkout alert
  20. I have read the other threads relating to DWF and Sainsburys but I feel that my letter is slightly different so please feel free to comment as appropriately . . . . I have today received a letter from DWF following an incident at Sainsburys which was resolved by a police community resolution order. The letter from DWF asks for a balance for £150.00 to be paid within seven days "to avoid further action" but then beneath the Balance Due line is written: "The sum is broken down as follows: Value of goods stolen £0.00 Value of goods damaged £0.00 Value of cash stolen £
  21. Hi, A couple of weeks ago my wife was caught shoplifting at Sainsbury's. The police were called in, took her to the police station and she received a caution. We're still talking about it with me trying my best to re-assure her and make her put it behind her. To not worry. What's done is done. A few days ago she received a letter from DWF demanding £150 followed by another one the following day which was essentially the exact same letter as the previous day's one. I have read the posts on this forum about RLP and their tactics and, specifically, the post about DWF and Sains
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