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  1. That worked. Excellent. Attached is the reply from my wife to DWF.
  2. Thanks for that. I have a Mac but have followed the last section of your instructions with regards to posting here via the 'Go Advanced' section. If all is good, attached will be a .pdf of the letter from DWF.
  3. At this moment I am actually tempted to say more than 'In writing only' to them if/when the call arrives, Ros1609. I won't though. I will be very assertive with them, warn them that the conversation is being recorded and advise them that any further attempt to make contact with my wife via phone will be treated as harassment and will result in me seeking legal advice. I will be updating this thread after each new development (letter, phone call) as I'm sure others who find themselves in a similar situation will be interested. As soon as I am able to (after 10 posts) I will scan and post the letters (appropriately censored) from DWF and my wife as and when they arrive/sent/received. On a side-note, I showed my wife a few of the threads here, in CAG. They have gone a long way in helping her calm down. Thank you! Yes, she still feels ashamed but that's okay. Time will heal that feeling and allow her to return to her previous bubbly self that I know and love.
  4. Thanks ims21. I shall do that. A second question if I may. I expect them to want to talk directly to my wife and have her answer some security questions before proceeding. Should I allow them to do so or should I just tell them to deal with me? The last thing I want is for my wife to be left in tears by these people so I would rather she not talk to them. She's made a mistake, she's embarrassed and she most definitely will not be doing it again.
  5. Hi 2Grumpy, Many thanks for your reply. I have, indeed, read most of the RLP threads. I have followed your advice and started a new thread. Once again, thank you.
  6. Hi, A couple of weeks ago my wife was caught shoplifting at Sainsbury's. The police were called in, took her to the police station and she received a caution. We're still talking about it with me trying my best to re-assure her and make her put it behind her. To not worry. What's done is done. A few days ago she received a letter from DWF demanding £150 followed by another one the following day which was essentially the exact same letter as the previous day's one. I have read the posts on this forum about RLP and their tactics and, specifically, the post about DWF and Sainsbury's. Unfortunately I cannot post a link to it as there is a 10 post minimum requirement before links can be posted. I drafted a one line response which my wife signed and posted: Dear Sirs, Your ref: XXX\XXXXXXXX With regards to your letter dated XXX, I deny any liability to you or your client. Your faithfully, What we did not do is get a proof of posting when we sent the letter. We just dropped it in the letterbox. That's fine though because she can send another reply to the inevitable second letter from DWF when it arrives and ensure that she gets a proof of posting this time. My question relates to how to deal with the phone calls from DWF? No phone calls yet but I do anticipate them at some point next week. I mostly work from home and have cleared my diary for all of next week so that I, and not my wife, answers the phone and deals with these people. Would it be fair for me to switch on my dictaphone, advise them that I am recording the phone conversation and then tell them that any further phone calls from them will be treated as harassment which may result in legal action by us against them?
  7. Hi Locky94, Initially, apologies for reviving an old thread. My wife has recently found herself in a similar situation and I was wondering if you were successful with your efforts following the advice received in this thread.
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