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  1. I have read the other threads relating to DWF and Sainsburys but I feel that my letter is slightly different so please feel free to comment as appropriately . . . . I have today received a letter from DWF following an incident at Sainsburys which was resolved by a police community resolution order. The letter from DWF asks for a balance for £150.00 to be paid within seven days "to avoid further action" but then beneath the Balance Due line is written: "The sum is broken down as follows: Value of goods stolen £0.00 Value of goods damaged £0.00 Value of cash stolen £0.00 Security costs £0.00 Amount now due [in bold] £[blank]" The incident was settled at the time with Sainsburys and the Police with nothing outstanding. I am aware that the general advice is to wait for two or three letters then send a "I deny any liability" letter but what should I do in this case where there appears to be no amount due? Thank you for your advice.
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